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    Volume 3: Naruto Chapter 61 Jaune's Clarification

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    I brushed the specs of dust off of my clothes while Obito was looking at me with a shocked gaze, Death wasn't really shocked, she was just a little surprised was all.

    Of course I wouldn't blame her, knowing me, but I wouldn't expect her to actually think I was going to be a villlan.

    "So are you actually going to become the antagonist?" Death, asked.

    "No." I replied, "this is an act to get Obito a pass to the village."

    "Your hair is still green." Death replied.

    "A simple divine genjutsu will suffice."

    That and much more, I created a henj a blood clone, and pulled off my mask putting it on the clone.

    This act will allow me to take the sins of Obito into myself allowing the world to see me as Obito.

    I will use a different name, a different iddentity, this will be the birth of...Ujena

    "Here." I raised my hand at him and he was enveloped in a flash of light, he found himself whearing his orange and blue jumpsuit, he had before he "Died." and was changed. "

    He was looking down with a shocked look.

    "Chakra materialization." I replied answering his unsaid question, "Go into the village, I have a plan " I told him who looked at me with a skeptical look.

    "I am not sure that they will-AAAAAAAAAH"

    I punted him in the direction of the village.

    I looked at my wife who was in flesh now, looking at me with a deadpanned expression.

    I simply shrugged my shoulders before I disqppeared, following shortly after him.


    In the land of fire, the hidden shinobi village of Konohagakure, everything was at peace.

    ...Well, as peacefull as it can be, everbody. Civilian and Shinobi alike, were mourning for the lost of there village, as well as leader friends a92nd family.


    The Sandaime, The third, leader, known as Hokage, fire shadow, was just finishing off a very troublesome council meeting about the situation ofthe kyyubi attack, Naruto, and Rin who was a of a sudden...alive, was at the hosipital getting treated this very moment.

    He had just finished declaring this as an s ranked secret, when there was a spike of pressure that was at least bijju level, alerting him and all of the shinobi.

    Somewhere in Konohagakure.

    A young man was crashing into the ground uncontrollably at fast speeds.


    Before he could land onto the ground, I appeared and grabbed him in a choke hold.

    "Is this part of the plan?" he stuttered choking at my grasp.

    "Yeah." I replied, "I might have to hurt you a bit."


    "Kidney Punch."

    "wha- Gah!

    I punched him in the gut causing him him to gasp in pain

    "Or a lot."

    "I-Its ok," he managed "I deserved tha-"

    "Kidney punch."


    I punched him in the gut somemore in the same spot harder, causing him to spot out blood, before I did this repetitively.

    This time he was close to death.

    "I-I thought you said you wouldn't kill me ," he whispered,

    "I did and you won't." I grinned as I increased my power, sending pressure through the village.

    I threw him to the ground.


    I ignored the crowd of anbu and Hokage.

    "Obito!" The voice I recognized as Kakashi shouted from the crowd as the entire crowd grasp.

    I walked towards him and raised my hand dodging. every attack they through at me.

    As I. streatched my hand out towards obitos heart, A loud shout.was heard.


    Followed by the sound of a thousand bird's.

    I spinned around my attacker, grabbing him by the atm and through him at the hokage.

    Who was about to stop my advance, before I dissapeared.