Living In A Weird New World
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    Living In A Weird New World Chapter 15

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    For the past week level was increasingly slow even with the bonus exp gain. Lilith took up another activity in reality. Blacksmithing. She started learning by watching videos but felt she wasn't leaning fast enough, so she went to the nearest forge. She was able to talk them into teaching her. It cost quite a bit to do but she soon got proficient enough to do some fancy type of Damascus. She also started to learn about a bunch of different types of blade and firing techniques. She recently made a feather Damascus Khopesh. She was praised for the project. She still struggles with handles though.

    She decide to bring the knowledge into the game. She found that it was very different. He higher strength in game made he continue to break the steel. She had to do different types of techniques. If she started being a craftsman from level 10 she felt she probably would have a much easier time. She almost gave up a few time the past few days. It didn't help that due to the video on the forums that she was stared at constantly by other players.

    A month and a half later after beating a demonized elephant she leveled up. She was now level 70.

    She was ranked number 3 on the level charts; however, people felt she would be level one if she didn't need to manage the guild. She walked through town. The states have been getting considerably less as time goes on, but since she is the Guild Master of the strongest guild, she still gets people staring at her. She reaches the arena she went to last time to get her class. In five levels she'll have to come back for a class upgrade.

    Lilith walked down a set of stairs before reaching an open space with a bunch of different tools. She walked over and picked up a blacksmithing hammer.

    "So little girl is interested in a manly profession." A snide remark came from a dwarf man behind her. The dwarf had a scruffy beard that seemed to have caught on fire recently as it was singed in many places. Lilith nodded ignoring the provocation of the dwarf.

    "Yes I'm here for the testing."

    "Hmph. You might have a lot of physical strength but it doesn't mean you have the technique.... Fine I'll lead you to the testing. But as a warrior you will never reach the peak of craftsmanship."

    The dwarf didn't dislike Lilith as a person, but the profession she has. Dwarves as a race have higher craftsman skill than the other races, but the are under demons in physical strength. This has always been a soft spot to NPC dwarves across the virtual world. He led Lilith into a room. Inside was a massive furnace, an anvil, a water barrel, oil quench, and a table with a bunch of drawers under and around it.

    "Go make me a specialty weapon. Something to accentuate the strength of a demon." Lilith went to the table pulled out a price of paper. During class testing you need to do a manual forge. Normally you can make the item and the system will help aid you through it by quite a bit. It will reduce warping, cracking, de-lamination, and cold shut. She had picked out a weapon she wanted to forge before hand as she knew how the testing revolves around racial characteristics. She decided to forge an 'executioner sword' from Damascus metal. The system grade on ascetics as well as stats. If the system can't grade it then a Game master will help grade it. This hasn't happened yet though.

    She starts drawing the blade on the paper. She decided to go longer than a typical one and make it a meter long. (1) She former it completely flat at the top making the dwarf look over. She started to fold the large chunk of molten metal pieces over and over. She had about 16384 layers to the metal while she shaped the pattern in it. She made the W pattern by cutting the corners of the billet each time. She added more layers but cutting it and reforming it doing the process continuously. After folding it so many times she cut it almost completely down the middle before she put it back together and started to forge the blade. It was about the 4 hour mark around this time. Normally people would be finishing up at this time while she was just starting. (2) She stretched it out to a meter and 6 inches.

    The executioner sword is a two handed sword, but it had no point in it. The entire purpose of the sword was it's slashing ability. To match this they made the sword heavy. By making the blade parallel down the blade instead of tapering it towards a point you are able to put more cutting ability to it. This makes the tip of the blade heavy as well causing an axe like effect to it. The Str requirement for this blade keeps moving higher and higher as she shapes it. She finishes pulling the metal out and puts 3 holes in the tang of the blade. She heats it back up and plunged it into the water. Normally it would be safe as the system will prevent cracking on the blade, but she has no help from the system.

