Man Against Gods
OngoingBook 2 Chapter 98

    Man Against Gods Book 2 Chapter 98

    Volume 2: The Realm Of Gods Chapter 98 Fall Of Darkya

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    Jian Feng just finished talking with his enforcer, and decided that it's enough staying in sidelines and started to move towards Realm King palace, Darkya just like any other Star Realm is controlled my a Sect, but unlike other Star Realms they don't have Empires controlling and managing the land instead, they have Merchant Guilds do that for them, that why The Darkya City spans more than five hundred kilometres, it's the Capital of this Realm, yet the Black Soul Divine Sect is the situation not even close of this City...

    It's beneath them to 'mingle' with common rabble...

    That's why there is not a single member of Black Soul Divine Sect in the city, unless they came to shop, and they got in the of his soldiers...

    Jian Feng used his 'Sky Shaper' to appear just above Black Soul Divine Sect.

    With his Profound energy sight, he can see that this Sect is...quite...similar to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, meaning that they will turn into resources...

    'More resources for my men then...' Jian Feng thought for a second, he then released his cultivation to be at the level of First of Divine King.

    Moments later a middle-aged man came to meet him, the way he holds himself shows that he is 'The King' of this Realm and his power is that of Fifth of Divine King.

    Jian Feng can sense that this man is cultivating Thunder laws, and that he is an idiot without having proper ways to channel it...

    As he can sense his self inflicted injuries...

    'And I thought I will fight someone who has some decency and common sense...As they say 'Pride comes before fall'...' Jian Feng thought with a sigh.

    "So you are the one who is leading the invasion of my Darkya, so which Star Realm you from?" The Darkya Realm King arrogantly asked Jian Feng.

    The Darkya Realm King Lei Qianfeng could only sense Jian Feng's Cultivation he though that they have some sort of method to hide their cultivation and still able to fight properly, but he thought that they are much weaker than people of Darkya as why would they need to hide their strength?

    Pity that Lei Qianfeng way of thinking is outdated, and the reason they hide their strength is to make them attack Jian Feng soldiers, as otherwise they would go and hide, and that is a waste of time to look for some stranglers...

    "A Star Realm?" Jian Feng asked him, but then he started to laugh, which annoyed the Proud and arrogant Realm King of Darkya.

    "You believe that only a single Star Realm is invading you? in a sense that is true, the soldiers unleashed on this Star Realm come from single Star Realm, as anymore then that would be overkill for...such small Star Realm." Jian Feng said the last part in mocking voice.

    Which was enough for the Lei Qianfeng as he rushed at Jian Feng with strait first powered by Lightning.

    Jian Feng did same and he rushed into Lei Qianfeng with a straight punch.


    Their fist crashed into each other, Lei Qianfeng wanted to sneer at Jian Feng as he was much stronger than him by four minor realms but that changed as he saw that his Lightning powered strike did absolutely nothing to him, in fact, his lightning powered strike did not even enter Jian Feng's body!

    "Your control over Lightning is atrocious, you treating it like Fire element, a most basic understanding of Lightning is the flow of current, you can't keep it in your body, if you do, you will self harm yourself...which you did for a long time..." Jian Feng spoke to him with a tone of an elder teaching a teenager how to fight.

    Which only infuriated the Proud Realm King of Darkya...

    "You...You... I will kill you!!!" Lei Qianfeng called forth maximum power of his cultivation base and rushed into Jian Feng.

    Blue Pole Star Realm only shook his head, he wanted to help him with his Lighting element problem, but alas this man is...Proud the 99% of Primal Chaos...

    Once again Jian Feng met him with his own fist, this time upon collision Jian Feng released stored energy from his armour into his fist which send Lei Qianfeng flying back.

    Darkya Realm King quickly balanced himself back on his feet, he looked at Jian Feng with shock as First of Divine King has overpowered him!

    But he has no time to be in shock as Jian Feng rushed at Lei Qianfeng, they started to exchange blows.

    Very quickly Lei Qianfeng noticed something weird as Jian Feng blow power doesn't make sense to him, one blow is weaker the next one is stronger than his!

    'What going on? who is this person?!' Lei Qianfeng though with a sweaty face, one of his hands was holding his side, he was rattled quite heavily by one of Jian Feng punches.

    "Well, how are you feeling? are those recoils from your own lightning technique hurt enough?" Jian Feng said to him with crossed arms, he was not even sweating after exchanging hundreds of punches.

    By now the Black Soul Divine Sect was a partially destroyed, as blows from two Divine Kings level beings has left the whole place in a mess.

    "You...You are toying with me!!!" Darkya Realm King finally understood what's going on!

    "Oh! Guilty!" Jian Feng raised his hands in 'surrender'.

    "I guess I was seen through..." hearing that Lei Qianfeng, was at the edge of losing it, this punk is messing with him! The Darkya Realm King! the supreme ruler of this Star Realm!!!

    "AHHHH!" Lei Qianfeng snapped and rushed with a mad dash at Jian Feng.

    Lightning was dancing around Darkya Realm King, his speed increased to maximum and beyond his limits.

    Jian Feng only smirked seeing that, as Lei Qianfeng started to ignore his own body limits and started to fight like a berserker.


    A loud Bird Screech sound exploded from Jian Feng as he called forth silver crimson thunder as he went to meet Lei Qianfeng incoming attack.


    Jian Feng and Lei Qianfeng fist smashed into each other, and Darkya Realm King started to scream from pain, as Silver Crimson Lightning started to ravage his body.

