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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 27 Death's Intermission

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    (this chapter is kind of short and I honestly had no Idea for the title.)

    I stared at death who was staring right infront of me with a wide smile.

    I just sighed

    "Welcome back love."

    I nodded, and smiled back"thank you, I assumed that you have summoned me by using the kunai or..."

    She smiled, "I do not need a kunai to summon you My foolish husband."

    Her statement caused my eye to twitich

    She strived over to me and pulled out an orb of black light before shoving it into me.

    I could feel my body change.

    "What did you do?" I narrowed my eyes after I check myself, I couldn't feel anything had changed but yet something had.

    "Where we are going, is only survivable for beings like me." Death explained. "Even with a being like you, encase i'm not there, if any of my siblings try anything all you have to do is shout my name, and I'll be there"

    "....and that is."

    She pecked me on the lips, "death of course, now lets go."

    She laced my fingers with hers and the two of us vanished from existence

    Next time.

    I was nervous of course but like I always do, I steal it and move forward, it's titme to meet the emboidements.