Living In A Weird New World
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    The group leave the game as they've been playing for a long while they got off it was 10:00pm. Since the 4 of them felt it was too late to go home they called home and explained were they were and that they were going to stay over. They went downstairs and had some food made. Rin and Francis came down soon after hearing they were out. The seven of them were talking about the game. Apparently the game was receiving international attention. Some of the countries that were war torn decided to use the FVR system as a way to decide borders as there would be no loss of life due to it. The game of Fallen World was going to be come even more competitive soon. It turns out the items that Lilith and Jade had gotten were a 1/1,000,000 chance to get and the fact both of them got one surprised them to no end.

    "Since you guys are starting your own guild you may need a building to allow your guild to be able to access. My company has a few buildings that we can allow you to use." The group except Lilith had surprised looks. This didn't mean Lilith wasn't surprised she just didn't show it as much. "You guys will need to become much bigger if you want the whole building, but for for now the top 4 floors should be good enough for you to grow to a medium size. He pulled up the building he was going to let the use parts of and it was an amazing one. It wasn't on the Main Street of the city, but it was close enough that the price would be immense.

    "That's the building your company first used when your grandfather moved to the city is it not." Rin looked at Francis as he nodded.

    "We can move some desk, computers, and furniture over so that you can have a real life guild building in case you wanted to gain sponsors or hold meetings. It may even teach you a few things about running a place." Francis looked at Lilith seriously. He planned on giving Lilith the company if she could manage the guild she created well enough. The kids all went to their separate rooms and went to sleep.

    The next morning Lilith had her lessons from Rin before breakfast. Lilith was running a guild now so Rin though this would be a better time as Lilith usually woke up at an early hour. The brother sister combo were amazed at the bathroom as it was massive. The two sisters laughed at them. The 5 of them went back into the game. They planned on getting a quick lunch before getting back in when noon came around. The group came online and saw that there were a few people in the city now. There was less than 20, but it was enough to make them want to hurry up with their leveling. The first thing they needed to do was get their professions. The went to a large coliseum in the middle of the city. On the four cardinal directions were the Npc who would give them their professions. When the enter each person was separated into a different space. When in ten one Lilith was in both the magic teacher, priest, and warrior walked in her direction. The priest glared at the mage.

    "Little girl. Your spear says you wish to be a great spearman. Join my group." A burly heavily armored man with a great sword on him looked at the Lilith. He had a unkempt beard and a military posture.

    "My child, join the graces of peace. The Gods need people willing to heal the sick and injured. Why cause such harm or profane the gift they have given you." A older man in church garbs asked to Lilith.

    "Don't listen to the noisy church. If you willing to learn magic I'll allow you to use warrior techniques as well. Think about it. Just say yes to me and the old soldier and you could become a noble magic warrior." A woman in a tighter leather outfit and staff asked Lilith. He and the rouge class teacher both had different feelings, but the were both beauties.

    "If you say yes to me I can help you become a paladin if you want to. I would like if you became a priest but if you still wish to fight evil do it is the Gods name." The military looking guy smiles as both the magic uses were willing to work with him.

    Lilith looked at both of them but eventually chose the magic warrior profession. "Little girl the test to be a magic warrior is hard. Only few have passed it." Lilith nodded and a screen popped up.

    [Profession rank up: Survive 30 minutes in Warriors Arena or beat all the enemies

    Reward: Class Rank]

    Lilith was transported into an arena. It looked just like the colosseums arena floor. There was 6 enemies surrounding her. Each of the warriors had a different weapon.

    Lilith darted her fastest to the shadow with a bow. She went to price him wish his spear when a man with a sword attacked toward her back. She used her spear to block him. Before she went to bed last night she watched a lot of spear fighting. She picked up a few techniques after a few hours of learning and practicing. She used the force of the sword attack to spin the spear and use the attack against the swords man.


    The strike caused a stagger. She used this chance to stab the spear into the enemies head.

    (Crit 55)

    The swordsman is in a near death state. A axeman attacks from a few meters away Using wind magic to cause a sharp slash of air.


    The blade of wind barely cuts Lilith's arm. 'If I get cut fully I'm going to die pretty quickly.' She backs off as an arrow wizzed by her head. The spear man stabbed toward her from behind. She one again block and slashes.


    She was able to slash the spearman's waist. The axe mans chop was coming down towards her from above. She was able to redirect the attack to miss her with the but of the spear. She was able to get the axe to hit the swordsman. He melted into the floor as he died. At this time a man with a war hammer used earth magic to try and crush Lilith. She was barely able to dodge. She dashed toward the man with a bow as he launched another arrow at her. She lances him.

