Living In A Weird New World
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    Living In A Weird New World Chapter 11

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    The time came around and Lilith watched the opening cutscene. It was of an never ending war between two sides. The world that was one flourishing and beautiful became dark and dying. Lilith soon spawned into starting point. It was inside of a random tent in a camp site. When she stepped out demons, grey skinned elves, and every once and a while you could see an undead walk around.


    Lilith looked at around looking for the sound before a pop up appeared. It was from an account called Error. "We're going to meet at the center of the camp and get moving before the crowd grows too substantial."

    Lilith didn't know who it was that sent the message, but she felt it should be one of her friends. She ran toward the center and about 5 minutes later the five of them were gathered. "Let's head out and get the good spots. I found a map we can use on my way here." The person who said this was the Error person. They started walking deeper into the forest. "So Lilith why didn't you change you facial features? It's common to do you know." Lilith stares at this person and soon realized it was Sophia.

    She started pointing out who was who based on voices and actions. Emily was a Dark Elf named Bird Feather, Lenard was a Draconian named Wind Walker, Sophia was a Dark Elf named error, and Jade was a Demon named Gem.

    "Who wants to fight the first mob?" Emily asked. Sophia jumped up front first as she saw the first enemy. It was a wolf looking creature, but it looked like it came straight out of a nightmare. The dark sides monster looked like this. That was why there was a warning when picking a dark faction race. Lilith skipped over it though. The creature was a quadrupedal creature. However, it's skin seemed to be rotting away leaving a rib cage and flesh open to the air. It had vicious red eyes that look hateful to all life. It was a level 4 Grim Wolf. It launched at Sophia and went to bite her neck. She was able to dodge in time but wasn't able to counter attack. She was used to a virtual reality were it wasn't as realistic. It made her anxious fighting it.

    Lilith and Jade saw she would need help fighting it so they rushed forward. Jade had a very physical character allowing her to rush forwards quicker. She hit it over the head with her beginner weapon, wish was a meter long metal stick.


    The wolf stare at Jade and focused its attack on her. Jade felt a chill go up her back. It once again lunged but this time it was quicker. Lilith appeared under it using the force of the lunge she was able to push the stick through the back off the wolfs mouth

    (Crit 49)

    Jade followed up and hit it again on the side of the body.

    (7) [ding]

    The wolf ended up dying. In a flash of light it dropped a claw and a pair of gloves. Everyone leveled up to level two. The experience split between them all evenly. They had gotten bonus experience due to the level difference. The gloves were black and looked like the were hundred of heard old. They had tears on them and had white bone looking prices on the knuckles.

    {Grim battle gloves}

    Jade told the stats of the gloves. "These seem to be weapon type gloves. They deal a +6 damage to punches and give a +2 bonus to strength."

    They all agreed Jade should have it as she had gotten the last hit. They all felt lucky that they had gotten a critical during that moment as the didn't know if they would have been able to beat it then. They felt if they see a second one though the should be able to manage. Lilith split the 5 points she got into strength and intelligence in a 3-2 method.

    After 6 minutes of careful searching the found another Grim Wolf this one was also level 4.


    In a flash of light this one died as well. The 5 of them picked up the claw that fell on the ground. They were on the cusp of leveling again. The seemed to have gotten the hang of fighting the wolves as they had high strength and moderate agility. This made them decide to use these mobs to grind on. They ended up killing 6 more before leveling up to four. Sophia ended up getting a long dagger. The dagger was longer than a normal one but helped increase her already higher agility so she used it with glee. They all had a class they were aiming for. Since they played games often they knew what they were good at. The four of them in some games were even expert characters.

    They ended up heading back to the camp they started in. They went to the leader of the army camp. He was a captain class. They asked about quests and found one that required the claws of the wolves. The reward was an uncommon spear and enough to level up to level 5. They decide to let Lilith take the reward. Lots of quest had a group ability, but this one did not. Lilith was now the highest leveled person in the game as top experts were still level 4 like the other four in her group.

    The group went back into the forest to find higher level opponents now that they were higher level the killed three more wolves and could turn the 5 claws in to get another exp boost. The spear was a first pass bonus for the quest. The saw a few other people in the forest the were all struggling to fight the wolves. They even saw a few of them die and return to spawn. They reaches a cave in the forest. It was large enough that Lilith could make a full sweep with her spear. They went inside and saw goblins and spider monsters. The spider creatures could use 4 of their legs to attack so they were the harder creature to fight. The goblins were slightly easier until the reached the depth of the cave when they had shields. Everyone used them to train their weapon handling. Both Emily and Lenard put all their points in intelligence and wisdom, so they weren't very helpful at this point in time. In fact, they could only deal a point of damage to the goblins. They were being basically carried to the end. They had a bit of an unfair advantage as Rin told them how they get their jobs assigned to them. Nobody knew what Lilith's stats were though. When they got through the cave they were level 9 and about to be level 10. If they turned in a quest each they'd all level up to 10. They had 12 goblin ears each. The quest required 10 so they would be fine. They all had at least uncommon equipment on and they had a few rare equipment the found in chest. They decided to head back and reach level 10 so they could go to a city.

