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    Chapter 463 Wolf Kid's Helping Hand

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    Chapter 463 Wolf Kid’s Helping Hand

    “Ha, ha, ha, boy, give up fighting.”

    Wu Tianxie suddenly laughed wildly. Being his trump card, the blood scorpion Spiritual Gu King had been proved effective every time. By relying on this trick, he had never failed.

    The attacked would be corroded into pus by the spray of the poisonous mist or cut into two parts by its pincers. No one could make an exception.

    Ding Ning did not expect that this red scorpion was so hard to deal with. It was not only as fast as lightning, but it was also extremely insidious and fought with unpredictable tactics.

    Now, it was too late to escape. If he avoided the poisonous mist, he would be caught by the pincers of the huge scorpion; if he avoided the pincers, he would be sprayed by the poisonous mist.

    If two attacks occur, one should choose to face the less deadly. Ding Ning turned quickly to avoid the poisonous mist that had corroded the air, and went to face the pincers of the scorpion.

    Wu Tianxie laughed on the side because Ding Ning’s choice was what he wanted to see most. After all, he had not got Ning Ning’s secret and had to let him live.

    If Ding Ning was sprayed by the Blood Scorpion King’s poisonous mist, he could not even save him, who would instantly turn into a pool of pus and be swallowed by the Blood Scorpion King.

    That Ding Ning chose the pincers was the best ending in his view. He could control the strength of the red scorpion king, and getting Ding Ning injured by the pincers was enough, for when Ding Ning was alive, he could ask him about the whereabouts of his hidden treasure.

    He seemed to have seen the scene of Ding Ning kneeling for mercy and offering his treasure and the Spiritual Gu King on his initiative.

    Mo Bai, who watched them from the distance and found the matter had been settled, was finally relieved. Just now, Ding Ning’s momentum scared him a lot. If their sect head lost, he could not escape, either.

    “No.” Realizing that something was wrong, Wu Tianxie suddenly shivered. “So far, Ding Ning has not released the Spiritual Gu King yet, so he threw himself at the pincers not because he could not escape, but because he had a scheme.”

    “Watch out!”

    Scared, Wu Tianxie forgot to contact his mind and even cried out involuntarily.

    Suddenly, Ding Ning had a golden halo, not that he released the Spiritual Gu King as Wu Tianxie had expected, but that he threw out three beams of imperceptible red light.

    Immediately, the Blood Scorpion King screamed miserably and its huge pincers pinched on Ding Ning with a “crack”, but they were blocked by his golden light and could not pierce in.

    Ding Ning had a compassionate expression as if the Buddha was born. This was the Buddha Having No Regrets of the Infinite Compassion and Mercy Palm that he had not used for a long time. Besides, he was physically strong and also had the Vajra Charm, so the triple protection could be regarded as the strongest defense.

    The only thing that depressed him was that the Spirit-eating Gu, who was lazy and picky and disliked the blood odor of the Blood Scorpion King, dawdled and was unwilling to fight, making Ding Ning fume.

    Fortunately, the larvae of the three Ancient Magic Mosquitoes were about to move, quite longing for the Blood Scorpion King. Ding Ning had to bear this blow and taking this chance, threw the Magic Mosquitoes to the Blood Scorpion King.

    The three Magic Mosquitoes lived up to his expectations. The hard shell of the Blood Scorpion King could not bear their sharp mouths, which stabbed in unhindered and began to suck its blood crazily.

    The Blood Scorpion King twisted frantically and made a miserable hissing sound, and the huge needle at its tail continuously beat the spot where the Magic Mosquitoes sucked blood.

    Unfortunately, the Ancient Magic Mosquitoes had a shell that was harder than fine steel and could not be hurt by any kind of poison. As the sharp poisonous needle stabbed the Magic Mosquitoes, sparks came out, but they still remained unhurt.

    The Blood Scorpion King quickly withered at the speed visible to the naked eye, and Ding Ning was shocked to see it. Fortunately, these Magic Mosquitoes were his pets with intelligence, or he would also panic. “They are real vampires!”

    Wu Tianxie’s Natal Spiritual Gu was injured, and his action backfired. Holding his head in pain, he rolled on the ground and spat out a spurt of essential blood. He was feeble now.

