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    Chapter 86 A Young Master Who Missed For Years

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    Chapter 86 A Young Master Who Missed for Years
    Three days passed quickly, and when Qin Wanru came back from Old Grandma’s yard, she saw a middle-aged man was standing with Qu Le outside her yard. Seeing her arrival, Qu Le stepped forward in a hurry.

    “Miss, this is my father.”

    The middle-aged man came forward and bowed to Qin Wanru, “Second Miss! I’m Qu Le’s father!”

    Qin Wanru looked at him. This was a man in this thirties and maybe forties, and he was wearing like an ordinary countryman. Lowering his head, she couldn’t see his face clearly, but he was taller than average countryman, and although he was standing with his head down, he didn’t seem panic at all.

    “Are you from the capital city?” Qin Wanru looked up and down at him and asked indifferently.

    “Yes, I’m from the capital city!” The middle-aged man nodded his head and replied.

    “Why did you come to Jiangzhou?” Qin Wanru looked at him coldly.

    “I came here for finding someone, and I heard the person I kept finding appeared in Jiangzhou.” He explained hurriedly.

    “So you and your wife are both from the capital city?” Qin Wanru asked him again.

    “Yes, both of us!” The middle-aged man didn’t hide the truth.

    “Madam asked your daughter to keep an eye on me and reported everything about me to her?” These sentences didn’t contain any doubting points, so she asked directly without avoiding. Her eyes kept lingering on this man.

    “Yes… “His lowered his head much more.

    “You should know, if I punished your whole family, it would not be news here in Jiangzhou!” Qin Wanru sneered and her childish voice sounded cold, “Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion is in Jiangzhou, if he wanted to punish them, even killed them all, it is only a piece of cake!”

    In the capital city, Qin Huaiyong was nothing because he didn’t have a high status in his career, and he was not very powerful, and many high-ranking officials could control him.

    But here was Jiangzhou and he could control the military here. If he wanted to get rid of someone, he could do it by stealth.

    “Second Miss, I said nothing about her, and Madam didn’t ask too many things about you.” The middle-aged man was in a panic, and he kneeled on the ground and said in a hurry.

    He came to Jiangzhou for so many years, and he certainly knew Qin Wanru was not scaring him.

    “If you didn’t mention me, then what did Madam say about me? Why did she ask you to report to her about me? I didn’t even know what did I do and how could you have so many things to report to Madam!” Qin Wanru sneered and said.

    “I… I… “His head became even lower, and he hesitated.

    “Say it!” Qin Wanru took a glimpse at the middle-aged man and tightened his pressure gradually. She threatened him already, and if he were smart enough, he knew what to do!

    “Madam… Madam asked me something about why I came to Jiangzhou.” This middle-aged man didn’t look stupid, so he said after a hesitation. He mumbled his words which made Qin Wanru heard some hidden information in it and she went into contemplation.

    “Your thing, what business?”

    “She… she asked me who I’m finding for in Jiangzhou! And did I find it? And other trifles.” The middle-aged man started to sweat. At the very beginning, he thought she was only a young miss, how could imagine she gave him so much pressure. Her judgment made him panicking, and he dared not to hide all the useful information.

    However, for some issue, he didn’t dare to utter, even in front of Second Miss and Madam.

    “What has it to do with Madam since you’re searching people here in Jiangzhou?” Qin Wanru didn’t change her facial expression; she contemplated and asked.

    “It has nothing to do with Madam. I came from the capital city to Jiangzhou and the person I’m searching has no connection with Madam at all. I didn’t know why Madam was concerned about my issue.” The middle-aged man was confused as well. The Madam from General’s Mansion found his issue interesting without any reasons.

    Although she pretended to be interesting about Second Miss’s personal life, this middle-aged man was very smart. He could tell Madam Di’s intention from her words, but he delayed to answer Madam Di’s question, or he pretended that he didn’t understand and replied her a mumbling answer.

    However, he had an intuition that this suddenly emerged Second Miss seemed to be tricky to handle with.

    “Can you talk about your issue?” Qin Wanru asked him directly.

    The middle-aged man felt he was sweating more severe now, and although this miss grew up in Jiangzhou, she was not a miss from a well-known family. However, she looked so distinguished and dignified that all of her questions were right to the point.

    “This… allowed me not to say anything, this relates to my personal issue.” The middle-aged man answered her carefully, “this is my own business and has nothing to do with anyone!”

