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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 48 Job

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    There was a sudden flash of gold and a man appeared, he quickly barfed all all over and

    "Woah, what was that?"

    "That was a teleportation technique" I said causing him to be startled and quickly turn towards the voice only to freeze. He had never seen such a being.

    "Job," I stared at the mess of a man in front of him, with my closed, "what are you doing here."

    "Who are you and how do you knownmy name!"

    I smiled softly at him, "I know everything dear nephew."

    "Nephew....but...." his eyes widened, "you are uncle Rikudou"

    "I am." My smile free at being recognized, "I can see that your soul is troubled, tell me."

    "God has betrayed me "Job replied depressed as he slumped down

    "Why?" I asked.


    I sighed, " God loves you dearly nephew Why do you think he betrayed you?"

    "Because he took everything from me!" he screamed as he started sobbing.

    "I had everything, wives money children and home, I had obeyed gods word and followed him with all of my heart mind and body." he started crying "But yet...after everything I've done, he took everything away from me."

    I stared at job, this was not the job I had known, this job was different, he had never lost faith, when things went down on him and was rewarded was very....

    "How disappointing..." I replied with a frown, I closed my eyes and he looked at me and widened his eyes.


    "God bet against the devil himself,because the devil had thought you were only faithful, because you have everything handed to you."

    Job was struck to the very core at this revelation, I continued.

    "God loves you so much that he was boasting about your faithfulness and righteousness, to the devil, Satan, has proclaimed that the only reason you were faithful was because you have everything handed to you and it seems that he was right."

    I opened my eyes revealing my golden rinnegan for show.

    He stood frozen tears flowing down his face, as he took in the revelation.

    "You dare to cry." I said glaring, causing him to flinch. "Your father was broken hearted but never cried when he was betrayed by his chose isreal, time and time again."

    "Than what am I to do." Job slumped I walked forward and smacked him upside the head.


    "You have little faith." I said as he rubbed the back of his head with a grimace.

    "What you need to do is go back there regain your faith, and do everything God had asked of you like you did when you have had everything." I replied.

    He looked down.

    "Or are you just willing to let Satan win."


    "I can't here you?! are you willing to let Satan have the last laugh?!

    He looked up determination brimming in his eyes.



    "I WILL!"

    He ran out of the house before running to give me a huge hug making me surprised before I hugged back.

    a few moments he let go and he smiled, "Thank you."

    I smiled back.

    My hand lit up in a golden flame before I tapped his chest twice, the body outlined before he was enveloped in a colomn of golden light and shot up into the skies at light speeds, returning back to his home.

    "That was interesting." Death said, a moment after appearing behind me.

    I nodded, "He needed the push."

    I stared at the spot where he was left, the corner of my lips quirked upwards.

    "Goodluck, nephew."