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    Volume 2: Marvel Beginning Of Time Chapter 21 Aftermath

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    My eyelids slowly started to flutter open, I found my self under something soft, I immediately found out that I was laying on my couch, I I blinked, "Was... was it all a dream."

    My eyes traveled from the...the still glowing hands, to the...wait a minute the hole is still there, So it wasn't a dream?

    "Ah morning my husband," a voice spoke cheerfully, "I would have thought you would have eternity, to wake up."

    I immediately turned at the source of the voice, so fast it would make the flash jealous, once I spotted death, My eyes widened, before I sighed, f.u.c.k it wasn't a dream, "So I lost."

    She nodded, "Yes, you've lost the Fight, but it was an impressive display of power, it is safe to say that you are the strongest besides my siblings."

    I nodded at her and laid down, before My eyes widened and I shot back up.

    "Wait, you said husband? What do you mean!"

    She smirked, "Do you remember what you said before our fight?"

    I frowned as I tried to recall the moment.


    "If you want me that badly," I spread out my arms, "I am yours."

    She smiled pleasantly.


    Her smile fell.

    "You will have to defeat me first."

    (Flash back end)


    She laughed at my expression, "Oh not troublesome yet, You still have to meet siblings they are very much looking forward to meet you."

    I groaned and palmed my face

    "Things cannot get any worse."

    a couple of seconds after, I noticed another presence in the room.

    I glanced at the right and spotted a green haired women, she looks familiar but I can"t seem to put my finger on it.

    "Whose the green haired woman?" I asked I wasn"t going to lie but so wasn t going to say that she was beautiful either, I wasn't going to say that in front of my new wife, that would be a Death penality, pun unintended.

    (I decided to change her hair color to green as it would make more sense)

    Death smirked before she looked at the woman and called out.

    "Hey shall I introduce you to him, or shall you greet him yourself?!"

    She shuffled her feet and rushed over to me. "hello my name is Gaia, I am your other wife." She bowed "treat me well."

    I stared at them with wide eyes before glancing at death whose smirk only grew.

    I sighed and said in a calm tone "please explain."

    Explain she did.

    I could only stare at what she was explaining with a dumbfounded expression apparently while I had lived on this earth, Gaia had been watching me ever sience I had laid foot on this universe, she explained how so had a connection with her and the she had watched me grow longer than her and started having a small crush which only grew, into an obsessive love.

    of course she didn't say obsessive, but I could feel it, as it was similar with death, I could also see a dazed look in her eyes.

    "..." Once she was done explaining everything. I could only stare blankly at the both of them.

    I am gaining a harem....oh God I am gaining a harem....

    And with powerful entities too....

    ...I was wrong, this was much worse...

    ....F.u.c.k you Murphy!....