Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Chick Magnet Wang Yu

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Just as Wang Yu was admiring the attributes of his Qing Gong, the system sent yet another notification.

“Badge? Qing Gong quest?” Wang Yu was slightly surprised. Didn’t he already possess Qing Gong? Why was there still a quest? What has this got to do with the badge?

At the thought of this, Wang Yu showed Hermit the badge before asking, “Teacher, do you recognise this?”

Hermit squinted his eyes and the surprise look in his eyes disappeared after a while before extending his hand, “Hand it to me for me to take a closer look at it”

“You can look at it from here” A cautious Wang Yu replied. He dared not hand anything over to NPC now because he knew that anything he handed over would definitely not come back free or at a low price.

“Petty! It is bound to you so how am I supposed to snatch it from you? Hurry up and hand it to me.” Hermit replied as he simply snatched it over.

A full force Hermit was undoubtedly faster than level 40 Wang Yu. Therefore, the badge ended up in Hermit’s hands in the blink of an eye.

“This is indeed the Power of Wind and Thunder. You’ve completed the Titan and Elf trials?” An excited Hermit asked.

“En.” Wang Yu nodded.

“Good, good, good” Hermit continued to speak in an emotional tone, “After so many years, there is finally another exceptional talent. It seems like you are well deserving of the Martial Artist’s title.”

“It’s a must!” Wang Yu was not in the least modest as he replied. If it was any other matter, Wang Yu would definitely be modest about it. Martial Art was the only matter Wang Yu had absolute confidence and pride in. If he couldn’t be considered as a Martial Artist, no one else could be.

“Actually, your Qing Gong is exclusive to only Martial Artists. The current one is merely an incomplete version.” Hermit continued speaking.

Wang Yu finally realised that the Qing Gong he had was passed down by the legendary Martial God. Other than the Imperial Wind, the other half of the name was “Driving Thunder”.

Because a Pugilist was born without any superiority in terms of weapons, the requirement to be the inheritor was exceptionally high. This was especially so for the most important Qing Gong. The requirements were demanding and to master the exclusive Qing Gong, one had to control the Power of Wind and Thunder.

A person of such talent was hard to come by even in a thousand years. Even if there was such a talent, he wouldn’t waste all his efforts on a future-less job like Pugilist. To ensure that the job’s legacy was passed down, the Martial God divided Qing Gong into two portions: Imperial Wind and Driving Thunder

As compared to the power of thunder, the strength of the wind was easier to control. Therefore, Imperial Wind was the only one passed down while the Driving Thunder disappeared together with Martial God.

“I cannot believe this old man here is fortunate enough to witness another man who controls the Power of Wind and Thunder” Hermit had tears in his eyes.

“Looking at how emotional you are, are there any rewards?” Wang Yu inquired.

When Hermit heard Wang Yu’s inquiry about rewards, he immediately restored his original expression, “There are no rewards but there is a quest.”

“Oh, does this quest have any time limit?” Wang Yu hesitated before asking.

“No.” Hermit shook his head.

“Is there any penalty for failing?”

“No.” Hermit continued to shake his head.

“Alright, then I accept.” Wang Yu clicked on the accept button.

“This is the quest? Do you have any clues for me?” Wang Yu asked after looking at the quest tab.

How can this be a quest when they didn’t even give any hint or place where it will be? <> was a tremendously big world. Without any clues, it was already incredibly hard to find someone, let alone a non-talking object.

Hermit, being extremely irresponsible, said, “If I had clues, I wouldn’t need you to find it. You can come back to me whenever you find it.”

“…” Wang Yu was frowning as he shut the quest tab. He was already more than satisfied with his Imperial Wind so he wouldn’t mind holding off this exclusive Qing Gong for now. His plan was to rely on luck to find it as he continued the game as usual. If he was really out to look for it without any clues, an entire lifetime might not be enough.

After leaving the alley, Wang Yu shouted in the Quan Zhen Sect’s chat, “Where is everyone?”

“We’re at the usual place drinking” Everyone answered unanimously. Normally, everyone would be completing their daily quests or dungeons around this time. Therefore, most of them would end up chilling at the usual place to catch up with each other. Of course, those despicable men were not there to catch up with one another. The truth was that before Yang Nuo joined the Quan Zhen Sect, they seldom meet to catch up.

“You? Are you done with your quest?” Fearless asked.

“I’m done and I even brought you guys a friend” Wang Yu answered.

“Male or female?” Vainglory and others were waiting excitedly for an answer.

Previously, Quan Zhen Sect was a guild filled with only men. After Wang Yu joined the sect, the ratio of males to females became 3:2. Other than the attached Mu Zixian, every other girl in the Quan Zhen Sect was single and beautiful. With that many gorgeous females in the sect, all those despicable men had already chosen their beau in their hearts.

Wang Yu looked at the sloppy Ling Longmeng before replying, “Female.”

“A girl? Uncle Bull, hurry up Is she pretty?” Vainglory couldn’t help but ask.

“En” Even though there were flaws in Ling Longmeng’s character, Wang Yu had to admit that she was definitely not ugly After all, appearance could be altered in this game

“Oh yeah! Long live, Iron Bull” Spring Halo and Ming Du added.

“Who is she? What’s her name? Do I know her?” At this point, Mu Zixian’s words were enough to silence the entire chat.

“Oh, my wife You’re here too” Wang Yu wiped his sweat. It seemed like Mu Zixian was also not busy and just looking through the chat.

“Why? Do you wish I am not here?” Mu Zixian was not polite in her reply.

“No This lady’s name is Ling Longmeng, Fearless’ old friend.” Wang Yu answered honestly.

“Oh, I am just asking.” After saying this, Mu Zixian returned to her observation mode.

“Little Meng?”

“Aunt Meng?”

Hearing Ling Longmeng’s name, Vainglory, Spring Halo and the few others had a drastic change in their expression They glared at Fearless before saying, “You knew she was coming and didn’t tell us?”

Fearless lifted his wine glass but didn’t say anything.

“Erm, I still have a quest so I should get going now” Spring Halo replied almost immediately.

Ming Du also commented, “Me too. A beautiful girl is asking me to go walk the streets with her. You guys can carry on”

“I am following Brother Spring for his quest” Vainglory stood up as well.

“My quest is a solo quest.”

“F*ck you Spring Dog!”

The two newly joined members, Darknorth Fisher and Crotch Lord, were both equally lost at who this mysterious person was. To think that her arrival could drive away three of the most prominent figures in the Quan Zhen Sect.

“Everyone can leave after a while, I’m already at the entrance” As Wang Yu replied, he pushed opened the door and walked in.

As they saw the lady behind Wang Yu, Spring Halo and co. were all so frightened that they sat back down.