Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Fend For Herself End Of The Heart Mini Arc

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Chapter 606: Fend for Herself (End of the Heart mini arc)
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"This was all arranged by her, and you had nothing to do with it. Do you understand?"

"Miss Tong, why you are doing this? You just told me"

"Who are you to question me If you don't follow my orders, I can't guarantee what will happen to you, after all, you must know that I am above the law," Tong Yan said smugly and that chilled the security.

At that moment, he remembered Xinghe's final words to him. You will pay dearly for your stupidity

Indeed, how stupid he was!

He was tricked by Tong Yan. Ultimately, he had no choice; Xinghe had already been taken away and the culprit was Tong Yan. If he didn't follow her orders, the result was only death. His only hope was to follow her demands. Even if the Madam President believed him, he would be fired for sloppy work. Regardless, as Xinghe had said, he was going to pay one way or another

He could only hope that the payment wouldn't be too huge.

Tong Yan's men went about their work rapidly. Even though the kidnapping was sudden, Xinghe didn't show any trace of fear. Weirdly enough, this was not her first time being kidnapped.

The men in black were unsettled by her unusually calm demeanor. However, since Xinghe was already tied up, she couldn't do anything even if she wanted to. Her cooperation was probably out of resignation to her fate.

That was not completely wrong because Xinghe did realize resistance would be futile. They had tied up her four limbs and had masked her eyes. She couldn't move or see. Only thing she could do was ascertain their location through audio cues.

However, compared to Tianxin's men, these people were professionals. They didn't give Xinghe any opening and along the way, she didn't pick up any worthwhile clues.

Finally, she was pulled out of the car and tossed into a basement. She knew it was underground because of the mildew smell and the height that she had fallen into. The men disappeared and left her there.

Xinghe had assumed the culprit would appear to personally kill or laugh in her face so she was really surprised when they just deserted her there.

In other words, they were going to shutter her up and let her die from starvation?

Xinghe had disappeared!

Ali's group waited for her for a very long time, but she didn't make an appearance and her phone was unreachable.

They realized the triangulation system on her phone had been activated for a short period of time before the signal got cut off. Therefore, something must have happened to Xinghe!

They started to get worried. Sam immediately went into action. "Ali, you stay here to wait for Xinghe. Cairn contact the Xi family now and inform then about this. Wolf and I will go find her."

"Okay!" Then they separated carry out their tasks. Sam and Wolf led the security to search for Xinghe.

Cairn contacted Elder Xi because if something really happened to Xinghe, the Xi family needed to know because they were probably the only ones who could save her.

When he received Cairn's phone call, Elder Xi's face dimmed. It was the thing he feared, something bad did happen to Xinghe!

Translator's Thoughts
Lonelytree Lonelytree
Now that the stage has been set, it's time for the show. The upcoming arc is rather long but it is my fav arc and the arc I personally feel is the best this story has to offer. Sit tight and enjoy the ride. The Fall of Lin family, 607-669: Mubai's Return, 607-620; The Dinner, 621-635; The Counter, 636-645; The Engagement Party, 646-650; Lin Family's End, 651-662; Wrapping Things up, 663-669.

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