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OngoingBook 1 Chapter 25

    Marvel Dc Harem Book 1 Chapter 25

    Volume 1 Chapter 25 Beating Up Johnny

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    Here's the chapter which I said I'll post after three days.


    "You better stop, otherwise I'll have to fight back!"

    Arthur evaded the flames that Human Torch released and said.

    "If you really have guts then fight back, why are you running around like a coward. Don't you have the power to control flames. Try and control my fire. Show me what you got." Johnny said in a condescending manner to provoke Arthur.

    Arthur hearing this deliberately slowed down and one of Johnny's attack hit him on his chest and burnt his shirt on fire. He then acted as though the force behind the attack forced him back flying. He then got up and said "You have forced me to take action."

    Arthur then grabbed Johnny's arm. Seeing him grab his arm in flame mode he was surprised. He then tried to attack him using his fire. But this backfired on him as he saw Arthur controlling his fire attack and hitting Johnny with it.

    Arthur then using Johnny's arm threw him onto ground. While on the ground Johnny saw Arthur's hand glowing an reddish orange color and then repeatedly punching him on the face. Arthur punched Johnny almost a dozen times making his face swollen like a hippo.

    "How.... How is this possible. How are you not affected by my fire and can control it. No this is impossible."

    "I repeatedly told you but you didn't listen to me, now bear the consequences." Arthur then put his hand in contact with him and started devouring his ability.

    Johnny oh Johnny, your arrogance and impulsiveness would have definitely killed you in the future. You would definitely thank me for this lesson.

    Arthur then heard a familiar voice from outside the window.

    "Johnny stop fighting. This is really a misunderstanding." He then saw Spiderman swinging in through the broken window.

    But he saw a surprising scene in the room. Johnny with his swollen face laying down on the ground and Arthur standing above him with one hand on him. It seemed that Johnny was beaten misreably.

    "You are too late kid..." He then took off his hand from Johnny who had fainted now.

    "Youwhat did you do to him?" Spiderman asked nervously. After notifying Human Torch about Arthur, Spiderman felt that he should get more backup so he called SHIELD. Telling them about Arthur Wolf he got to know that Arthur was a consultant at SHIELD and joined recently. Since he was a member of Shield he shouldn't attack heroes or even kidnap them. There was definitely more to this matter. So he hurried over to stop the fight but he was a little late.

    "You should be glad that I just swallowed up his ability and didn't kill or cripple him. You heroes have really tested my patience today first it was Susan who attacked me then it was you and now this Human Torch. Do you all really think I am so easy to bully." Arthur shouted angrily.

    Spiderman was speechless. First Susan was knocked out by you, I was injured and Johnny was beaten till he became a swollen pig. Who was bullied here?

    But Arthur was right in a way, if he was not strong enough then he would have been on the receiving end. Who would he have blamed then.

    "You should wait here for a while, I had already contacted SHIELD they will be here to solve this mess." Spiderman could only helpless shrug and he took Johnny who was unconscious to the couch.

    Indeed, in less than ten minutes they came.

    There was a roar of machinery heard and outside, and a huge aircraft carrier was visible and then the cabin door opened and several people jumped out through the broken window.

    A black man in a long black trench coat with an eye patch on one of his eyes.

    A red haired woman in black skintight suit with a very curvaceous body.

    A well built man in red and blue stripes uniform with a shield on his back.

    "SHIELD Director Nick Fury, Member of Avengers Black Widow Natasha, and their spiritual leader Captain America Steve Rogers." Arthur looked at the three of them one by one said: "If you want to fight me, this still isn't enough!"


    Today was a really sad day for MCU fans. Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman died of cancer. RIP King, Wakanda forever.