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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 34 Into Space We Go

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    I stared at the empty dish with a stunned look, the food was completely devoured.

    My wives looked at me in amus.e.m.e.nt.

    I only had a few things to say

    "....that was amazing..."

    "So one of your domains have to be food" Gaia smiled

    I nodded "Yes that would make sence."

    Cooking was just one of the things that I did in my spare time, to relieve my boredom but never have I made a meal so delicious.

    if I unconciouslly used my divinity to make this and they are saying that this is the best good they have ever tasted then the Primordial God of food make sense, no matter how idiotic it may seem.

    Rikudou the Primordial Monkey God of food and energy

    Yeah, much better than before


    Time had flown by in a blink of an eye, nothing really happened as much, other than trying to get to know my mate's, they know me very well so I was simply trying to get to know them as well.

    Time had went on since my return, I had managed to see the rise of civilization, I find myself wondering if anyone would ever find my hiding spot in the future, it will most likely not be until the 21st century, most likely shield, it Tony stark. it would be interesting to see their faces.

    After I see jesus, I am going to go off world for a bit and have some fun, Odin would have just recently became king( I am switiching Odin to his father, bor,) I should probably ask Gaia.

    Anyway, a couple thousand years had passed and I had also continued training, to master the Rinnegan.

    It was safe to say, I had mastered everything, including the infamous Susanoo, which was Gold with silver eyes instead of purple with gold eyes, must of figured it to be because I am an immortal.

    I couldn't figure out how to separate my chakra with my Divine energy but I could with everything else, It was just innstinctive, that my chakra would automatically comebine with my God energy everytime I tried to use it.

    The funny thing is, its not the same with chakra with all of my other techniques.

    Just because it's that One incident does not mean that I hasn't been practicing with my other techniques.

    "I would simply combine them with Divine energy and train until I had mastared it.

    I had mastered it eventually, I never bothered with the name, As I was just too lazy , I simply just called it The divine rinnegan.

    Me and my two wives started to go on dates, small dates here in there, Other pathenons started making there appearance on the earth.

    I wanted to meet them too and join there legend but unfortunately or is it fortunately, I can't seem to tell, I was abducted by some alien space ship.

    I was walking outside, about to get started on my training regime when a large shadow. had passed by I looked up and spotted a huge spaceship foating a couple of feet above my head. And I could of dodged it, or blow it up, but I thought This could be interesting.

    "I'm going in an adventure!" I called out to the house alerting my wives who are inside

    A second later, the blue light shined onto me and I vanished, the ship took off in a sonic boom.