    (Crit 50)

    The bow man sinks into the floor. She look at the four left. There is the axeman, a spearman, a war hammer, and a fist fighter. She launches toward the spearman. She is able to clip his shoulder with a thrust.


    The war hammer guy swings horizontally toward Lilith. Sh use the end of the spear as a nail to damage the spear man heavily.


    The damage of the hammer ends up heavily damaging the spear. Lilith won't be able to use it to defend against another hammer attack. She quickly stabs towards the war-hammer guy. She quickly moves backwards to gain room from him. The barehanded man throws a punch toward her. She dodges and slashes with her spear towards the the fist fighter. He dodges and punches towards him again. The axe man use a wind slash again. Lilith dodges and the fist fighter gets her on the ground. The timer above the arena says she needs to last 10 more minutes. She quickly rolls away as the Warhammer warrior uses rock magic again. She quickly slashes twice toward the guy with the axe.

    (13) (10)

    The damage staggers the axe man as she attempted to once again. The martial artist punches toward her so she swing upwards to use the spear to block the attack.


    The axeman slowly dissolves into the group as the fist fighter jumps backwards. Lilith uses the spear as a throwing dart and nails the fist fighter to the ground.

    (Crit 45) [bleed]

    She pulled the spear out of the person and ran towards the war hammer user. He swing towards her head. She ducks and stabs toward the armpit of the war hammer guy. She hits a critical.

    (44 Crit)

    He staggers as the enemy. The martial artist sneaks up on Lilith and land a blow on her back.


    Lilith gets up and looks up at her health. She was in the red. She darts over and finishes off the martial artist. She looks at the time. She has 3 minutes and 26 seconds left. She runs toward the war hammer guy and stabs. He avoids and swings. She ducks under it. He then does an over hand swing. She moves to the left and stabs toward him. She pierces his shoulder.


    She slashes again with the butt of the spear.


    She the kicks the guy in the chin.


    The guy falls down and disappears.

    [Ding][conditions met]

    [Additional rewards given]

    [Time left 2 min 42 seconds]

    "Little girl, that was fantastic fight." The warrior was smiling and patted Lilith back.

    "Truly enlightening." The wizard states. "You truly deserve the class. From this point on you are an uncommon class Magic Warrior."

    People can level up their professions after certain levels. Having a rare class puts you on a higher starting point. Many people will be able to do it in the future; however, if the person failed their class up then they will be profession-less for another 20 levels. The base test are easy enough to pass as you only need to fight one person instead of 6.

    She left the testing arena. The other four were waiting for her.

    "What took so long?" Sophia asked slightly annoyed. The others were confused as they got through their testing in at most 5 minutes while Lilith took almost 30 minutes.

    "I have achieved a uncommon class."

    "What one?" Jade asked.

    "Magic warrior."

    "Ahh do you achieved a early rank up." Jade looked understanding. "More people are starting to arrive to the city we should recruit them."

    They walked to the town square and put up a board. They had 15 people come to them, but 11 joined. The other 4 though of getting one of the four girl to be their online wife. A few people they were mostly interested in Emily and Lilith. One unfortunate guy tried getting Jades number. He got chased away by Lilith and they called it quits for a while. Of the eleven 9 were guys two were female. They asked the guys who just joined if they could rotate the selection. They didn't have to at the moment so one two people said the would. One was a female by the name of sparkles and the other was a guy named Blackbeard. The were both warriors. They said the best time would be noon the day after so for a prize they would go person hunting then. Lilith gave the man the uncommon spear she was using. And she gave the uncommon chest plate she was using to the woman. Although they had uncommon, they are considered high class due to it being starting of the game. They walked out the gates to grind monsters.

    "You shoulda commanded them you are the Guild master." Jade came close to Lilith and said quietly.

    "Right now we need to make them feel like this is the best place to be. We need incentives."

    "Oh and what incentives do I have?" Jade asked mischievously. Lilith panicked before realizing she was joking. Lilith looked around before equipping her new armor. She had a rare chest plate called 'gladiators vengeance(set)' and a spear called "gladiators rage(set). Since both were set prices she got a bonus to agility of +20. The spent the rest of the day hunting level 16-25 bandit mobs. They were generic humanoid monsters that had a mixture of spears, swords, sheilds, and bows.the killed about a hundred before calling it a day. When they got off the four friends were level 20 while Lilith was level 23. This was a quest that the city guard was giving that had the highest monetary value. The mobs had relatively low exp drops, but they also had high money drops.
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