Living Life Traveling The Omniverse
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    Living Life Traveling The Omniverse Book 2 Chapter 54

    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 54 Departure Fixed No Ntr In This Story.

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    (Very Short chapter I didn't even know what ntr is lol, thanks for pointing out, there wont be any ntr in this story.)

    "It is time to go on to the next world, do you want to join me?" I asked my wives who were looking at me with a thought full look.

    "Sure, I was getting bored of this unique anyway," death replied with a shrug "

    "Well, this affects you or this universe in any way?"I asked e shook her head no. "Death is the same no matter what universe."

    I turned to Gaia, who shook her head, "I don't know if it'll affect me or not." she replied "considering the results of taking me offf the world, if I am in another universe I could be worse."

    I frowned, "Yes that could be a problem."

    "I will figure out a way and once I do I will return, you won't be lonely." I told Gaia, " because I and death will be here however Id advise you not to have s.e.x with it as I am not sure what would happen with the clone or you when you do okay?" I also told her and ordered my clone to avoid anything lewd untill she gets back, I don't like ntr. (Mainly to avoid ntr sorry)

    She nodded, I created a real copy, not a clone but flesh and blood for her to see until I come back when I come back will vanish but the only difference between this one and that, I wont recieve it's memories, and it's basically me controlling both bodies at the same time, like I am simultaneously at one place and another, pretty cool (Also to avoid ntr, kind of a last minute change.) forgive me of it's rushed)

    Once I was done I opened a portal and the two of us vanished