    When she pulled it out it was perfectly straight and the edge was hard. She went over and rubbed acid on the blade showing the pattern she tried for. It was a beautiful feather pattern Damascus blade. The metal looked like it was moving into the middle of the blade and melting inside of it. Lilith started grinding the edge slowly. As she was doing it the blade started glowing softly. When she finishes sharpening and profiling the end she move back to the main table.

    "You've already reached what you need to be a blacksmith. You can stop here if you want."

    "Can I keep this blade when it's done?"

    "Of course it's yours. But well display the stats and look on our plaque. It's the highest grade weapon made here after all."

    "I'll continue." Lilith pulls out a price of hard wood for the handle it was a blackish red wood.

    [Trent Demon Wood]

    {Obtained from a Boss named Trent Demon. Even though it wood if feels soft and is nice to hold}

    She grinds three holes in it to make a hidden tang handle with pins. After attaching the handle she looks at the stats

    [Please Name your creation]

    Lilith opens the name box. "Demon Executioner Sword," she named it because it was an executioner sword meant for demon use. The name went through.

    [Ding sub-profession obtained]

    [Ding sub-profession upgraded]

    [Demon Executioner Sword]

    A sword made under disdain from those around. Has grown hatred for all but it creator kin. Due to the care and effort put into it by the creator, Luminous, it has grown a form of sentience.

    Requirements for use:

    Level 70

    Str 85

    Con 35

    Race: Demon

    Stats for weapon

    Str +55

    5% Chance to behead enemy

    20% Chance to cause bleeding

    90% Chance to stagger


    Lilith wasn't the first person to get the blacksmith profession from the get go as professional blacksmith use the game to polish their skills and learn things that would cost money otherwise. As Lilith walked out the stand in the lobby of the arena glowed catching the attention of the people waiting. It cause a stir in the community as growth based weapons were increasingly rare. Due to the occurrence blacksmithing grew in people's minds. This spurred a growth in the profession as a whole making good blacksmith stand out all the more. Few of the guilds in the surrounding area started plotting.

    They planned to kill or recruit whoever had made that weapon, and kill the person who eventually wielded it to obtain it.

    Lilith came out of the arena and went back to her Guild master room. There was a bunch of things she needed to go through to make sure it was growing properly. She was looking through the files and saw to promising recruits. She messaged Jade and Lenard to take care of them. One was a female Dwarf Mage, and the other was a Draconian male fist fighter.

    An hour later she looked at the time. Logging off for the night she went downstairs and saw he friends and family getting ready to get her for dinner. It was a rather uneventful dinner, but jade complained to Lilith most of it that the draconian keeps picking fights with everything. It was getting hard for her to cope with the amount of fights she was having to endure. The draconian also keeps dying to the fights and coming back with a massive smile on his face.

    Lilith was being held in her mother's lap as she was going through her lessons. She's been taking them for a few months now and was getting less and less advice as she was going. Tonight Rin had a serious face though. She soon sighed.

    "There's biting left I can do as you've learned all my little tips and tricks to making everything smoother. I can't believe I've lost to a person who hasn't been learning for even a year yet." Rin put Lilith down and went toward her bedroom depressed. Ever since Lilith came to the conclusion to speed up the mental input allowed for the gaming system they've been working non stop. It's almost complete now. The biggest problem they have is how it would effect people when they switch between realities. Lilith ended up put her finishing touches on the program an hour later. She looked at the clock and stretched. She had an hour before she normally slept.

    She started thinking about what to do next to help her grow better. She decided to learn swordplay and write something really difficult.

    She started writing her masterpiece program. She wanted to make a program that was capable of learning and making its own choices, an Ai that hasn't been made or half made yet. If Rin knew what she was thinking she would be even more depressed as such things have been attempted before but have never worked.

    Lilith went to bed soon after. She had already became a sophomore with half of her class. The class was called the special grade as this type of situation happened frequently. Next year she'd be a senior grade with Lenard and Emily. The would graduate high school in about 11 months and become adults of their own.
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