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    Chapter 445 raising mo yus cultivation

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    Chapter 445: Raising Mo Yu's Cultivation

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    Tianwu Kingdom's Emperor, Mo Tianxue, had always been grooming his daughter to become the empress of the kingdom. Thus, even though Mo Yu was still young, she was already adept in the process of governing a country.

    In that sense, she would become a much better ruler for Xuanyuan Kingdom than him.


    Zhao Feiwu was dumbstruck. She couldn't help but refute, "Her cultivation seems to have only reached Zongshi realm..."

    Xuanyuan Kingdom was a land filled with Zhizun realm cultivators. A Zongshi realm cultivator simply wasn't strong enough to stabilize the lands.

    "Her cultivation is indeed a little too weak. However, to be able to possess this kind of strength at her age, she could already be considered as a top-notch genius. As long as she has sufficient cultivation resources in the future, it won't be too difficult for her to gain sufficient strength to become a powerful ruler in the future!"

    Despite coming from a Tier 1 Kingdom, Mo Yu still managed to reach a high level of cultivation at her age. Once the resources of Xuanyuan Kingdom were channeled toward her, her cultivation would surely soar swiftly. It wouldn't be a dream for her to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle or even Half-Transcension in the future.

    "I believe in her talents as well, but what about the present state? The people's hearts are currently in turmoil, and if there isn't a sufficiently strong presence to hold things together, I fear that a calamity may occur!"

    Zhao Feiwu was speechless to see how lightly Zhang Xuan was taking this matter.

    Not everyone could become the ruler of a country. The primary requisite for it was for one to possess top-notch cultivation. Otherwise, who would be willing to listen to a weakling?

    Without sufficient strength, even if Mo Yu were to ascend to the throne with the backing by the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, she might very well be assassinated by her rivals.

    After all, the seat of an emperor of a Conferred Kingdom was an incredibly prestigious one. There were countless people who had their eyes set on this position.

    Electing a weak emperor would only cause chaos and strife, and this would push the country straight toward the flames of destruction.

    "Is that so..." Knowing that his thoughts lacked depth, Zhang Xuan scratched his head in embarrassment. Thus, he turned to Mo Yu and asked, "Do you wish to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle?"

    "Of course I do!"

    Even though Mo Yu didn't know the significance behind Zhang Xuan's words, she still nodded her head.

    Who didn't wish to become stronger?

    But could Zhizun realm pinnacle be that easily achieved?

    Of the countless cultivators in the world, probably not even one out of ten thousand was able to reach that legendary realm. The difficulty of the matter was unimaginable.

    Zhao Feiwu felt perplexed when she heard Zhang Xuan's words.

    What is this fellow up to this time?

    "Good. Open your mouth then!"

    Ignoring the onlookers' bewilderment, Zhang Xuan flicked his finger.

    Before Mo Yu could react, a lotus seed was shot into her mouth.

    It immediately melted into immense, violent energy which seeped into her meridians in an instant. However, her cultivation was still far too weak for her to bear such immense energy, and she immediately swelled up, nearly exploding into shreds.

    "Sit down!" Zhang Xuan immediately commanded.


    Not daring to hesitate, Mo Yu hurriedly sat down. Following which, she felt a huge hand being placed on the top of her head.


    Dense, pure zhenqi seeped down her body, controlling the rampaging energy of the lotus seed. It guided the rampaging energy in a unique circulation pathway around her body.

    Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

    A series of popping sounds echoed, and Mo Yu felt her body abruptly lightened. The bottlenecks which had kept her out previously was broken through in an instant.

    Zongshi realm intermediate stage!

    Zongshi realm advanced stage!

    Zongshi realm pinnacle!



    Mo Yu's aura grew stronger at a pace visible to the eye.

    "This, this..."

    Zhao Feiwu's eyeballs were about to pop out of her head.

    She'd thought that this fellow was up to something, and she was right!

    Making someone achieve consecutive breakthroughs in the blink of an eye?

    Even the most capable 4-star pinnacle master teacher in Myriad Kingdom Alliance was incapable of such a feat!

