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    Chapter 256: The Peak Of Cooking Part 2

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    Nian Bing didn't move, just put the tenderloin flat on the kitchen case in front of him, lowered his head, looked at the tender fresh meat, and didn't know what he was thinking.

    Xiaotian's movements are still not fast, but every movement looks so harmonious, gently stirring the flour in the basin in a clockwise direction. Gradually, the flour has condensed into a mass, and Xiaotian's hands are strange It does not leave half of the flour left. This artisan is not something that ordinary cooks can do.

    Xiao Tian's hand finally moved fast, his palms were lightly shaken, and the dough was thrown into the air, his hands were wonderfully swiped on the dough, and the dough spun up at a high speed, just a quick line, his hand changed again. Going back to the original speed, I slapped it on the falling dough, palm by palm, and brought the dough back into the air one foot high in front of me. His hands were on the dough every time it was shot. With a light touch, the depression that the dough was pressed out will disappear immediately, and it will return to a circle. The dough begins to rotate around Xiaotian's body, and a small white light gradually brings around the body The light seemed to make the dough dance, and every movement was so beautiful. People who are close can see clearly that Xiaotian's hands are no longer touching the dough, and the dough will be bounced gently an inch away from his hands.

    On the jury, the chef Chen Tianjiu whispered proudly: "This is the highest state of Yin and Yang harmony and Tai Chi hands. The dough is round and the dough is in Xiao Tian's hands, which will be changed by the Yin and Yang two qi brought by his hands The perfect appearance. It is the best choice to use Yin and Yang and Tai Chi hands on the face. "

    Nian Bing still did not move, still looking at the tenderloin in front of him, he lowered his head, washed his hands on the ridge, if someone could observe his face from bottom to top, he would find that the look on his face was constantly The changes are happening, happy and worried.

    Cha Ji didn't seem to hear the words of the strong chef for a long time. His eyes fell firmly on his disciples, and a slight smile gradually appeared on his face. Although Nian Bing seemed to have done nothing, but this one was a chef. The ghost chef of the first genius in the art world felt a peculiar breath from his disciples. That is the breath he has been pursuing!

    Xiao Tian's movements changed, his right hand stretched out suddenly, his left hand pulled back, and the dough stopped in front of him. Immediately, he recovered his hands and immediately pulled to the sides, pulling the dough into a long strip. Xiaotian's body began to rotate, and his feet were walking in a strange and graceful step. Every time the body rotated, the face in the hand would bounce a few times. It seemed that it was always just a long face, which had gradually dispersed.

    His movements are still so gentle, but the gentle movements become quicker, and gradually, people can only see his rotating body turn into a huge white light ball, but he can no longer see his body, Round and round, Yin and Yang tone and Tai Chi hands have reached the highest peak under Xiao Tian's control.

    At this moment, Nian Bing finally moved. His right hand lightly rubbed the tenderloin three times in front of him. Without using any kitchenware, the meat had been divided into four segments.

    For a long time, the fierce chef murmured to Cha Ji next to him, "Why, aren't you an apprentice using the dragon-dragon dance sword method that you are best at?"

    Zha Ji smiled slightly and said, "Your disciples don't use the fire-fighting evening fire knife method you are good at! The children are all grown up, and they all have their own ideas. We just need to look at it."

    There was a flash of light in Nian Bing's eyes. The four tenderloins evenly separated in front had floated into the air. Nian Bing flicked his hands. Four small groups of flames appeared under the four tenderloins without warning. It is exactly the same, there is no difference, and the four tenderloins have begun to rotate slowly.

    Nianbing didn't move, but his eyes moved from the first piece of tenderloin to the last piece. The time spent on each piece of tenderloin was the same. At this time, the judges finally saw that Nianbing was watching each piece of tenderloin At the time, the expression on his face was different, and the flame would also change slightly when he was watching.

    Camel Kitchen Zixiu wondered: "Nian Bing is not just a barbecue. Even if he can use magic to make the barbecue show different flavors, it can't be compared with Xiao Tian's Yin Yang and Tai Chi hands! You know, The noodles made with roundness as a whole, although the taste is only one kind, but it almost covers all the changes of the taste, that is the ultimate of cooking! "

    Cha Ji glanced at his wife with a smile, and Bing Jie was also watching him. At the time, Cha Ji withdrew from the culinary world because of the simple barbecue. At that time, he also thought that there could not be much change in the barbecue. But in the end, he lost to that tenderloin. Zhaji ’s eyes were a little wet. He understood that his disciples were going to use this method to help him wash away the shame of the failure that year. Where to stand up.

    Xiao Tian's movements suddenly stopped, and the noodles in his hands were gone, because the noodles had fallen into the hot water that had just begun to boil. Then, Xiao Tian made a movement that surprised everyone. He even turned His hands dived into the boiling water and began a slow movement.

    The strong chef sighed for a long time and said, "The noodles should be reconciled with Yin and Yang Tai Chi, and the same is true for noodles. Only in this way is the most perfect noodle.

    The faint meat scent gradually drifted out from the tenderloin in the four flames of Nianbing. The tenderloin had turned golden yellow under uniform baking. In addition to the fact that Cha Ji still has confidence in him, the other nine judges are no longer optimistic about Ning Bing.

    The game is going very fast. When the four barbecued meats on ice fall into the plate, Xiaotian's noodles have just entered the bowl. The simple noodles have no ingredients, only half a bowl of light noodle soup, and no seasoning. Can the noodles be delicious? Of course not, Xiaotian's seasoning is his Yin and Yang tone and Tai Chi hands.

    In the face, Xiaotian personally put on the jury seat. At this time, the judges have become eleven, and the more one is the King of the Oran Empire who was preparing to award.

