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    Volume 3: Naruto Chapter 55 New World

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    I will figure out a way and once I do I will return, you won't be lonely." I told Gaia, " because I and death will be here however Id advise you not to have s.e.x with it as I am not sure what would happen with the clone or you when you do okay?" I also told her and ordered my clone to avoid anything lewd untill she gets back, I don't like ntr. (Mainly to avoid ntr sorry)

    She nodded, I created a real copy, not a clone for her to see until I come back when I come back the clone will vanish and I will receive its memories.

    Once I was done I opened a portal and the two of us vanished


    Appearing in existence as the portal appeared in our place.

    "Well, that was quite the experience." Death muttered amusedly.

    "To you maybe," I grimaced "I swear this was the most disturbing thing I have ever experienced, "

    It was true.

    (Flash back)

    As I went through the timeless space my body was like literal goo, that stretched longer than it should be.

    My finger itself was not only gooey like, but it had also stretched 1 kilometer long and every time I would try to bend it would twist in the real world.

    I could blink something weird happened to my eye as it was out of my eye socket.

    Death was amused as she was dead herself self so nothing in her being was changed, she stayed the same.

    She did try to calm me down, but I could clearly feel her amus.e.m.e.nt and could see it through her eyes.

    We came through the portal and I had fallen splat on the ground.

    I screamed as I was still in that distorted space.

    This time death did show a reaction, she cringed and looked away.

    Slowly but surely I started to heal myself up, forming my bones than my muscles as the goo came up I was back to being my divine self with a blinding light.

    I took a deep breath as I sat down.

    (Flash back end)

    I release a shudder as I instinctively flexed my fingers and cracked my knuckles, every single bit of my being was there, not an ounce of my power gone.

    On the bright side since your body have probably adapted so it wouldnt happen the next time you decode to go through the portal.

    I took a deep breath in relief before We had both since the sudden increase of demonic energy coming east of us a couple of miles away.


    A loud roar had followed,

    I saw a large nine-tailed fox appear and started smashing buildings.

    I sighed again, so it seems that I am in the Naruto world, ...just great