    You... Are you still human?

    It was no wonder that Sun Qiang stared at her with such disdain back then. Upon seeing Zhang Xuan's means, she realized that there was a much larger world outside that of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

    "To induce a breakthrough in another so easily..."

    Jin Conghai also felt a dryness at the back of his throat.

    He was a Transcendent Mortal expert, but he was incapable of such feat, and he had never seen anyone achieving such a feat either. Yet, the fellow before him accomplished it so easily, as though it was a walk in the park...

    I would like to know if there's anything you are incapable of.

    When did such a ridiculous monster appear in Tianwu Kingdom? This is way too frightening...

    Pavilion Master Luo Qianhong's mouth was also twitching violently from fear. If not for his strong mental fortitude, he might have turned insane on the spot.

    As a master teacher, he understood clearly how difficult it was to achieve that feat.

    To be able to achieve multiple breakthrough himself, Zhang Xuan could be considered as a genius. However... To do the same for others as well, that was already surpassing the realm of a mere genius.

    "This is... Cultivation Impartation?"

    A phrase surfaced in Luo Qianhong's mind amidst his trembling.

    It was said that formidable master teachers could design a cultivation technique based on their student's physique and use their own zhenqi to impart energy into the latter to raise their cultivation.

    But to do so, there were several conditions that had to be fulfilled.

    Firstly, one had to be a 6-star master teacher. Secondly, one had to have absolute understanding of the student, be it the state of their meridians, their body's limit, and innumerable other factors. Lastly, the cultivation technique one designed must be completely compatible with the other party's physique...

    There mustn't be the slightest lapse in any of the three conditions, or else the other party's meridians could rupture and die. Yet, this fellow did it so easily without the slightest preparation. On top of that, there didn't seem to be any side effects at all...

    Are you really a 2-star master teacher?

    Are you sure you are under twenty?

    In an instant, Luo Qianhong felt that his time spent studying and understanding the master teacher occupation had been for naught. In the end, despite his efforts, he didn't seem to have achieved anything at all...

    "To raise someone's cultivation so easily... My heavens, can anyone tell me that this isn't a dream?"

    "Idol, he's truly my idol. I want to acknowledge him as my teacher!"

    "Incredible! This is the means of a god..."


    The soldiers who saw this sight were dumbfounded as well.

    They had seen geniuses, but they had never seen such a talented genius.

    In fact, the word 'genius' seemed like a gross underestimation.

    Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

    Amidst everyone's shocked gazes, Mo Yu's aura continued rising rapidly. Eventually, when it slowed down and came to a stop, Mo Yu opened her eyes and a sharp glint reflected from within.

    Zhizun realm pinnacle, achieved!

    She had been cultivating ever since she was six, and it took her seventeen years for her to reach Zongshi realm. She thought that it would take at least twenty years before Zhizun realm would be in her reach.

    Never had she ever thought that she would succeed in just a few breaths.

    This rate of progression was like a dream to her.

    "Thank you, Zhang shi!"

    Knowing that it was impossible for her to succeed without the help of the person before her, Mo Yu stood up and bowed earnestly.

    Her address also changed from Zhang Xuan to Zhang shi.

    Initially, she was still harboring thoughts of competing with this young man, hoping to win the other party's admiration one day.

    But at this moment, she realized that there was a world of a difference between the two of them, and this gap would only continue growing larger. It would be impossible for her to catch up with the other party.

    Putting aside competing and winning his admiration, she probably wasn't even qualified to become the other party's student. In the end, they were just passers-by in this vast world.

    "It's no problem at all!"

    Oblivious to her thoughts, Zhang Xuan shook his hands. Then, turning to gongzi, he asked, "Is it fine now?"

    After a moment of hesitation, Zhao Feiwu said, "She has reached Zhizun realm pinnacle so she does have the qualifications to become the emperor now. However... it'll take more than that to win everyone's trust..."

