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    Lilith woke up nervous. She got bathed, got dressed, and waited to go to school. Rin was supposed to drive and pick Lilith up for the day. After that day it would be one of the maids who had to do it. Rin thought that Lilith would be nervous, so she tried having some small talk. "Your going to have to tell me about your day when you get back. You exited?"

    "It's ok." An awkward silence spread throughout the car.

    "Your uniform isn't tight or loose anywhere is it?"

    "No, it's creepy how well it fits."

    "Anything you want for your upcoming birthday? If you want something you just need to ask, I'll try my hardest." A smile spread on Rin face.

    "Anything is fine. Please do not concern yourself to much."

    "Don't be so tough on yourself. You're part of the family now. My precious daughter." Rin sighs deeply. "Think about it at school and tell me later. Well we're here." Rin kisses Lilith forehead. "Have a nice day at school. And make friends." Lilith nods. She reports to the deans office where she saw a teacher waiting.

    "I'll be your teacher for the rest of the year. My name is Jackie Varela. Follow me." The door to a class room swings open. Inside the students look like they are in a military boot camp. There was a very high tension in the air. As soon as Lilith walked in the other students looked confused. The males and females both looked at Lilith with admiring gazes. "Class this will be your new classmate. Next week due to a sponsorship from Rin Tsukiko, the majority share holder of Snowy Mountain, we will have new materials for you all to use." Under her breath the teacher mumbled. "Not like you deserve it."

    She pointed to a seat by the door in the back. "Introduce yourself and sit back there. And hurry."

    "My name's Lilith Tsukiko. Nice to meet you." She walked to her seat her seat under the eyes of most of the class.

    "Hmmph... now that that's over on to our class." She started of with English(1) class, and then it moved onto history.

    458 years ago due to the rising problems between the three countries the citizens rose up and rebelled. The three countries: peoples republic of Babylon, North Sumerian Kingdom, and the Seven United Kingdoms. The constant wars lead to massive debt among the civilians. Some nobles and massive business owners help lead the revolt by supplying weapons and food. After a 6 year war the civilians successfully took over. They put a democratic republic in place. The nobles and high class merchants formed a senate in which the laws come from. The citizens will place a head judge and minister in place. If a company is able to get high enough in placement world wide they could apply to enter the senate. It took until 300 years ago to get the country and citizens to reach a stable positive increase. War dealings and gun manufactures continuously rose and fell. About 150 years ago the top 500 companies world wide set up a regulation for such actions. This further stabilized the economy allowing the previous 500 top class to increase in wealth. The gaming and computer industry was able to rise rapidly due to the peaceful status of the continent. This pushed most of the previous businesses out of the bottom and mid groups of the top 500. Until 100 years ago new technology's came out. This brought in the era of VR. Do to the application of VR advances in medical, mechanical, and teaching grew by leaps and bounds. It was the start of the 50 years of advancements. So many new things came out during this time that a new more advanced product would come out once a week.

    After the hour long lecture on the stays of the world in the last few centuries the bell rang. The teacher closed her book and walked out. Soon people came over to Lilith.

    "Hey Lilith where did you go to school before this?" A average looking girl asked as she turned around in her seat.

    "I didn't."

    Before anyone could ask anymore question. A few boys came to the side of the side of her chair. "How old are you?" The leader of the group asked her.

    "11 years."

    One of the boys in the group smirked at Lilith. "Why don't we hang out? Maybe if you want could even date." As the age of the class was a bit younger than normal she was within normal age of them. The oldest student was 15. While most where 13 about to turn 14. Due to how they perceived Lilith to be a innocent and easy to manipulate girl they tried to get her in their group before anyone else could.

    "Oi, you should leave her alone if you're going to try that." A pretty 14 year old girl called to the group. When the group approached Lilith the student who wanted to talk to her slowly distanced themselves. if it was anyone else the boys would've continued with their goal of pulling Lilith into their folds; however, the girl who spoke up was the student council disciplinary leader and had the ability to directly write students up. The dean was waiting for a serious enough case to kick them out of the school, but most of the students were afraid of the out of school consequences. The leader boys father was the leader of a massive corporate company. No where near Lilith's, but enough that the students families could be placed in dire situations. "If you want something to do go beat some other sap up for their lunch money, but don't try harassing a little girl in front of me. Even for you that is an all time low."

    The leader sighs, "let's go."

    "You ok." The student council disciplinary leader asks Lilith with a serious face. "Don't be scared of them. There is a tactic understanding that I won't tell his father what he's been doing, but he can't harass any of the younger students or the females. And you happen to fit into both. The ... other boys in the grade ... are unfortunately open targets for him though." What she didn't mention to Lilith was that this only counts in school. She didn't tell her to keep her from worrying.

    "Thanks for attempting to save me."

    "Since you're new here, how about I show you around and tell you some of the open secrets." Lilith noded. "Since it's lunchtime I'll bring you to the cafeteria. ill bring you down there."

    "There's no need I brought lunch." Samantha, Sarah's sister and the other maid that was there when Lilith first arrived, made lunch for Lilith. It was an assortment of four halves of a turkey sandwich and a mix of some carrots, some mushrooms, some broccoli, onions and some pod peas. She even had sliced apples as a side for it all.

    "Then would you like to eat with me and my friends. I still feel those guys will do something sneaky if I don't tell you everything you need to know."

    "That would be nice."

    "My name is Sophia Jackson by the way." She led Lilith to the student council room and there was a nerdy looking boy in there waiting.

    "Sophia what took you so long? And who is this?" After jokingly confronting Sophia the boy looked over toward Lilith.

    "Jeez Lenard, shell get the wrong idea."

    "It's not though your normally late to the council meetings. Why don't you introduce us. You don't normally bring people in during lunch."

    "Lilith this is Lenard Jackson, he's our treasurer. He is just as annoying as he looks. Lenard this is Lilith Tsukiko."

    "The President is out at the moment the vice is home sick so she's just checking up at home." Lenard came over to Lilith to shake he hand. "Nice to meet you."

    "Nice to meet you. Are you to siblings?"

    "Yeah. We don't look alike so people don't put it together unless they hear our names. The president and vice president are siblings as well." A confused look appeared on Lilith. "The VP is normally bullied so I brought my sister to prevent that.

    The door opened up as an beautiful girl around 17 came in. "Oh who's this little one? Is she in the special class as well, little Sophia?"

    "Yeah she just transferred in, and those bastards are trying to harass her." Sophia got truly irritated at this.

    "My name is Emily swan." Another wave of introduction went through. "Since Sophia believes they may try something on you you can eat with us until you feel you can deal with them on your own."

    "Thank you." Though Lilith didn't need the help, she was thankful that they were trying to help. It was a pleasant lunch. School went by. When Lilith told Rin about what happened, the later told her that the student council seemed like a good group to be friends with. Lilith went to bed a few hours later exited to meet them again the next day.
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