    "Since we are going to a city and we're likely to be the first one to go, why don't we become the first legitimate guild?" Lenard looked at them seriously. "I'm sure there are many things that could benefit us if we do."

    "I call being GM!" They looked at Sophia.

    Emily sighed and stated, "Last time we decide to create a guild, we allowed you to be GM, and you destroyed the reputation of it in a month. You only played 4 times that month."

    Lenard looked towards Lilith. "Since we wouldn't be playing if it wasn't for her, why don't we let Lilith me the Guild master?"

    Jade raised her hand, "I second that."

    "You just don't want to do the work behind it." Sophia looked at Jade.

    After a bout of back and forth, they decided to make Lilith the leader. They reached camp to the looks of envy and greed from the other players. They reached the captain under these stairs.

    "Oi, what you guys doing here don't you have missions to do? Or are you being lazy!"

    "We're here to get new missions." Lilith stated. She went and accepted the Goblin request. Since goblins were a level 9 enemy the request for the ears hasn't been completed. The reward was enough to put Lilith over the limit and get her a third of the way to level 11. It seemed like it was enough for the other four to get to level 10 to be transported. The reward was a unranked accessory. It was a pair of ear guards. They gave a 100% bonus to exp gain. If people knew the benefits of them they would surely start a war. However, any accessories gained can not be taken, only armor and weapons. The ability for quest are randomized so you never know what you will get. A person on the light faction had obtained a one use item that has a 100% instant kill status affect enchant. The items were balanced to an extent though. Any item that does damage has a certain durability, and if it doesn't it then it won't brake no matter what. There was only so many quest though. This made it unthinkable that you could farm these items. As this bonus occurred only during training camp.

    The ear guard slipped over Lilith's long ears. The item had to readjust it self to fit her ears. It looked like there was a beautiful Ruby red stout over her ears with a embedded pattern in it. As soon as the rewards were accepted the sped eyes and goblin ears disappeared from her inventory and she disappeared from the camp. She was the first person to step into the city, so she got a bonus item. It was a guild creation pass. It was almost like the game wanted her to creat a guild. The first person on the light faction had obtained one too, however, he sold his for 1000 dollars to a pompous rich guy who wanted to take over the game world.

    Soon the four of her friends Jade wane Ofer with a massive grin on her face. The goblin ears left them needing 5 exp points. They ended up reaching 2/3 of the way to level 11 above Lilith. Since Jade went after Lilith she was the first to nice the problem of the exp. They ended up having to turn in the spider eyes. Jade also got incredibly lucky as she got an arm bracelet that covered her entire upper arm. It looked like it was a gauze wrap that covered a massive cut. The item gave a bonus increase to a persons strength upon level up and gave a +10 luck up. In the long run this was just as valuable as Lilith's item.

    The 5 of them looked around town. Lots of the building were for sale allowing guilds to grow their capital through selling crafts. The reached the Viscounts government building. They went inside.

    "Do you have an appointment? If not how may I help you?" A well cut man sat there. He wasn't a very attractive man, but he gave you the impression of a well sought after person.

    "We have a guild certificate." Lilith held out the certificate to him. He looked at it, took it from her, then walked up the stairs. He came downstairs again 15 minutes later.

    "Since Viscount Dale said you are the fist person to redeem these in the kingdoms history we can give you 90% off of your first building purchase. He also asked how you received one. These haven't been in circulation in the last 250 years."

    "It was gifted to me." Lilith looked at him.

    "That guy must have been important. If you have no more business please fill this paper out and leave. You're holding up official business." Sophia looked around.

    "There's no one else here." Lilith started to fill out the paper. She marked herself as the Guild master. She places Jade and Lenard as vice guild masters. She put Emily as a team captain. Sophia was left as a normal member under the request of the other three. The said when the guild is big enough that she'd have to pick out official post and assign trusted people to them, but they weren't big enough for that right now. She finished signing it and had the others put their signature as founders.

    "I shall file this and send it to the King. Congratulations on the guild." The 4 behind Lilith expected an announcement of some sort, but there was none.
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