Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities
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    Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 89

    Chapter 89: Estranged

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    Xia Ruoxin leaned against the headboard, took out her sketchbook, and began to sketch line after line—clearly and rapidly. Soon, a man's face appeared. His eyebrows were with character and lips were tightly pursed. He looked heartless and tough.

    She got off the bed and picked up the calendar which was on the table. It's today again, her birthday. She was the only one who had remembered her birthday. Everyone else had forgotten.

    The woman walked into the living room. Xiao Hong had cleaned everything meticulously. As expected, she did not have to do anything. Xia Ruoxin had become a useless person. She walked over to the telephone.

    She picked up the telephone, and her fingers froze as she was about to dial the last digit with some hesitation. That was a forbidden number which should never be dialed. Her fingers tightened into a fist. In the end, the line went through as the last digit was dialed.

    Xia Ruoxin placed the receiver at her ear as she felt herself becoming anxious at the very moment.

    "Hello!" A deep voice sounded from the other end. Xia Ruoxin's hand gripped the receiver even tighter in her hand.

    "Ah Lui, it's me. I was wondering…"

    "I am busy with work right now. In future—if it's nothing urgent, don't call this number." The man's voice was unexpectedly cold and hard.

    "I just wanted to know what time you will be coming home today." Xia Ruoxin felt a pinch in her heart from the stiffness in his voice. However, she forced a smile. Even when there was no one to see it, she must remain smiling.

    "After work. If there are no meetings, I will come back as soon as I can." The voice from the other end softened. Then, it was followed by 'too-too' which signified that the line was already busy.

    Xia Ruoxin finally put the receiver down after a long while. Her face registered pure disappointment and had turned pale like in the past.

    It seemed that it was the only color that she had.

    He was just too busy; that's why he neglected you. Cheer up, Xia Ruoxin. Believe in him. She patted herself on the face and walked into the kitchen. She had celebrated her birthday on her own every year. However, this year, she knew that someone would be there to celebrate with her.

    As she washed her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror. She might be having an overload of happiness, so much that she could not smile.

    While at the other end, Chu Lui tossed the phone away and got out of his car. Working overtime, meetings, busy—they were actually his excuses.

    He entered the extravagant private club alone. Of course, he was naturally here to attend this party. There was no sign of any female companion by his side. Just him, alone.

    "Chu Lui, you have come." An elderly man walked out. His features were uncommon, and his face was glowing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    "Mr. Xie, this is my present to you. I wish you good health." Chu Lui did not say much, but it made Mr. Xie laugh out loud.

    "Thank you for your gift." He accepted it and looked at Chu Lui again. His eyes beamed with praise though it also had some lamentation. It was a pity that he was not his son. Otherwise, he would have had a life without regrets.

    Chu Lui nodded his head lightly at Mr. Xie and proceeded to walk away. He picked up a transparent glass which contained half a glass of wine.

    He swirled the glass. The alcohol content was high.

    He held it for a long time but did not drink. He had not forgotten that he was driving today. He did not want to die because of these things.