Marvel: Aspect Of Domination
OngoingBook 6 Chapter 79

    Marvel: Aspect Of Domination Book 6 Chapter 79

    Volume 6: 2018 Chapter 79 Epilogue

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    A three years old girl could be seen running throughout Cafe Morningstar while talking with some regular customers. All were treating her nicely and respect, all of them knew that she was Luci's and Bella's daughter. She ran upstaris to meet her father and mothers. This was a scene of daily morning since some months. Nowadays Look Luci and his family didn't work in the cafe. They had hired some staff after the Thanos business was over. The small girl ran into a room where one of her mother was sitting on a chair and she was caressing her bulging belly. The woman had full body tattos.

    This woman was not the biological mother of the girl but she was her father's wife so the small girl referred to her as mother also.

    LD: How was your morning run, Angie??

    Yes Luci named her daughter after his mother. Angie was Luci's and Bella's daughter. Angie was born three and a half years ago. Bella was pregnant with Angie for 1 and a half years, unlike humans had their babies in 9 months. In case of LD it would take more time since she already had been pregnant for two years and it would still take some time before she would give birth.

    Angie: It was awesome mom.... So where is my brother.

    LD: They are with your parents on the roof... You know I don't like sunlight so much.

    Angie: A.. Ok let me greet them.

    After that she left LD in the room and ran to the roof. Angie was a tomboy through and through. Angie opened the door and found her three mothers and father cradling her 1 year old brother. Luci and Bella noticed Angie and Bella immediately grabbed her and pulled her into her arms.

    Bella: So... What adventures did you have today??

    Angie: Nothing much... The usual.

    Bella: You have grown so much my little princess.

    Angie: I know mom...

    Nat: They grow up so fast.

    Luci: Yeah they do.

    Nat took the boy from Luci's arm.

    Luci: Thanatos would also grow up fast and I know that.

    The boy's name was Thanatos, he was named after Luci's father. Nat was his biological mother and he was born 1 year ago.

    Wanda: I wonder when I would become a mother.

    Bella: You are a mother too Wanda. Our children are your children too.

    Wanda: I know... I always wanted to have a family since I lost mine.

    Nat: Don't worry your time will come too be patient Wanda.

    Luci: Angie come to daddy... Let's go to Uncle Tony's...

    Angie: Yay... Father let's go....

    Luci had married Bella, Nat and LD after he took care of Thanos and started dating Wanda. After six months he married Wanda too which made Wanda very happy. Their marriage was followed by the marriage of Tony and Pepper. Two years ago Maria was married to Infernos which made her squeal like a college girl which was recorded by Luci and the girls as blackmail material which Maria didn't like one bit.

    After the treaty was made between the world leaders and Maria the world leaders never broke the treaty. Some heros started to work protecting humanity as they liked to do and some remained in New York retired. The heros had similar rights to other humans so they were never controlled again. The Guardians of the Galaxy left after another week since Thanos's death but Rocket was not allowed to leave so Groot also stayed back. Maria treated Rocket as her pet which was not liked by Rocket but he had no other choice since Maria would never let him go.

    Earth was never invaded again or was exposed to any other threat similar to any of that happened previously. So currently Eath was very peaceful, only humans would cause trouble from time to time which was always been taken care by the heros who were currently working. Luci and the girls never needed to return to saving humans and neither did Maria. After Angie was born Bella was completely changed, she lost her habits of making art. But it was sure if someone would come and threaten her family she would happily make him or her one of her arts.

    Luci had always dream a life of this kind. Finding a home, settling down have children with his wife which eventually changed into wives. He was very happy now and he would do anything to stay like this for eternity.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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