    “Why Madam wanted to know?” Although he answered her with respect, he sounded determined. Therefore, Qin Wanru knew it was not convenient for him to tell the truth, so she changed the subject.

    “I… I didn’t know neither.” He shook his head because he didn’t know why Madam Di had to get involved in it, this issue really had nothing to do with Madam Di.

    “Will… it have some connections with Madam?” Qin Wanru reminded him, and she rolled her water-like eyes which looked so bright, “will the person you keep finding have any relationship with Madam?”

    “No… impossible!” He got stunned and shook his head in a hurry.

    “Why not?” Qin Wanru was curious.

    “This… this is impossible, absolutely impossible, this… impossible!” The middle-aged man kept shaking his head, “in fact, I’m finding two people, not only one, but… but Madam is only one person, and the miss from Duke Yong had nothing to do with my issue!”

    He was in a hurry, so he added one more sentence for the explanation.

    “Miss of Duke Yong mansion?” Qin Wanru pondered on those terms and bit her pink lip.

    The middle-aged man suddenly changed his facial expressions, and his hand trembled a little bit.

    “You know Madam is the miss from Duke Yong, and most people rarely know this in Jiangzhou since many of them only heard that Madam was born in a renown family in the capital city, but they didn’t know which one. You’re a normal countryman, how could you be so erudite and even know where she was born. Did you ever meet her before?”

    “I… I never met Madam before!” He looked in panic.

    “Didn’t you live in the capital city before? Haven’t you ever met Madam when you were on the street?” Qin Wanru stared at him and asked indifferently.

    “I… I was just a nobody by then, so how could I meet Duke Yong Madam.” He shook his hands in a flurry of panic.

    “But Madam recognized you!” Qin Wanru smiled, and her voice was clear and determined.

    “How come… impossible, I was a servant by then, how could she recognize me.” The middle-aged man looked scared, and he got stammered. But when he finished the sentence, he got shocked because he kept talking wrong things, and now was really in a panic.

    “So, which mansion you were serving?” Qin Wanru seized the loopholes in his words immediately and asked in a cold voice. Then she snapped, “are you the escaping servant from the well-known mansion in the capital city?”

    If he were a fugitive slave, he should be caught back and get punished to and characters would be written on his face, and he would be distributed to an isolated place.

    “No, no, I’m not the fugitive. I’m really looking for someone, for… for my master. This was known by all the people in the mansion!” He couldn’t cover up his panic, so he had to say more.

    “Finding your master? But failed for so many years? I heard that you came to Jiangzhou for a while, so you never heard from him, and you didn’t plan to go back?” Qin Wanru continued the topic, sentence after sentence. She asked Qu Le before and knew they came to Jiangzhou for many years.

    Finding a person here for so many years, and they refused to go back home but relocated here in Jiangzhou after they failed to find the person. Something like this was never heard about.

    “Did you find your master and killed him, so… dared not to go back to the mansion.” Qin Wanru smiled. Although her smile was gentle, her words made the confident middle-aged man’s face turned as pale as white snow.

    If this charge was real, how could he survive?

    “Second Miss Qin, how could I kill my master. If that were real, I would die to prove my innocence! But my master got lost for so many years… When I left the mansion and embarked on the journey to find him, my older master told me if I didn’t find him, I wouldn’t be allowed to go home. Now my master could be found nowhere and my older master deceased as well… I… I don’t know what to do!”

    The middle-aged man sobbed and cried, wiping his tears. A big man like him was kneeling on the ground and crying, and it was pitiful to think about what he said.

    Qing Yue, standing aside, felt him so miserable.

    “Actually, my master met the miss in Duke Yong mansion for several times. I first followed my master, but Madam maybe recognise me, so she asked me about my master. However, I was here in Jiangzhou for so many years but failed to find him. Even if I wanted to tell her something, I had nothing to say. So no matter what Madam Di asked me, I could only say this.”

    He continued to say it without hiding any information except his master’s name.

    This issue was a secret for a big family and it had no connections with others. Qin Wanru was a weak girl spending most of her time in her room, so it was not beneficial for her to know much and maybe she would get into troubles and gossips.

    “Madam was so desperate to know it?” Qin Wanru asked slowly and gently.

    “It seemed yes. I don’t know why she was so persistent. Even if she knew, what could she do? And the older master was gone now, and nobody cared about my young master anymore.”

    The middle-aged man wiped his tears and said in bitterness.

    “You take Qu Le away and move home!” Qin Wanru didn’t further her investigation. She paused and looked very gloomy, “I don’t want Madam to hear anything about me from you!”