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    Chapter 447 soul oracle

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    Chapter 447: Soul Oracle

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    In the Master Teacher Pavilion of Myriad Kingdom Alliance, a gray-robed elder stood at the very front of a room. A warm voice flowing from his mouth drew in spiritual energy from the surroundings.

    Spirit Gathering Diction, an ability that only 5-star master teachers possessed!

    Seated on the front rows of the room were elders dressed in master teacher robes. All of them were seated upright, and as the words from the gray-robed elder in front washed over them, they fell into a trance-like state.


    The voice eventually came to a stop, and the gray-robed elder placed his hands behind his back.

    "I'll be stopping here for today. If any of you have any questions, feel free to raise them!"

    "Hong shi, sorry for the trouble. I'm truly grateful to you for conducting a lecture here right after your long journey!" Pavilion Master Kang stood up and smiled.

    Hong shi, Hong Qian, was a 5-star master teacher from Hongfeng Empire. He was specially invited over to host the Master Teacher Tournament.

    The gray-robed elder Hong shi nodded.

    "It's the duty of master teachers to solve the problems that a cultivator meets so that everyone can become strong. There's nothing troubling about that!"

    "Yes!" Pavilion Master Kang nodded. Just as he was about to continue speaking, the ground shuddered and a bell chimed four times.

    "Four chimes, someone is crashing a pavilion? To think that I would meet with such an interesting matter right after my arrival!" Hong shi chuckled.

    The different number of chimes of the bell held different meanings in the Master Teacher Pavilion. Four consecutive chimes meant that someone was crashing a Master Teacher Pavilion within the territories of Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

    Even though Pavilion Crashing was equivalent to challenging an entire Master Teacher Pavilion, there were actually quite a few challengers every year. After all, success meant that one would gain great prestige and go down in history.

    Master teachers were public figures. On top of being teachers, their reputation was important as well. In order to raise one's reputation quickly, there were many who were willing to take the risk.

    But of course, despite the great benefits Pavilion Crashing could bring, the penalties for failure were harsh as well.

    "Wu shi, go and look into the matter. Find out which branch is it..."

    Pavilion Master Kang frowned.

    He felt embarrassed that such an incident occurred immediately after Hong shi's arrival.

    "Yes!" The elder known as Wu shi backed out of the room. Before long, he returned and reported, "Reporting to Hong shi and pavilion master, it's from Xuanyuan Conferred Kingdom!"

    "Xuanyuan Kingdom?"

    Taken aback, Hong shi raised his head and stroked his beard, "I haven't been there for a period of time. My 3-star master teacher examination was taken there!"

    "Now that Hong shi mentions it, I do remember the matter. Even though you were only there for less than three years, you towered over all of the master teachers of the kingdom with your talents!" Pavilion Master Kang replied after a moment of contemplation.

    Even though Hong shi had already become an esteemed 5-star master teacher of Hongfeng Empire, he originated with Xuanyuan Kingdom, which resulted in his deep ties with Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

    Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone through the trouble to travel such a long distance to conduct a competition among the younger generation.

    "Those are in the past now. But in any case, that person who crashed Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion will probably be in for some pain!" Hong shi chuckled. "I've left a sliver of my will there. Even a 4-star master teacher would find it hard to successfully crash the pavilion."

    "You left your will there? It'll be nigh impossible for the challenger to pass then..."

    For a moment, Pavilion Master Kang was stunned before a bitter smile crept onto his face.

    Pavilion Crashing wasn't just about defeating all of the current master teachers within the Master Teacher Pavilion. The greatest difficulty lay in answering the questions raised by the will of the preceding generations' master teachers.

    Hong shi was a 5-star master teacher who possessed incredible means. Since he had left behind a sliver of his will in Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion, who could possibly crash the pavilion successfully?

    Even Pavilion Master Kang himself, despite being the pavilion master of Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion, would find it hard to succeed, not to mention, a person from a Conferred Kingdom.

    "Some youngster hoped to earn prestige quickly through Pavilion Crashing, but how can it be that easy?"

    Nodding his head, Hong shi suddenly recalled some matters about the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion and said, "In the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion, other than me, three other 4-star master teacher left behind their wills as well. To get to me, the challenger would have to pass their tests first!"

    "Those three tests are probably more than enough to halt the challenger in his footsteps..."

    Pavilion Master Kang nodded. Just as he was about to continue speaking, the ground shook once more, and the bell chimed for five times consecutively.

    "That... That person successfully crashed the pavilion?"

    For an instant, everyone froze.

    From the start of the crash until now, it had only been ten minutes or so. To defeat the will of three 4-star master teachers and one 5-star master teacher in such a short period of time...

    Wasn't that way too fast!

    Hong shi was also stunned.

    "Hurry up and find out who it is!"

    A moment later, his lips quivered and he hurriedly instructed.

    To answer the question raised by will in ten minutes and successfully crash the entire pavilion... How in the world did that person do it?

    A huge commotion broke out within the entire Master Teacher Pavilion.



    While a huge commotion was going on in Myriad Kingdom Alliance Master Teacher Pavilion, in Xuanyuan Kingdom, Luo Qianhong was staring at the darkened Master Teacher Tower with a helpless look.

    There were various steps to Pavilion Crashing. Firstly, one had to defeat all of the master teachers in the Master Teacher Pavilion.

    He knew that there was no one in the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion who was a match for Zhang Xuan and there was no point in battling, so he immediately activated the Master Teacher Tower.

    Retained within the Master Teacher Tower were the wills of predecessors. To successfully crash a pavilion, one had to walk from the bottom of the tower to the top and extinguish all of the lights in the midst.

