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    Lilim Heritage Online Book 2 Chapter 192

    Volume 2: Open Beta Chapter 192 Dark Sides

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    Chapter 192 – Dark Sides

    Roman, who had once called himself "Homeless Billionaire" was actually a son of a noble family, whose wealth was worth over 5 trillion MWD.

    After the diamond price plummeted, Roman did like what Misha had asked her grandmother to do, stocking diamonds.

    Roman thought that once LHO was appreciated by players from the Milky Way Galaxy, the price of diamonds would increase naturally. Therefore, he went all-in, investing in the game currency.

    When Roman bought all his diamonds, the price dropped to 200,000 MWD each, and its value continued decreasing. Yet, Roman had bought 1,000,000 diamonds with all of his pocket money as an investment.

    Unfortunately, the price did not show a sign of increasing after Roman bought his diamonds. As the Milky Way Government had hoard a hundred million diamonds, the puny amount of 1,000,000 diamonds did not influence the market.

    His heart ached when he saw the value of diamonds decreasing each hour. Still, he knew that his decision was not wrong since any VRMMO game could turn into a new haven for immortal seekers, the virtual world residency. Everybody would need diamonds to buy their immortality and perks to migrate their souls into the game.

    Also, Roman discovered one of the diamond's usage when he completed a quest from his Parthenon.

    The Human God statue in his Parthenon sold EXP books that could be bought once a month, which had a price tag of 10 diamonds at the lowest. Each book could increase a player's EXP by a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, and a million!

    This was a shop that pay-to-win players could shine!

    Roman dumped 100,000 diamonds on a million EXP book right away. Although his human race had a level cap of 100 and the total EXP requirement from level 1 to 100 was 495,000, he used the EXP book anyway.

    Now his level jumped from 20 to 100, which reached the cap of the newbie class. Furthermore, he retained the excessed EXP for future usages.

    Roman looked at his ranking in the leaderboard with a wide smile.

    "Once I spread this information, I can make the diamond price jump. Too bad, I have to waste 100,000 diamonds to reach the level cap, but I get all the footage I need."

    He turned to social media, which was in an uproar because of his sudden level increase.

    With his certified account, he uploaded his footage about the existence of the EXP book shop. Now, he waited for the diamond price to increase.

    As he was monitoring the diamond price, he ignored the news broadcasting, which became background noise in his room.




    Milky Way Government agents and insiders were busy trying to boost the diamond price in the market, so they could sell theirs for more money to salvage their financial crisis. The best way to increase the diamond price was to increase the game's reputation and encourage citizens to migrate their souls there.

    In the process of promoting, agents from the government had to gather information in Lilith's new game, so they could get a clear picture of what world they could migrate into.

    However, all MWG agents did not dare to risk logging into the game because of Lilith's new regulation.

    Many agents attempted to get into the game to gather information about the casual server that they had no knowledge about it. However, 99% of the agents were sent to the hardcore server and lost communication with them. No one could contact them or receive a report from the players.

    Furthermore, all VRMMO mining companies also filed about their missing people whom they had sent to explore and mine in the hardcore server.

    No one who had logged into the hardcore server managed to return!

    The game companies could not peek into the casual server either as they had lost control of all games.

    There had been reports of missing agents who were once LHO alpha-testers during the exploration phase. Some of them were reported that they were teleported in front of their colleagues and disappeared.

    That happened in their real dimension, not in any game!

    Lilith kept mocking the game companies when MWG tried to use the administrator's commands or asked her what had happened.



    Now, they had a new problem at hand, which Lilith also refused to tell them anything.


    Without interference from the government, Roman's gameplay clip became a hot topic through social networks. People began paying more attention to the diamond price as they calculated if it was worth investing.

    Still, the current market price was too expensive for the majority of gamers. Only noble's sons and daughters could afford it.

    "Let's wait for the diamond price to drop a bit more."

    "I want to invest in that, but my savings is not even enough to buy a diamond!"

    "Man, another PTW game. Lame MWG!"

    "Let them invest in that while we grind our level normally. If they want to pay billions of dollars for a level 100 character, let them be."

    "Did Misha and others buy the EXP books as well? Is that how their level shoots so fast?"

    "^I doubt it. From the footage, you can only buy one skill book once a month in-game. Her level only increases by 2-3 per tick. That's the result of her power-leveling."

