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    Master Zhan Calm Down Chapter 2584

    Chapter 2584: Season Finale And The Author's Words

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    , The offer is truly over. Hello, ruffian husband! The whole book is free to read and download!

    A group of teenagers (female nu) walking on the road in a foreign country are all outstanding. Even if they are simply dressed, their temperament is very attractive. +++Mobile reading visit m.Wuxiaworld

    Walking on the street is like a beautiful scenery, making people unconsciously envy them in such a young age.

    It's really the best time in life.

    The facts were as Su Mubai expected, when they reached a crossroad, a bell rang suddenly.

    With people coming and going on the roadside, and the constant flow of traffic, the sound was almost drowned.

    But Su Mubai was sensitive to it.

    He cast his brows slightly, and looked at a red (colored) phone booth on the side of the street.

    People came and went, and no one noticed the noise for a while, did not notice at all in and around the phone booth, and no one else at all.

    Just when Rong Yun and his party were about to cross the road, Su Mubai walked towards the phone booth...

    "Little monster you..."

    Rong Mei was going to pull him in the aisle, but suddenly saw him walking in the other direction.

    This scene also attracted their attention, and they all noticed the ringing bell in the phone booth.

    After Su Mubai walked over, he took it up.

    A slightly low-pitched man's voice suddenly came from inside: "Congratulations on successfully coming out of the rain forest. You have become a qualified core agent of the arms group base. Now there is a package in a trash can directly opposite you, with a forged package for you. Identity information and a certain amount of funds. You no longer need to go back to the base, go directly to the country and city you are going to, after graduating from high school, get the notice of the world famous school, from this moment on, you will be completely integrated into the society and start a brand new Life, remember what I said, the future of the arms group belongs to you!"

    The future of the arms group belongs to you!

    While the people inside were talking, Su Mubai had already looked at the green (color) trash can on the street opposite to what he said...

    After hanging up the phone, he walked directly to the trash can.

    Rong Mei immediately followed them, and they all understood this scene. The call was from the Rome base, and they were informing them of what to do next.

    Su Mubai walked to the trash can, opened the lid, and found a black (color) bag inside.

    He took it out, squatted down on one knee, and undid it on the ground.

    Suddenly, what was presented above was everyone's pseudo-identity information, the face was the same, but the name and identity were different.

    However, everyone above is the country, and the place where the city belongs is exactly the same.

    After seeing Su Mubai, his eyebrows narrowed slightly.

    Especially Jiang Ci's.

    "Are you all going to the city of country z, too?" Rong Mei looked dazed after seeing it.

    They went to the same place.

    Rong Yun pulled out his identity information, and said lazily, "All this fuss."

    Yaobei took his own, and said the same, "Boss, of course I will go with you!"

    Jiang Ci also picked up his identity information, and said lightly, "I thought this city was also very good a long time ago."

    Rongmei:? ? ?

    In the end, she and Su Mubai were left alone.

    Su Mubai's indifferent gaze glanced at Jiang Ci, and when he looked at Ambiguous, his eyes were deep and his voice was soft, and he said slowly, "...Ambiguous, where are you, where am I." "

    The wolf has only one lover in his entire life.

    With the werewolf gene, he will always be by her side in this life.

    Love is not sooner or later, only right or wrong.

    He was fascinated by her early, and in this life he only firmly believed that being with her was the best thing in the world.

    Rong's heart trembled, she looked at him with squishy eyes, and said firmly, "Okay, I promise you."


    This day is a new turning point. The rest of life will be controlled by themselves, and everything has just begun!

    The second part of the Arms Group series: "Hello, Husband Husband! "end

    The words of Brother Nine:

    To be honest, when I wrote this chapter, I didnt know what my mood was. Many readers went to read new books. At the end of the old books, there may be only a few thousand people on each platform. Maybe its because there are not many people that I dare to say. Let me tell you what is pressing down on my heart during this time.

    In fact, the ending here is not what I want. I can only be thankful that the c of the basic adults has ended successfully. This is just a special occasion.

    Originally there were some foreshadowing and plot statements for the new book below, but I'm really sorry, I can't do it now.

    I don't know why this is happening. Within a week, I found out that I was seriously ill and life-threatening. I was about to graduate from university, and at the end of the year I wanted to get a certificate with Lao Wang after seven years of long-distance running.

    I always thought that I was very healthy. I would eat it. I had a good body weight, but I was wrong. When I went for a physical examination, a certain organ of my body was already in serious condition, and I needed immediate surgery, see a doctor, and make an appointment. Doctor, there are many things to be busy.

    I dont know if Im afraid of death, because sometimes its really tiring and hard to live, but family members, lovers and friends, the companionship of readers, and the vision for the future will let you know the beauty of life. So I want to live, and I don't want to see the person I love. Those who love me will not be able to bear it and will be sad.

    The third new book series is also my hard work. If I knew I was sick, I would definitely not publish it.

    But there is no if.

    Every new book is like my own child. I carefully nurture and write some cheerful, funny, and healing love articles to comfort our sometimes difficult lives.

    So after the release, even now, I dont want to give up, because I want to know if I can survive and after the operation, I will continue to write down the story of the third part, and accompany you through the second part. The mystery that is not explained at the end of the book, if possible, try to explain it in the third book.

    I only thought about this one result, there is no other one.

    In any case, I think the story I wrote has brought you happiness and touch. I love you very much. Thank you for letting me know. It turns out that I can also be great.

    You can write stories you like.

    Finally, I hope that my readers will always be healthy and healthy, live peacefully, and live a long life.

    Remember to go for a physical examination every six months, exercise more, remember to eat more fruits and vegetables, and remember not to stay up late.


    1652018 17:27 pm / Fu Jiuliu.

    The third part of Su Mubai's Little Monster and Mei Bao's "Wandering into the Wolf Room: Husband is Merciful!"

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