    “Ding Ning, let your Gu stop, and your sisters are in my hands. If you kill my Blood Scorpion King, I will kill them as a sacrifice.”

    With his face smeared by blood, Wu Tianxie roared like a ferocious ghost and threatened him.

    “My sister? How ridiculous! Could those subordinates of yours get my sister?”

    Ding Ning turned up his nose at this and did not believe his nonsense at all.

    “I’m telling you the truth. It’s the twins.”

    Seeing that the Blood Scorpion King was dying and did not even have the strength to move, Wu Tianxie could not help spitting out two more mouthfuls of blood and shouted anxiously.

    “My sisters? Twins? You are fooling me…”

    Ding Ning was immediately stunned at the scene before he finished his words. “Have Ye Huan and her sister been abducted by them?”

    “Believe it or not. If you don’t let your Gu stop, I will order them to kill your two sisters now.”

    Wu Tianxie knew that he had been defeated today and shouted at Mo Bai. “Call Nie Fan and let them kill the two women now. Before killing them, let him enjoy them to his heart’s content. Anyway, the two of them are beauties.”

    “You want to die!”

    As his pupils contracted rapidly, Ding Ning became quite nervous, but the bone-piercing cold killing intention appeared and vanished in his eyes. It seemed that the surrounding temperature instantly dropped by more than ten degrees.

    Mo Bai took out his cellphone cooperatively and started dialing, and Wu Tianxie laughed and said, “Ding Ning, why do you still not ask your Gu to stop?”

    “I… Well, I can let you go, but you must release them immediately!”

    With a monstrous killing intention, Ding Ning clenched his fists, but he had to bend his back in the disadvantageous situation and said with humiliation.

    “Do you think I am an idiot? I have the initiative now. Give me the Spiritual Gu King, the three blood-sucking Gu insects I saw just now, and the treasure that can fly. When I leave safely, I will release your sisters.”

    When he saw that the three Magic Mosquitoes obediently returned to Ding Ning’s body, Wu Tianxie was instantly relieved. Although the Blood Scorpion King was badly injured, it could recover after taking a rest for some time.

    Seeing that he had held Ding Ning’s Achilles’ heel, he immediately regained his greed. Wiping away the blood on his chin, he grinned hideously.

    “No way. I don’t believe you.”

    Ding Ning worked hard to calculate the distance between him and Mo Bai in his mind. As long as he could kill Mo Bai, no one would give Nie Fan the order for Wu Tianxie, and Ye Huan and her sister would be temporarily safe.

    As a very smart man, Wu Tianxie immediately saw through Ding Ning’s plan, took out his cellphone with a sneer and found the number. “Don’t dream about killing Mo Bai, for the distance between us is as long as 30 meters, and you can only kill either of us, but taking this chance, the other will have enough time to give the order.”

    With icy-cold eyes, Ding Ning stared at Mo Bai, and that terrifying look made Mo Bai lowered his eyes because he did not dare to look him in the eye at all.

    Since his sect head had been defeated by Ding Ning, he was completely afraid. “I don’t want to force you to the dead end, but if I don’t listen to our sect head, both of us will die here today.”

    Inwardly, he complained about their sect head. “Where there are lives, there is hope. Don’t you know what condition we are facing now, and you still think about Ding Ning’s treasures. If he goes crazy after being too much forced and ignores the love between him and his sisters, both of us will have to die here today.”

    “All right, I accept your condition.”

    Ding Ning’s eyes glittered, a trace of imperceptible joy appeared on his face, and he said suddenly,


    Ding Ning did agree, but Wu Tianxie did not expect that and made an “ah” before he realized it.


    Unexpectedly, Ding Ning suddenly shouted and shot out at high speed. Wu Tianxie was so scared that he roared hysterically and angrily, “Mo Bai, make a call.”

    Ding Ning was so angry that he broke Wu Tianxie’s right arm holding the mobile phone with a “crack”. As he pulled hard, the whole right arm fell. After a painful scream, Wu Tianxie almost passed out.

