Living In A Weird New World
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    Living In A Weird New World Chapter 3

    2 Leaving The Hospital 2

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    The days pass by with policemen asking questions and hospital staff doing medical test. Nothing eventful really happens until a week later when the girl decide to sneak out of her room and explore this strange place. She continues walking around until 10 minutes later when she realizes she's lost.

    She had never had anywhere she could truly explore. Door after door she walks eventually she find a door that's slightly ajar. Opening it slowly it squeaks. Inside was another person with many different tubes of different sizes going in him. It frighten the girl as she starts to back away; however before she gets out the door she looks back as if something telling her to stay. Once again, the child walks toward the girl on the bed. She feels something deep down telling her to devour this person. Subconsciously she leans forward. The girl on the be has casts all over her body and has large swollen bruises. She looks to be about 26 years of age.

    She starts to breath heavier as she leans toward the neck of the older woman. 'I'm so hungry. I'm sorry lady.' She bites into the neck of the latter. Slowly, blood fills the formers mouth as she starts to swallow it down. It the best tasting thing she had tasted these last few days. The injured ladies heart start to slow down quickly. After a few dozen seconds the injured lady's heart is barely beating. The little multicolored haired girl start feels a burst of energy as her body starts to grow in strength. She drinks the soul of the woman and the invited women's body starts to convulse. 'Something happening to her. I have to leave!'

    Foot steps can be heard going down the hall the girl escapes the room, but before she could get around the corner 30 feet from the door. "There you are! Of course you be in this area." The girl breaks out in a cold sweat. The nurse who caught the girl mumbles, "One of the only blind hallway in this hospital and you had to find it."

    The girl was brought back to the room and there's a person in a suit waiting there. "Did you guys see what language she spoke?"

    " I would love to have but she hasn't said a word."

    "Could she be mute?"

    "I don't believe so. She's smart enough to pick up intentions, so if you want to get here to learn the basics the government will have to pay for it." The guy frowns. " I don't think she know the language so it's the only way to find out."

    The man in the suit sighs deeply. "Fine we'll get her a teacher." The girl stares at him. He was a middle aged man with brunette hair and blue eyes. He look average from the people she's seen in this place. The pain from the event earlier is getting to the point where it's unbearable. The girl starts to wobble before she passes out on the floor. As she fading out she sees the two look startled.

    The girl wakes up three days later. He body feels stronger. She clenches he first that's holding onto the metal bar on the bed. "Creeek!" The bed frame dents slightly as there is 5 small dents in the shape of a hand.

    The door opens startling the girl as she was focused on the new dents. She normally notices them before the come in; seeing her started makes the nurse smile slightly as two men follow her in. She notices one of them is the guy from before in the suit. This time, however, he's wearing a vest, a polo shirt, and some dress pants. The other guy was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    "You probably won't understand anyways buut this guy will be teaching you. We are taking you to his house and you will stay there until we can find you parents." The suit man trying putting on a comforting smile.

    'This mans creepy. He seems to get more and more so each time.' the girl slowly backs away from the man. The guy in the t-shirt chuckles at the man in the suit.

    The girl was told to rest for another week just Incase she collapsed again. After that week was over she was put in a wheelchair and wheeled into an elevator. The girl was startled when it opened and she was on the base floor. The three adults laughed at he amazement. She was lead outside where a sleek looking car was sitting. She climbed into the front seat, where the nurse buckled her up.
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