    "Wow, so Misha is a good player while Roman is a PTW?"


    The diamond price rose to 205,000 each for a moment before they dropped to 180,000 because the government continued releasing their diamonds.

    The trends continued.


    Dove also followed the news and trends of the diamond's market price.

    Upon the value dropping to 180,000 MWD to one diamond, he heaved a sigh of relief.

    'I'm glad I've sold everything when the price was 1M each. Boy, I've survived getting stuck on a mountain.'

    He laughed as he logged out of the game to receive a mysterious phone call, which disclosed their number as [Classified].

    "Donovan's speaking."

    [This is Joan. Are you free to talk?]

    "Yeah, if you're going to give me a good job or you're going to ask me for a date."

    [I'll pick the first option. I have a job for you.]

    "A pity. I hope it's worth my time, 'cause I'm busy enjoying my retirement gaming."

    [It relates to the game you're playing. I heard that you're the top ranker again. Is that true?]

    "Top 3. Misha and that PTW player got me. What's the job?"

    [We're hoping that you can promote the diamond price. Can you spread the words that you've become a top ranker by spending diamonds? We'll compensate for your lost reputation.]

    "You're asking me to humiliate myself of being a PTW player?"

    [You're already a PTW player. You have VIP10 from us, so do Misha and Roman.]

    "You can just tell the universe that we have VIP10 by spending 20,000 diamonds. That should promote your diamond a bit, right?"

    [We've already done that, but it'll be more effective if your certified social media account is the one that spread this info.]

    "I'll see what I can do. By the way, I want my form of payment with spaceships. I have enough MWD."

    [… Okay. I'll send you a contract later.]

    They hung up.

    Dove sighed. He had a good idea of what he could do to promote the current diamond prices, but he would not do it without reaping some profits.

    'Time to restock diamonds before I start promoting.'

    Without waiting for the price to lower, Dove exchanged one billion MWD into diamonds.



    Grandmother Min also monitored the diamond market ever since Misha wanted to dip her hand into this exchange business. The grandmother, too, interested in the sinking price of the current diamond market.

    Unlike Misha, Grandmother Min's had 5 trillion MWD remaining in cash, storing in one of her spaceships, preventing the government from freezing her money in the system.

    As a [Special] player in this dimension, she had more than one way to play this investing game.

    Min opened her game menu and contacted Lilith.

    [Yes, dear customer?]

    "Can I use you as a medium to buy diamonds from the game market?"

    [Aw, you're not buying from me?]

    "Your pricing sucks ass. I'm not paying 1M for one diamond."

    [Boo. Well, I can do that, but I'll take a business 0.5% fee as my service.]

    "I need you to put an auto-purchase for me. Once it drops to 150k, buy me 10M diamonds. Take the cash from my spaceship."

    [Roger that, dear customer. Anything else?]

    "Can I contact Mia?"

    [No can do. Sorry.]

    "Then, are you trying to create some kind of event? Why are you trying to crash the MWG's economy?"

    [That's a secret. Please stay tuned for future updates and events <3.]

    "But you're using my clan's representative vessel. I'll file this complaint to your boss once I log out from this session."

    [… Please don't file the complaints. I have already compensated your vessel with a lot of perks. You don't have to worry about his safety.]

    "If something happens to him before the Heaven Festival, I'll sue you."

    [… Rest assured, dear customer. You'll be thankful to me for what we did.]



    Hardcore Server

    On the top of the new Babylon tower, where the Demon King's Castle located.

    Mia sat on the throne, watching the clouded sky by himself.

    Before him, a hundred screens, showing news and reports about the outside world, were being broadcasted. He read through the recent news about the casual server and gossips about Misha with interest.

    Although he could access social media and universe-net, he could not communicate with them since Lilith put a [Read-Only] restriction on his browsers.

    Upon having nothing else about Misha to read, Mia closed all monitors and leaned on his throne.

    'At least, she is doing well.'

    Mia shut his eyes to take a nap.

    As he was napping, he ignored the beeping notification about the hardcore server's players.



    Surviving players: 2,195,502

    Summonable MWG agents: 8,188,797,991

    Kill Count: 299,997







    Messages about monster kill kept on going. The nightmare in the hardcore server was ongoing as its movement was hidden by Lilith.




    While Mia's eyes were still closing, he muttered.

    "Authorize the summon. Send all of them to newbie islands."