    "I-Imposible!!! t-this is...tribulation Lightning!!! just who in hell are you?" Lei Qianfeng said with a mad look, after receiving the attack The Darkya Realm King knew that his profound veins are messed up by the Silver Thunder lightning.

    "Well you somewhat entertained me for a few minutes, but...its time for me to know...where are the Wood Spirit race..." Jian Feng swiftly grabbed Lei Qianfeng by the neck and the Darkya Realm King tried to resist by calling forth his cultivation base, but to his horrified realisation...he was overpowered by Jian Feng base cultivation...which was increasing in front of Lei Qianfeng face.

    It went up all the way to Six Of Divine King! one stage above his own.

    "Y-You...why were you hiding your cultivation!?" the Middle-aged man was able to ask Jian Feng even if he was held by him!

    "It's to make you attack me... my whole army is built this way...your cultivator culture is built upon a belief that stronger cultivation realm can beat a weaker one, so I simply going to exploit that belief, my whole army is full of Divine Spirits all the way to True Gods... and they all still continue to exploit that concept... except for my True Devil Minion, he pretty much stands out with his height so he is not hiding his True Devil heritage..." Jian Feng explained it to the Darkya Realm King, who had a realisation of sorts...

    "Y-You are the...The Emperor..." Jian Feng 'smiled' at him, hearing that.

    "Correct...and now... you shall speak..." The Emperor the forced a pill down Lei Qianfeng throat.

    Moments later his eyes lost focus and he was just staring at something.

    "Tell me where is the Wood Spirit Race hiding?" Jian Feng quickly asked the most important question.

    "I-I do not know, but what I do know that they are living on my Darkya Realm, I believe they are using some unique formation to hide from my sect disciples..." Jian Feng groaned for a second, hearing that answer.

    "I see, is there anyone behind your little Sect?" He continued to ask the middle-aged man.

    "M-My sister is a concubine of Realm King of Divine Martial Realm Wu Sanzun, and her son is most talented of all his children, he is the future of Divine Martial Realm.

    "Interesting...are they helping your sect to hunt the Wood Spirit Race?" To Jian Feng question the Darkya Realm King simply nodded, and that was all Jian Feng needed to invade another Star Realm...

    "Wonderful...thank you for your assistance you deserve nice and long rest..." Jian Feng indifferently said to him, as black clouds started to surround Lei Qianfeng.

    The Darkya Realm King started to age rapidly right in front of Jian Feng, by the time he released the ageing man's neck he was old fossil...

    And by the time he started to fall, he turned into dust...

    And then his dust was blown away by the winds of Darkya Realm.

    After dealing with Lei Qianfeng, Jian Feng lifted his right hand above him, and crimson formation cycle appeared around him, very next moment it released energy shock wave through whole Darkya Realm.

    ~~~~~~Yue Duo~~~~~~

    While Jian Feng is looking for Wood Spirit race location, his girls were dissecting Black Soul Divine Sect's members.

    "W-Who are these women!?" One of the guys screamed as his body started to freeze and no amount of profound energy can melt or break this ice.

    "Ahh!!! Senior brother do something!!!" one of the juniors from Black Soul Divine Sect screamed at his senior, he was a recent addition to Black Soul Divine Sect and he was looking up to this Senior Brother, but that moment his senior brother head just left it's body and flew away... all he felt was a gust of wind...

    "T-They are monsters!!!" The Junior from Black Soul Divine Sect screamed as he started to run away in fear.

    But Qingyue simply raised her hand, and extreme cold air turned the junior into an ice statue and then simply dissipated into nothingness...

    Cang Yue next to her simply sighed and sheathed her sword.

    "Why they have to be so dramatic? as if they never seen Wind and Ice Profound arts before..." The Blue Wind Princess said with a somewhat annoyed voice, Qingyue next to her slowly nodded and looked around for more disciples from this disgusting sect.

    The Sect name alone pretty much tells that they are practising something fishy...

    Both girls started to check pavilion by pavilion the whole place.

    It was even easier when Jian Feng and Darkya Realm King started to fight above the Sect Grounds, thanks to their Armours the didn't even felt the shockwaves...

    But then all the hell broke loose when they felt Jian Feng's cultivation going up to Sixth of Divine King, and Lei Qianfeng cultivation simply vanishing...

    All the disciples knew what that means... Lei Qianfeng lost and it was a massive blow to their morale...

    Making them all lose hope and run into 'hills'...

    Eventually, girls arrived at the Black Soul Divine Sect treasury, they want to see how much does a such unique realm like Darkya has, after all, they have a reputation at the same level like Royal Realm, they should have something worthy in here...right?

    "Hmm...the lock seems to be a formation based..." Cang Yue said to Qingyue after checking it out.

    "Then It's a good thing it's a formation based..." Qingyue answered back to her, and she took off her right-hand gauntlet, and then pulled out a rune caster from her storage ring.

    "I have asked our darling to code several unlocking formation on this rune caster..." The Frozen Cloud Young Mistress said with a small smirk, as she showed her rune caster before putting it on her hand.

    A few moments later she approached the locking formation and pressed her hand on it.

    Several minutes later, both girls heard a loud mechanical sound of massive doors being unlocked.

    "As Husband says 'Primitive'..." Cang Yue copied Jian Feng voice, before starting to giggle...

    Both of them went inside to see what kind of loot they got...