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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 33 Wonders And Discovery

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    I deleted the bis.e.x.u.a.l Gaia parts from this story, hope you enjoy this.

    "I get why Gaia, is here," I said. as I was making breakfast breakfast, although I could have just created something, I had gotten used to doing things in my own do to being able to cook things, just to pass time.

    Cooking was just one of the things that I did.

    "Shouldn't you. be busy? with souls and other things?" I asked "I mean, you are death."

    Death giggled, "I love you jaune you know that?"

    I looked at her in confusion, "Yes I do, but-"

    "I am already there," she replied with an amused smile, "I am omnipresent."

    I stared at her with an open mouth before it closed within a second later, and facepalmed, "of course, an embodiment."

    She let out a small laughed it seemed either, her laugh was louder than she had expected it, or it was just a coincidence.

    Gaia suddenly shuddered before she let out a groan, a few seconds later, she had eventually let her eyelids flutter open she smiled once she had spotted me.

    "Morning, my husband," she gave another yawn, it was surprisingly even more cuter than the first.

    "Hello Gaia." I smiled at her, "how was your rest."

    "Simply marvelous," she smiled brightly "The best that I had."

    "That's good."

    I heard a loud beaping noise, and I realised that the food was ready.

    I was making a breakfast omolete, the only difference was that this one was tused with different animals, as the animals that were used to make the original haven't been made to existence yet.

    After I had finished wrapping everything up I put on two plates, everything that I had I created with my own powers as a true divine being, due to merging with the creation law.

    Although, I have the skill creation of all things, it wasn't nessasary to use, I am practicing with my creation law, so it could be completely mastered.

    "This, food, it's exquisite." Death gave off a content smile as she m.o.a.ned into the food she was eating. "I dare say this is the best food I had ever had out of this entire. universe."

    Gaia, had the same look, she didn't bother to talk, she just kept on eating, she too let out M.o.a.n within each bite.

    I stared at them with bewilderment, was my food really that good to have that kind of reaction?

    I glanced at my own Food,

    I hesitated, before reaching out to grasp hold of it, before taking a bite,

    a few seconds later

    My eyes widened, my world exploded.