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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 39 The Fight For Sakaar

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    As soon as he said that, he lunged at me at full speeds with the intent to kill.

    The second he did, my eyes narrowed, and time seem to slow down, as well as his speed.

    I evaded his first punch, and watched as it sailed passed me, I evade the next as he turned to punch me in the face, and watched as that sailed passed me as well.

    Slow motion was what it felt like.

    I bent my knees and laid back with my waist facing the sky as the grandmaster sailed passed me.

    I could see him growing even more frustrated, "all you could do is dodge! Fight back!"

    He went for another right hook, but I blocked it and kicked him in the chest sending him tumbling to the ground.

    the crowd seeing him losing started to find hope, hope started to slowly come to there eyes, as they cheered, they cheered for me with all there might.


    I smiled at this, while the grandmaster grew angry!

    He leaped at me with even more speeds and started punching more wildly,

    To the crowd all they could see was shockwaves in the arena as they were moving to fast for the eye to see.

    Death, was obviously enjoying this, but she kept that enjoyement hidden with a stoic look on her face. She watched on as she followed every single one of out movement's with ease.

    Back with the battle

    The grand master jumped back and ra raised his hands he glowed violently and unleashed a torrent of magical energy towards me.

    I raised my hands and formed a ki barrier and blocked the attack causing his eyes to widen. the Ki barreer vanished a second later.

    "Is that all you have?" I asked with a bland tone as I stared down at his panting figure.

    "You do not know who you are talking to!" He snarled. he raised his hand and a golden sword appeared in his hands he rushed to attacks me, I raised my ki enhanced finger and blocked his attack.

    His eyes widened and he attempted to strike me in another side, which I blocked again, with the exact same motion.

    This went on for seveal seconds at lightning fast speeds, before he landed one final strike in which I blocked the same as the others.

    His eyes widened and he looked extremely tired.


    I kicked him again in the chest making him cough before sending him tumbling into he ground

    He got up with a struggle.

    The audience loudly chanting my name.

    "Jaune!Jaune! Jaune! Jaune! Jaune!"

    The grandmaster's face grew red as he notice death smiling down on me before he raised his hand, pressed something I felt a slight tingle in my neck before it traveled across my body.

    I glanced at what it was and saw that it was the exact thing that He used on Thor when he a fightning the hulk in this very arena.

    I stared at him with a deadpanned look,

    He stumbled back? yes,I could see the fear visible in his eyes.


    I gazed at his pitiful look and frowned, all traces of amus.e.m.e.nt left me.

    I think It's time I put an end to this.

    I slowly walked toward him, my eyes hardened.