Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities
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    Love In The Midst Of Mistaken Identities Chapter 31

    Chapter 31: Our Daughter-in-Law

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    Even if she was not their preferred choice for a daughter-in-law, no one was allowed to insult her.

    Xia Ruoxin merely smiled, but it was not a pretty one and her face vaguely showed traces of exhaustion.

    "Dad, Mom, please take a seat while I'll fetch two cups of tea for you." She smiled apologetically and walked into the kitchen. While Luo Sha finally knew what was her retribution today. She was so used to giving orders that she clearly had no idea what she was supposed to so or how she should act according to her status.

    Chu Jiang's expression darkened. A pair of sharp and brown eyes revealed too many stories. His son may not be simple, neither was the father.

    "Who told you to behave like such? Tell me. Did our family employ you to be a maid or to rule over Chu Lui?" His sudden crispy voice caused Luo Sha to shudder violently. She tightly gripped her blouse and her hands kept fidgeting.

    "Y—yes… S—sir…" She lowered her head in fear and wondered where she stood in this family. In their eyes, she will always be just a maid.

    Song Wan tugged at Chu Jiang's shirt and shook her head. That seemed to redirect his attention to the contents on the table fronting them. He knew it! This must be the making of his idiotic son. Otherwise, she would not be bold enough to act like this.

    Xia Ruoxin emerged from the kitchen carrying two cups of tea. She served them the tea. "Dad, Mom, please have some tea." She smiled a rather faint smile. There was no hint of charm or flattery in her tone, only the natural display of her good manners—respect towards the elderly. After so many years of living under the Xia's roof, she realized one thing: if one does not like you, no matter what you do, one will still dislike you.

    It will only incur more displeasure.

    "Who made you do all this?" Chu Jiang's brow lifted. Compared to Chu Lui, it had more years and depth to it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    "I wanted to do it. It is a good exercise." She had no grievances to tell and thus no guilt to hide.

    She had willingly done everything.

    Her smile appeared absentminded. That smile only made one's heart ache for her.

    Song Wan lifted her cup and placed it at her lips. She took a sip and the taste surprised her. It tasted good. And this child did not seem to be what others had described. Did she really kill her own sister?

    Xia Ruoxin saw the look of doubt flickering in Song Wan's eyes. She could not help but let her sadness show. Xia Yixuan's death will follow her forever. No matter what she did, everyone was convinced that she had murdered Xia Yixuan. Moreover, she had the right motives, didn't she?

    Because she loved Chu Lui. Thus, she was willing to kill her sister for a man.

    She was inhuman. She was ungrateful. She was vicious. She had heard too much.

    She could not stop them from thinking about what they wanted to. She had a clear conscience and will calmly accept the surveying look from Song Wan. As long as she did nothing wrong, she did not have to feel guilty about anything.

    It stunned Song Wan for a second. She had little contact with Xia Ruoxin, but Xia Yixuan, she knew well. Frankly, she did not like Xia Yixuan because of her high and mighty temperament. She was too fragile yet over-bearing. Song Wan had no choice because she was the one her son had chosen. On the other hand, the aura from Xia Ruoxin was not so. She had a weird feeling she had missed something.