    While a Zhizun realm pinnacle cultivator was indeed powerful in Xuanyuan Kingdom, there were many others of the same cultivation realm here as well. Just this by itself wouldn't be sufficient for Mo Yu to stabilize the entire country. At the very least, she would require the strength of a Half-Transcension to do so.

    After all, those who were listed in the Green Leaf Board had all reached this realm. Zhizun realm pinnacle was just sufficient for one to be listed in the Young Leaf Board.

    "That... Alright then!"

    Rubbing his hands, Zhang Xuan turned to the trembling Steelback Winged Dragon and said, "Acknowledge Mo Yu as your master, and from today on, protect her and obey all of her commands!"


    Hearing these words, everyone was dumbfounded.

    Even Mo Yu and Zhao Feiwu were perplexed.

    Are you speaking nonsense?

    This fellow was the guardian beast of the Xuanyuan royal family! On top of that, it was a proud bearer of the Dragon Bloodline. For it to submit to Mo Yu on the first meeting...

    How was that possible?


    Just when everyone thought this massive fellow wouldn't agree to it, the Steelback Winged Dragon smiled in delight and hurriedly climbed over. It began rubbing its massive head on Mo Yu in an attempt to fawn on her.

    "The heck..."

    "This... Isn't it being way too shameless?"

    Everyone's body trembled violently and they nearly spat out blood.

    As a proud bearer of the Dragon Bloodline, the Steelback Winged Dragon was usually condescending toward humans. Yet, it fell from the sky with a call from Zhang Xuan and abandoned its owner. Then, it even went on to obey every single command from him...

    Can you at least possess some dragon pride?

    You make yourself seem as though you're no different from a pug, how can a powerful savage beast like you act so shamelessly!

    "This fellow seems to wield a strength that simply leave others speechless..." Grand Elder Wei Yuqing who had just climbed down from the back of the savage beast sighed.

    Somehow, this fellow was able to accomplish what others deemed impossible easily. Sometimes, one couldn't help but wonder if he was a high-ranked master teacher in disguise.

    "Now that the matter with the kingdom is settled, it's time for me to deal with the Master Teacher Pavilion!"

    Zhang Xuan turned around to look at Luo Qianhong with a composed look.

    For a Master Teacher Pavilion to cover up Ding Mu's villainy against one of their own members, it was about time to deal with it.

    On top of that, if Zhang Xuan didn't resolve this matter cleanly, his action of making a move against a 3-star master teacher would become a permanent blemish on his records. If so, it would be difficult for him to take the subsequent master teacher examinations.

    After all, master teachers prided themselves on their morals.

    For a master teacher to disregard the clear hierarchy and defy a higher ranked master teacher, no one would be willing to see him climb through the ranks.

    "Are you certain that... you want to crash the Master Teacher Pavilion?" Zhao Feiwu asked worriedly.

    If Pavilion Crashing only consisted of fighting against the master teachers in the Master Teacher Pavilion, there would be nothing for Zhang Xuan to fear. After all, he was someone who could even slay a Transcendent Mortal. Even the strongest master teacher, Pavilion Master Luo Qianhong, was only a Half-Transcension. There was nothing for Zhang Xuan to fear from them.

    "Pavilion Crashing is equivalent to challenging all of the master teachers that have gone through Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion ever since its inception. Even though the location of this Master Teacher Pavilion is remote, it has several thousand years of history behind it. Based on the records, a 5-star master teacher and three 4-star master teachers once emerged from here..."

    Zhao Feiwu clenched her fists tightly, "Even though they are already dead, their lingering wills are imprinted within the Master Teacher Pavilion. To crash it meant to stand against them as well. Are you sure you don't want to reconsider the matter?"

    If Pavilion Crashing only meant challenging the incumbent master teachers, there was nothing much for Zhang Xuan to worry. However, the tricky part was the deceased seniors.

    Some of them had reached 4-star and even higher. As a mere 2-star master teacher, how could you stand against them?

    "My mind is made up!" Zhang Xuan said.

    There was nothing for him to worry about! Those people were only lingering wills now; if they thought that he would be an easy target, they were about to be proven wrong!