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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 22 The Garden Of Eden Pt1

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    "So....your saying that Yahweh and Bor were watching me fight?"

    "Yes." Gaia nodded my fight.

    I stared at her with a wide eyed look, So that's who those two presence that I had felt while I was fighting were,incredible, "I wish I could meet with Yahweh." I completely disregarded Bor.

    You can't blame me, if you had a chance to meet the center of your faith even though I am not really Christian any more, would be like a dream cometrue.

    Same could be said for buddist, and muslims.

    She looked at me curiously, "Oh? and why not Bor?"

    "He is not interesting enough" I waved off the question causing her to laugh.

    She laughed at odins suspense, "anyway, do you know where he is?" I asked, "Is he in heaven?"

    "No," She smiled "he should be in his garden working on his human project."

    "Well what are we waiting for, " I leaped to my feet and smiled, "lets meet him."

    "Death, do you want to come?"

    "No." She looked at me with a frown, "We have a meeting with my siblings in a couple of moments."

    "I can make it in time," I smiled at her nervously, "I looked back at gaea, "So shall we?" she nodded I glanced at death and handed her a tripong kunai, she looked at me,

    "Strike it down on the ground if I am late, I will be here." I said.

    I put two fingers on my forehead, and closed my eyes searching, there were more than just one powerful beings on this earth, I could I found four holy presence, One was far more stronger than the other.

    I assumed this was them.

    "Alright, Gaia, I found them," I opened my eyes and glanced towards her, "Grab my shoulder."

    She nodded and did what was told.

    I looked towards death who was looking at Gaia weirdly, Gaia was sweating, must have said something.

    "Death what did you do?" I asked frowning.

    "I have No Idea what you are talking about." Death smiled innocently, I narrowed my eyes at herfor a couple of seconds before I sighed.

    "Troublesome," I muttered, "well whatever, we will be back in a jiff."

    I dissappeared in a a blink.

    We reappeared in front of what looked to be like then most beautiful garden I have ever seen, seriously, it smelled good, it felt good and it looked good, Gaia had a content expression on her face, now, I wonder of it'll taste good.

    The second I took a step I had to side step, as a lightspear struck the ground. where I once was.

    I stared in awe at at the being I could only describe as a being of fire, twelve golden wings, and a white battle robe with a golden slash, it holds some impressive power.

    This is an ArcAngel.

    "You should not have come here Outsider!"

    "I am not going to disrupt,"I told the angel "I just want to see for myself the origin of my beliefs"

    She stared at me intensely, I stared right back not backing down.

    Gaia looked between is and could only sigh.

    "Ixumi let them in!" a powerful mid forties loking man in a white robe was spotted coming quickly and gracefully towards us

    She was starlted and glanced back to him.

    "But my lord, you said-"

    "These beings are an exception, they are good friends."

    I raised an eyebrow, as I stared at the "My Lord." using these words I assumed that he must be Yahweh.

    I glanced at Gaia who nodded at me before glancing back at the man...God.

    "I assume you must be Yahweh."

    "Watch your tongue, insect, you know not whome you are speaking-"

    "Ixumi" GOD sent a warning glare her way shutting her up, He glanced towards is with a kind smile " It's nice to see you are well, care to follow me? we can talk as we walk."