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    His grandfather’s voice rang loud and clear. “You’re still in Yang Cheng?”

    “I just finished shooting the program. What’s up?”

    “Southern Sky has just been attacked. Our communications are down. Go down there and handle it the best that you can. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

    Gao Peng chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry. I’ll have it all taken care of before you get here.”

    Hanging up the phone, Gao Peng quickly assessed the situation. There were probably a couple of Lord-tier monsters in the wave, but no Emperor-tier ones. He knew that if there had actually been an Emperor-tier monster, the branch would have been long finished by then.

    Why wasn’t the Yang Cheng military doing anything though? They should have been on top of the situation.

    Gao Peng was rather puzzled.

    The military should have stepped in… unless the wave of monsters was hitting several spots at once.

    The Southern Sky Group’s branch in Yang Cheng was located in the outskirts. In fact, every Southern Sky Group branch was located on the outskirts of whatever city they were in. Unfortunately, as cheap as it was to build and expand, being in the outskirts also meant that there was a higher risk of being overrun by waves of monsters.

    As he mused about it, he made his way to where his car was in the basement and released his familiars.

    “Let’s go to the southeastern area. Flamy, take Goldie with you. We’re going on ahead. Dumby and Da Zi, meet us there.”

    The Southern Sky Group was located in the southern part of Yang Cheng’s new area.

    Right now, the new area was a hodge-podge collection of branch offices, similar to the Southern Sky Group, and a couple of grimy, old factories. It was rather sparsely populated, so it was only served by a single police station with less than 100 officers. Because it was home to enormous groups like the Southern Sky Group, who already owned pretty formidable security forces on their own, these police officers rarely had anything to do besides patrol and taking care of the occasional wild monster.

    The police station was completely trashed. The door swung creakily on its hinges. Blood and gore were splattered all over the floor. The shattered windows rattled eerily in the wind. Even in bright daylight, a sense of foreboding permeated the place.


    An ear-splitting noise could be heard throughout the entire area.

    The sounds of footsteps slapping against the concrete could be heard as someone or something drew closer to the station’s exit.


    The half-closed door flew open to reveal a dripping wet silhouette that brimmed with malice and venom. The figure fixed its gaze in the direction of the loud noise before licking its ruby-red lips in anticipation.


    It was off in a flash!

    The front gate of the Southern Sky’s branch office was in shambles. A horde of monsters was straining and scrabbling against the concrete walls trying to get in. Roaring in fury and frustration, they were a fearsome sight to behold.

    Some of the monsters tried scaling the walls, leaving deep gouges as they went. Unfortunately, they were greeted by an electrified fence at the top that sent them tumbling down in violent convulsions.

    “Roar!” A giant, humanoid monster with jet-black skin and seaweed-like hair who looked eight months pregnant bellowed ferociously. Black mist started rolling into the streets out of nowhere. In the depths of the mist, countless pairs of demonic scarlet eyes could be seen.

    In the black mist, the tiny monsters seemed even quicker and more agile than before.

    “Don’t be afraid. The cavalry will be here soon. We can’t let them through even if we have to die trying. Our families are back there, for God’s sake!” A security officer roared.

    Whoosh! Some of the black mist solidified into a deadly arrow and hurtled towards the officer at a blinding speed.

    A crimson barrier materialized in front of him to deflect the arrow. The barrier then engulfed the arrow in a blaze of flames and absorbed it. Zheng Tiezhuang’s right eye twitched nervously. That had been much too close for comfort.

    A sleek, scarlet fox emerged silently from behind him. Its crimson fur resembled dancing flames, and its eyes glittered like rubies. It’s three bushy tails swished through the air lazily, shooting off colorful sparks at random intervals.

    “Hold on. Only another ten more minutes!” Zheng Tiezhuang roared.

    “Another ten minutes? We’ve been waiting for almost two hours,” a security officer said despondently.

    Upon hearing this, morale dropped visibly. The winds had clearly been taken out of their sails.

    “God damn it!” Zheng Tiezhuang swore. “Three-tails, give them hell!”

    The Three-tailed Firefox leaped into the air in a blur of movement, leaving a trail of flames in its wake. Baring its jaws, it launched a devastating stream of fireballs at the hostile creatures.


    The monsters at the front couldn’t dodge the fiery deluge in time and were instantly vaporized.

    “Believe me. I’m serious…”

    “Roar!” Black shadows flew out of the mist like a hail of arrows.

    Countless black creatures landed on the Three-tailed Firefox and started ripping away chunks of flesh with their powerful jaws.

    The Three-tailed Firefox let out a heart-rending cry of agony. Those little buggers had extremely sharp fangs, like serrated saws.

    Shrapnels of bone and tiny chunks of flesh flew, leaving a bloody mess on the ground!

    Snarling loudly, a burst of flame erupted from the firefox, incinerating the black creatures that were latched onto it into ash.

    Before it even had the chance to catch its breath, a four-armed kelpie thundered out of the mist, fists whirling.

    Its fist coated in blue energy, the kelpie easily broke through the firefox’s defenses with a flurry of punches. The firefox was thrown back several feet and landed on the ground with a sickening thud.

    Blood streamed from its mouth and nostrils.

    “Three-tails!” Zheng Tiezhuang was furious.

    Powered by an initial burst of adrenaline and courage, the officers leading the charge started to falter. Some of them even turned to flee.

    “It’s too strong…” someone sobbed.

    The four-armed kelpie grinned wickedly. As quick as lightning, it charged at the retreating trainers and their familiars.


    A spray of blood spewed out.

    The four-armed kelpie staggered a few steps before crumpling to the ground in a heap, a gaping hole where its brains should have been.

    Behind it stood an emotionless Goldie, arms akimbo.

    “You cowards!” yelled Gao Peng. Wreathed in flames, Flamy circled the crowd from high above, with Gao Peng watching them alertly from the side.