Living In A Weird New World
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    It took a few months but the girl was finally able to speak the language well enough to communicate. She surprised the teacher with how fast she learned as he expected it to take at least 10 years to get to where she is now. During the lessons he taught math up to algebra 2, science up to Biology, and proficiency in reading and writing. She knew nothing so there was a need to They weren't able to find the parents or guardians so the teacher gave he a name, Lilith.

    "Ok class is over." The teacher sighs. "Seems its a blessing lil. Who know you'd have eidetic memory. I'm over the point I can technically teach you."

    She nods he head in silence. The teacher once again sighs. A knock on the door brought the man out of his depression for a moment. It was a guy in the suit. He stops by every once and a while. She knew nothing about what the police where looking for as they believe she was kidnaped. All she knew was that before she was found she sat in a vast dark area where no sound or light occurred. The police have all but given up on catching the suspected kidnappers.

    "Lil, I've been thinking. Maybe it would be best if you went to a normal school and got adopted by an actual family."

    Lilith look at the man before bowing her head. "John, thank you for all you've taught me."

    "We've found a family that is willing. I've personally checked them out. They are a very wealth and influential family a few cities over." The man in the suit interjects.

    "Thanks Bill."

    "For the tenth time this week it's Ben." The man is clearly irritated at this point as he know the girl remembers. She said goodbyes to John and his wife before getting into the car with Ben. They gave cookies to Lilith for the trip over there. It was a hour and a half drive to the city that the adoption family lives in. Ben on multiple occasions tried taking some of the snakes given to her, and every time he did she would jab his hand with a pencil or pen.

    They buzzed the gate when the arrived. It was a massive house, especially for it being in the city. It was 7,563 square feet. The building had 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, circle driveway, 2 living rooms, full kitchen, large dining room, garden, and a basement bar. It is a fifth the size of the hospital I stayed at. Just staring at it overwhelmed Lilith quiet a bit.

    A man with a full suit fancier than bens when I first some him opened the gate for us. "Welcome. Drive up to the front of the house Mister Benjamin."

    As we drove up the building seemed even more imposing from afar. It was a oriental styled house made of imported materials. The car pull around to the front of the house and 2 maids can out to the car and opened out doors. They escorted us toward the house.

    "This way please. The madam and sir have been waiting."

    Ben got close to me and said in a low voice, "Mr and Mrs Tsukiko own two of the most successful tech companies on the market right now. Don't be surprised if they spoil you quite a bit."

    "I don't understand why they would want me though." Lilith furrows her brows as she says the in a hushed voice. Ben was about to speak again but the maids stoped in front of a door.

    "Madam and sir are beyond this door." She knocks on the door and we hear a come in as the maid open the door for us.

    There was a beautiful mid to late 20's women sitting next to a 34 year old man. The women gets up and rushes over to hug Lilith. "She is such a cutie. Benny you where right when you told me over the phone." Ben laughs awkwardly as he's called Benny. "Your names Lilith right. You can call me mommy for now on if you'd like." She had the biggest smile on her face as she was hugging Lilith.

    Lilith tried talking but you could only hear muffles as her face was buried in the ladies chest. "Now now dear. You'll scared the little one." Only after the husband told the women to relax a bit did Lilith have the ability to speak.

    "Of all the people in the world, why do you want me? Why don't you have your own child?" Ben looks away awkwardly.

    "Didn't you tell her anything on the way here?" The lady stared intently at Ben.

    "He was busy trying to take my snacks." The lady sighs.

    "To make the longer story shorter, I'm unable to have kids if my own. My body is able to." She looks depressed as she says this. "We were thinking about adopting for a while now, but couldn't find the right one. Benny is a friend of mine since childhood, and since he knew that we were looking for one, he called us. He told us about your current situation. And we though you were perfect." She pulled Lilith to the couch and sat he in her lap next to the man. Ben hesitantly sat across from them.

    Lilith got quiet afterwards for a few minutes. Ben and the women talked about small thing in the mean time. "If you are willing I would like to join your family. I still don't know why you want me or if I can repay you for this kindness, but I'll try my hardest."

    The women smiled with great happiness. "You don't need to try just be your self and you'll be fine. So I'd like to ask some questions." Lilith nods her head.


    "So how old are you currently?" Lilith got quiet as she didn't know. She knew it was probably young. She had no sense of time before she appeared in the alleyway.

    "The doctors based on the bones and muscle development pace her at approximately 11 years." Everyone looks at Ben. "The only problem is that they can't tell the day she was born. You guys can pick one, but please tell me by the end of the day.

    "How about in 10 days, the 31st of October? That way we can prepare you a birthday party and show you off to the other families." The man looked at his phone and laid out plans on how the part can go.

    "That's great! I'll get in contact wish the bureau to set up a birth certificate and social. We are sure you didn't come from out of country so it should be fine to get you these."

    "That's great thank you for your help Benny." Lilith got hugged from behind as the lady tester her chin on the top of the formers head. "From this day for you will be Lilith Tsukiko. Daughter of Rin Tsukiko and Francis Drake. The 3 adults talked until it started to turn dark.

    "Let's get Lilly ready for bed." Rin started to rub her cheek agains Lilith's. "I'll show you your room. It's kind of bland right now but we'll go shopping for clothes, necessities, and we'll have to sign you up for school." They reached Lilith's room and when Lilith enter she tough 'big, really big.' The room wa about 415 square feet. In the middle of the wall on the far side was a king sized bed.
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