    Given that the tower was completely dark already, this meant that... Zhang Xuan had passed all of the tests and succeeded in his Pavilion Crashing.


    A young man walked out from the tower gate.

    Glancing at the young face which reflected an age below twenty, Luo Qianhong shook his head.

    He had already guessed that the other party would succeed after his outstanding performance at the Heaven's Altar, but even so... he didn't expect the other party to succeed so quickly.

    Those were the wills from a 5-star master teacher and three 4-star master teachers! To pass their tests in ten minutes, even a 5-star master teacher would be hard-pressed to do so!

    What kind of monster was he?

    "Since Zhang shi has succeeded in the Pavilion Crashing, the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion will listen to your commands."

    Stepping forward, Luo Qianhong clasped his fist.

    The rules had stated that the losing side of the Pavilion Crashing had to fulfill the demands of the winning side without any complaints.

    "I require books and herbs regarding waking a dormant soul!" Zhang Xuan said.

    The reason why he caused a ruckus on the Heaven's Altar and killed Crown Prince Ding Mu was to exact vengeance for Lu Chong.

    "Zhang shi intends to attempt waking your student?" Luo Qianhong asked.

    While Zhang Xuan was in the midst of crashing the pavilion, he had looked into the entire happenings from start to end. He felt great regret for listening to Ding Mu's lies, and at the same time, he found himself impressed by Zhang shi.

    How deep of a relationship between a student and teacher must be for a student to be willing to put himself at risk for his teacher?

    And for a teacher to cause a ruckus at a Conferred Kingdom and challenge a Master Teacher Pavilion for his student...

    "Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

    "Dormant soul... Honestly speaking, even our Master Teacher Pavilion isn't qualified to come into contact with information regarding souls. However..."

    At this point, Luo Qianhong hesitated.

    "Pavilion Master Luo, feel free to speak your mind." Zhang Xuan immediately replied.

    "I do know that if one becomes a 7-star master teacher, one will gain the ability to influence one's consciousness and search souls! Other than that... there's an ancient occupation known as 'Soul Oracle'. If you were to find their inheritance, you might be able to learn their means and wake up your student's dormant soul!" Luo Qianhong said.

    Zhang Xuan frowned.

    "Soul oracle? What's that?"

    Zhang Xuan had heard the matter regarding a 7-star master teacher being able to search one's soul and rouse a person's consciousness from Mo Yu, but he had never heard of a soul oracle before.

    Despite reading so many books and assimilating so much knowledge, there was nothing on this topic at all.

    "Soul oracle is a unique occupation that existed in ancient times. I've only heard about this from the predecessors, but it's said that the soul oracles were able to summon and gather souls through celestial dances. However, this occupation has already disappeared for more than ten thousand years, and it's regarded as a mere legend nowadays. As such, no one can tell what kind of abilities they possess for sure."

    Luo Qianhong pondered for a moment before replying.

    "It'll be easy for me to determine whether it's a legend or not!"

    With a flick of his wrist, Zhang Xuan took out a book and wrote a line of words on it. After which, he placed his fingers on it and muttered 'flaws' in his head.


    For matters that couldn't be ascertained, Zhang Xuan would use this method to confirm its authenticity.

    There was nothing that could elude the eyes of heavens. Its words of guarantee were more reliable and useful than anything else.

    Casually flipping it open, Zhang Xuan's breathing began to hasten, and his fists subconsciously clenched together.

    A line of words was written on the blank page, 'Soul oracles can summon and gather souls', and the book compiled in the Library of Heaven's Path didn't indicate any error with the statement.

    In other words...

    It was right!

    To think that there would be an occupation capable of manipulating souls in this world!

    Suppressing his agitation, Zhang Xuan asked, "Pavilion Master Luo, do you know where the inheritance of soul oracles can be found? Or where I can find books regarding the occupation?"

    As long as he gathered sufficient books, he would be able to form a Heaven's Path manual and learn the occupation. It didn't matter much to him whether the inheritance was complete or not.

    After a moment of contemplation, Luo Qianhong said, "I don't know where you can find the inheritance of soul oracle. However... recently, there have been rumors that a [Soulless Metal Humanoid] was found in Honghai City of Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and an auction over it will be conducted in the next few days. The Soulless Metal Humanoid is known to be a product created by soul oracles. If they have truly left behind an inheritance, you might be able to find some clues on it."

    "Honghai City?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

    A map of Myriad Kingdom Alliance appeared in his head, and he immediately located Honghai City.

    Even though Myriad Kingdom Alliance was known as an alliance, it was actually an empire ruling over all of the other kingdoms in the region.

    The position of the 'alliance head' was somewhat similar to the position of an emperor in a kingdom.

    Honghai City was a large city within the territory of Myriad Kingdom Alliance, and its scale was on par with the capital, Myriad Kingdom City.

    "Honghai City is known as the trading hub of the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance. The Soulless Metal Humanoid is known to be a special puppet crafted by ancient soul oracles to protect themselves at close proximity. Since one of them was found there, you might really find something there," Luo Qianhong said.

    While the chances of unearthing the inheritance of the soul oracles were extremely slim, it still beats searching and engaging the help of a 7-star master teacher.

    A 7-star master teacher could be considered to be a figure that stood at the pinnacle of this world. Putting aside how even the strongest experts of Myriad Kingdom Alliance had never met such a figure before, there was also no reason why a 7-star master teacher would go through the trouble of treating the student of an insignificant person like Zhang Xuan.


    After hearing the other party's explanation, Zhang Xuan made up his mind. "Since I'm heading for Myriad Kingdom City anyway, I'll drop by Honghai City to take a look then!"