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    Master Zhan Calm Down Chapter 2583

    Chapter 2583:

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    Its not difficult to talk about the seaplane (fuck cao), and its not easy to talk about it. After Su Mubai got started, he understood it within a few seconds. +++ Catino Novel Network

    The plane glided quickly along the water surface, the speed of the propeller getting faster and faster, and finally flew directly and slowly, leaving the island along the lake.

    After all, it is a seaplane, and the distance traveled is limited.

    Just enough to leave the island.

    Yaobei and Rongmei were all looking at the scenery below from the seaplane, and they only felt different beauty.

    But when they were flying into the air and running through the panorama, they could not help but spot some people below.

    Some familiar faces.

    "Look! There seems to be a partner in our base!"

    After scanning to a place below, Yao Bei hurriedly said loudly.

    All of them wore the iconic (sex xg) camouflage uniforms, and they were all in twos and threes after they were separated. From above, many people can be seen gathering towards the exit.

    Rong Ambiguous stared at the people below, and as the plane flew higher and higher, the figures below became more and more blurred, gradually becoming like an ant.

    But at this time, the ambiguity (lust) is a bit subtle.


    She remembered Xiang Xingkui.

    At that time, she encountered a python and left her in a tree hole. At that time, she was attacked by the python and was seriously injured. I don't know how she is now.

    In order to save her, the little monster (killing sha) died and the boa constrictor paid a huge price. At that time, she could no longer take Xiang Xingkui to leave. Moreover, the little monster also said that she would let her go on the way behind. I can only do my best to help her get here.

    Among the people passing by just now, she did not see her.

    Leaving the rainforest, when I look down, I feel it is so magnificent and beautiful.

    But when I go deep inside, I know how many dangers there are.

    "...Boss, what are you thinking about?"

    Yao Bei looked at her delicately, and suddenly asked.

    Rong Wei was startled, and then slowly withdrew his gaze; "Oh, nothing, just thinking about how many of our 20 students will come out."

    When Yao Bei heard it, he said, "Of course they all come out, our students have this ability!"

    She is the weakest one out.

    Well, although it came out under the protection of (qiang) people.

    In half an hour, the seaplane flew away from the island and stopped at the border with the city.


    This city is the capital of this country. At this time it is hot, and people here rarely wear it.

    They stopped on the beach and stranded there.

    Like the tourists before, they didn't attract much attention.

    At this moment, they finally set foot on the land of the city and soon went to other countries.

    "Who wants to contact us!? We not only have no money, but also no identity information." Yaobei asked suspiciously.

    Rong Yun twisted his neck twice and made a gurgling noise, and then he lazily and unhurriedly said: "Fool, don't you know that our (body shen) body is equipped with a chip positioning? They can see our every move on the satellite we launch."

    As soon as this word came out, Rong was stunned for a moment, and then subconsciously (touching Mo) (touching Mo) on the back of his neck, the positioning chip injected into it was inexplicably guilty.

    I can't really see my every move.

    Otherwise, it would be too private.

    "Let's go, let's continue going forward, someone will definitely come up to contact us, maybe staring at it in secret." Su Mubai said lightly after looking around.

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