    Nian Bing walked behind Xiaotian, and his plate was just four simple golden barbecues. From the perspective of barbecue, pure lean loin is definitely not the best choice. The average chef also knows that only fat and thin meat is suitable for roasting. But Nian Bing chose the loin, which is one of the reasons why the judges are not optimistic about him.

    At this time, all the eight women who came to Oran City with Nian Bing had come to the stage. They all watched quietly. Nian Bing glanced at them when they went to the judging stage. There was only one thing in his eyes. , That is faith.

    A large bowl of noodles was evenly divided into eleven portions. All the judges started to eat noodles at almost the same time. As soon as the noodles were in the mouth, everyone changed their colors, even Xiaotian ’s master chef was a long time.

    Naturally, it does n’t take long to eat a small bowl of noodles, but if it takes only three breaths to eat them all, regardless of the heat, it is enough to prove how superb the chef ’s skill is.

    Zha Ji nodded to Xiaotian with a smile, "What a yin and yang tones and tai chi hands, this is the most delicious pasta I've ever eaten in my life. Your master is right, yin and yang are reconciled, the roundness of the noodles, and the infinite The extension of the taste, the aftertaste, I am probably enough to withstand the day. I can only come up with the perfect word to describe it. Commenting on the skill of cooking, it should have been from the five aspects of color, fragrance, taste, meaning and shape. Evaluation, but although your bowl of noodles only reflects the word of taste, it is enough. It represents all things and surpasses all things. God! You can receive such a good disciple , I'm so happy for you. "

    Chef Lie looked at Xiao Tian deeply for a long time. He only said one sentence, "No matter whether you win or lose, from now on, you are my formal disciple."

    Others may think that the chef ’s words, whether they win or lose, are just to be polite on the face of Cha Ji, but the chef himself has known for a long time that the grilled meat is not simple. Although he ca n’t see anything on the surface, but from In Cha Ji's confident expression, he understood that it was not easy for Xiaotian to win.

    Xiaotian respectfully saluted the judges and stepped aside. Nian Bing came to his original position and placed the plate in his hand on the table. The blue light suddenly appeared and jumped between his fingers, just for a moment The four pieces of meat are all divided into twelve equal portions.

    Zi Xiu wondered: "Are you letting each of us taste four pieces of meat? Is there any difference between your four pieces of barbecue?"

    Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, "You'll know after you tried it."

    The judges started with doubts, and Xiaotian also watched intently. In addition to the eleven judges, Nian Bing handed the last four small pieces of roasted meat to his hand, and gave him a soft point. Nodded.

    The chef was the most impatient to start tasting. He wanted to know exactly where Cha Ji ’s confidence came from. When the first barbecue came into his mouth, his expression suddenly froze. Then, a trace of warmth appeared on his face. His smile seemed very excited. When he ate the second barbecue, the expression on his face suddenly changed, his brow furrowed, and he seemed to endure his anger. When he ate the third barbecue, his expression changed from anger to sorrow, the light in his eyes suddenly dimmed a lot, and after eating the last barbecue, the chef suddenly laughed for a long time.

    The twelve people all ate four barbecues, and their expressions on their faces were rich, not inferior to the **** of cooking, but the order of the performance of anger was not the same.

    Nian Bing spoke, his voice was very peaceful, but it came into the ears of everyone in the Royal Plaza of Oran. "The peak of cooking I have inquired can be summed up in two words, that is emotion. Every chef, when making dishes with different emotions, the dishes they make will change in taste. When they are in a good mood, they may make a gourmet meal. When the mood is bad, the taste of the food will be Significantly reduced. If an ordinary chef wants to improve his cooking skills, it is very important to control his emotions. As long as he learns to focus, then their cooking skills will be promoted to another level. Concentration is exactly emotional One kind, but it is not the true mystery of cooking. Every emotion can be imposed by the chef who makes the food in his own cooking. If the mystery of every emotion can be fully reflected, then, Even negative emotions can still make good food, infect with emotions, to perceive the emotions possessed by all the materials, and under your control, make the emotions perfect in cooking, this is cooking Positive peak. Yin and Yang tone and Tai Chi hands, although it can make the delicious taste have countless flavors and become round, but it can not include emotions. The four pieces of meat I roast today, from the surface, the cooking method is exactly the same However, when grilling four pieces of meat, I finished them in different emotions. The tenderloin infected my emotions. The flame of the barbecue also infected my emotions. My emotions are their best seasoning. Therefore, these four pieces of meat have four different emotional flavors: joy, anger, sorrow, and joy. I am infected with food, and the food infects the person who eats it. This is enough for me. "

    Nian Bing's words made civilians ignorant, but made all the chefs fall into contemplation.

    Xiaotian seemed to be the fastest one to wake up ~ ~ walked in front of Nian Bing, a bright smile appeared on his face, "I lost. It turns out that what you really found is the kitchen The pinnacle of art. Emotions, good emotions. "

    Nian Bing smiled and said: "Perhaps, this is not the real peak, but if a chef can grasp the combination of his emotions, then the culinary skills will be elevated to another level. Emotions, this is the new level Representative. The barbecue I made today may not be comparable to your noodles in taste, but what I want to convey is a new concept. I think this should be of some help to you. "

    Xiaotian nodded and said, "Nian Bing, thank you. You made me understand a lot of things. The ancestor who created Yin and Yang tone and Tai Chi hands lived by making steamed buns. The steamed buns are recorded in the secret book. When his lover left him, the steamed buns he made showed a bitter taste. Since then, his cooking career has ended. Now I finally understand that this is Why, it ’s because he ca n’t control his emotions and cooking skills. Your words have brought me into a new field. The name of the chef is none other than you. ”

    Nian Bing looked at Cha Ji, and Cha Ji was looking at him too. The master and apprentice smiled at each other, and everything was silent.

    (To be continued) ()