    Knowing that he could not live anymore, Wu Tianxie glared at Ding Ning with venomous resentment and said with a hideous grin, “Kill me! Kill me! With your two sisters as a sacrifice for me, I won’t be lonely on the way to hell.”

    Ding Ning sneered. “You should know you will be alone, and no one will accompany you.”

    “Brother, done.”

    A clear voice came from afar, and Wu Tianxie turned to the source of it in disbelief.

    A young man as robust as a cheetah, who held the fainted, dead dog-like Mo Bai with one hand, was walking over with a broad smile.

    “Tianlang, why are you here? Thank you so much!”

    A warm smile appeared in Ding Ning’s eyes, and he did not expect that the wolf kid, whom he saved out of an instant kind heart in the past, could help him a lot today.

    “I’ve been looking for you. I saw you when I drove past here just now. I drove someone home and then came to you immediately. Fortunately, I didn’t miss the chance.”

    Ye Tianlang smiled shyly and hugged Ding Ning.

    “How could this be? How could this be?”

    Wu Tianxie spat out a mouthful of blood and mumbled demented. “It was almost done. It was so close that I could get the long-coveted treasures and leave untouched. It is this boy who ruined my plan.”

    “One who acts with justice will get more help, while one who acts with injustice will be helped by few.”

    Fearing that Wu Tianxie would commit suicide, Ding Ning patted him a few times, leaving him with no chance of suicide, and also released his Magic Mosquitoes to kill the Blood Scorpion King, preventing Wu Tianxie from resorting to other strange strategies.

    “Tianlang, let’s chat about our past experiences later because two of my friends have been abducted by their people, and I’m going to interrogate them now.”

    Ding Ning explained to Tianlang apologetically.

    “Brother, just do what you are about to do, and call me if something happens.”

    Ye Tianlang stood quietly on the side and looked at Ding Ning with a smile.

    Ding Ning smiled and was keenly aware of the changes in Ye Tianlang: The former fierce young man had become the current sanguine young man. So, he felt very happy.

    After waking up Mo Bai, Ding Ning asked coldly, “Want to die or live?”

    Mo Bai looked in fear at Wu Tianxie with a broken arm lying on the ground and said bitterly, “Of course, I want to live.”

    “Well, as long as you cooperate with me to find my two friends, I will let you live.”

    Ding Ning said flatly.

    “I… Even if you let me go, I am still doomed to die.”

    Mo Bai glanced at Wu Tianxie with anxiety and doubt and whispered.

    Ding Ning knew that he had worries and persuaded him patiently, “You can rest assured that Wu Tianxie is sure to die this time. Even if you betray him, no one will come to trouble you.”

    “You, you have no idea about the horrors of the Demon Cult. Wu Tianxie is only the leader of the Demon Cult, and there are also eight elders and an old leader, who are above his authority. The eight elders are in the last stage of the Sky Martial Arts Realm, and the old leader has reached the peak of the Sky Martial Arts Realm. Even if Wu Tianxie is killed, I still cannot live.”

    Mo Bai was woebegone, looking like his parents had just passed away.

    Ding Ning turned eyes and said immediately, “Let’s do it this way. You help me rescue the girls, and I will help you change your appearance. Be my subordinate in the future, and I won’t treat you unfairly.”

    “Change my appearance?”

    When Mo Bai saw Ding Ning remove the black eye patch to expose a face that was completely different from his original appearance, his eyes brightened instantly.

    “You know what I look like, but now I am in disguise. How about this?”

    Of course, Ding Ning would not be so silly to tell him the secret of the biomimetic skin, but Mo Bai was useful when he was alive. Yet, Ding Ning would not tell him some secrets until he had subdued him completely.

    “Well, as long as you can save me, I will be your man.”

    Mo Bai thought it over and over and finally gritting his teeth, nodded in agreement.

    When he found that the two of them had settled the matter, Ye Tianlang said with a wry smile, “No wonder I can’t find you, my brother, because this is still not your real appearance.”

    “Ha, ha, I also have my difficulties, and I’ll explain them to you when I come back.”

    Ding Ning smiled at him apologetically. He did not need to hide anything from Ye Tianlang because he was only a simple wolf kid. Sometimes, beasts are more human than humans.

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