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    Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 369

    Chapter 369 Finally Doing Something Right End Of The Intermission Arc

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    Chapter 369: Finally Doing Something Right (End of the Intermission Arc)

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    "I agree!" Lin Lin sprung up from his seat and nodded in quick succession. A pair of big and small eyes shone at Mubai like two deer in headlights. Mubai relented with a laugh. "Alright, we can change the film."

    With that order, the cinema worker helped them change the film. They could do that because the whole viewing hall only had the three of them

    The atmosphere was a lot better when they were watching the animation. Lin Lin kept explaining the scene and characters to Xinghe, afraid she couldn't understand the plot. Xinghe nodded along with enthusiasm. Mubai was initially brewing in his resentment, that his son had stolen his spotlight. However, he soon had a paradigm-shifting thought. It couldn't be helped when he saw the bright smile on Lin Lin and Xinghe's faces.

    It didn't matter what food they ate or which movie they saw, as long as the people he loved were happy

    He would give up the whole world to keep the two of them laughing. With this change in thought, he loosened up significantly and the date became a lot more interesting. Lin Lin approached everything with bright-eyed enthusiasm. With him leading the way, Xinghe and Mubai got to experience many different things from the innocent perspective of a child. The joy was pure and simple. Experiences like this were rare after one was no longer a child.

    Night had fallen when they finished playing.

    The car reached Purple Jade Villa and reluctance was apparent on everyone's faces. Xinghe was the first to say, "I'll be leaving then. Remember to sleep early when you get home."

    "Okay, you too, Mommy." Lin Lin suddenly pulled her in for a hug and kissed her on her cheek shyly. "Mommy, I've had the best time today, thank you."

    Xinghe's eyes shuddered and returned a kiss on the little fella's forehead. "I've also had the best day of my life."

    "Me too." Mubai leaned in unexpectedly and before Xinghe could react, planted a peck on her cheek. Xinghe was taken aback and, as she reeled back slightly, she met his burning gaze.

    Lin Lin tried his best to suppress the smile on his lips and asked innocently, "Mommy, aren't you going to return Daddy's kiss?"

    Mubai's lips immediately curved into a smile. Finally, the kid got something right.

    Xinghe averted her eyes and said softly, "I'm going in, thanks for the ride."

    She opened the car door and disappointment flitted across Mubai's face.

    After Xinghe walked away, Lin Lin consoled him, "Daddy, don't worry, there's still next time."

    "You ruined my plan completely today so don't think I'll bring you with me next time," Mubai threatened him half-jokingly.

    Lin Lin smiled victoriously. "But Daddy, without me, do you think Mommy will agree to go out with you?"

    "" The little devil!

    However, Mubai had to concede to his son. Without Lin Lin, today probably wouldn't have been as fun, and Xinghe wouldn't have agreed to this date in the first place. Therefore, the little kid was still useful

    The next day, Mubai left the country and Xinghe returned to the lab to conduct her research.

    They were careful against the dark forces that were possibly targeting them. After tasting what they stood to lose, they were more determined to protect the happiness they could have. They would not be merciful towards those that threatened that!

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