Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Book Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Xia Xinghe Is Coming Back End Of The Body Swap Arc

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Chapter 331: Xia Xinghe Is Coming Back (End of the Body Swap Arc)

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Xinghe would tell them herself when she returned to her body.

Speaking of which, Lu Qi exclaimed excitedly, "I've reached the breakthrough I needed last night. The research is coming to an end!"

Mubai raised his head suddenly and uttered in disbelief, "What did you say?"

Lu Qi repeated with a smile, "I said the research is coming to an end."

Mubai stared at him dumbly as a sense of happiness blossomed in his heart.

He turned to look at Xinghe who was unconscious and his eyes started to tear up.

Very soon, his original Xia Xinghe was coming back

The breakthrough in Lu Qi's research was the best news for Mubai. After he moved Xinghe to another hospital, he supported Lu Qi with the full power of the Xi family.

Lu Qi said that when he cultivated enough memory cells, they could be implanted into Xinghe and Xia Meng's brains.

Then, they would need to wait for the memory cells to replicate their memories and then everything could be returned to normal, or at least as normal as it could be. Since Xia Meng's original body was too damaged, with Xia Meng's personal permission, Mubai procured for her a new body.

The body belonged to an orphan. She had been a vegetable for many years due to a car accident. Lu Qi confirmed that the chance of the girl ever waking up was close to nil.

Therefore, it harmed no one using her body. After all, if allowed to continue any longer, the girl's body would eventually waste away from atrophy.

The girl was still young so Xia Meng was basically given a new lease on life after she assumed her body. Xia Meng was excited at the prospect of starting over. She was immensely thankful to Mubai and Xinghe for giving her this opportunity. She felt ashamed by what she had done.

Therefore, before Xinghe woke up, Xia Meng voluntarily surrendered the energy crystal in her possession. Mubai accepted it on Xinghe's behalf. It was because of this thing that Ye Shen was murdered and Xinghe was tortured.

It was not purely out of kindness that Mubai aided Xia Meng. It was clear to him that if Xinghe didn't experience this part of Xia Meng's life, they wouldn't have known the latent danger that was always around them. Eventually, the mysterious man and his group would've come after Xinghe because she also had one of the crystals.

Therefore, Xinghe's swap with Xia Meng wasn't completely unlucky. At least she had come into contact with this enemy before the designated time, and what's more was that the enemy had no clue as to what her real identity was.

This way, Xinghe could prepare sufficiently before the enemies set their sights on her. In fact, she could even manage to snuff out the danger before it came openly at her. Therefore, technically speaking, it might be Xinghe who ultimately benefitted from this memory swap.

Of course Xia Meng couldn't be said to get a bad bargain as well. She knew in her heart she was lucky because Mubai and Xinghe were not malicious like her ex-husband, if not, she would not have gotten such a good outcome.

Xia Meng decided to face the future with her head held high when she started her new life. That was the lesson she'd learned from Xinghe, it was to live with pride and determination. She would no longer rely on other people's charity

Mubai didn't stay to find out more about Xia Meng's thoughts. His focus was on Lu Qi and his research.

One week had passed and Lu Qi finally cultivated enough memory cells to initiate the transfer. The memory transfer experiment could finally begin.

"It takes times for the memory cells to do their work. It'll require about half a month to fully replicate the memory. After that, they will be transferred into each other's brain but it will require another half a month for the memory cells to integrate with the human brain cells," Lu Qi explained to Mubai after he made the insertion.