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    Lujet and Klamp. With just those two left, Junhyuk shouted to Gongon, “Attack the force field!”

    It seemed like Gongon could easily destroy the castle’s force field by himself, so Junhyuk and the others would deal with the two remaining enemies. It should be that simple. Thanks to his set effect, his cooldowns had decreased substantially, so Junhyuk was displaying enormous power.

    Sarang shot another lightning arrow, paralyzing Lujet. Lujet’s eyes widened, and while Junhyuk attacked him, he asked Sarang, “Are you paralyzing enemies more often?”

    “It’s the effect of the full set. I have a 30-percent chance to inflict paralysis.”

    With as high a rate as that, Sarang didn’t have to use her powers. Her regular attacks were already plenty powerful. With Sarang’s paralysis, he could attack the enemy legends with ease.

    While Lujet was paralyzed, Junhyuk slashed at him. Lujet was weaker than Aak, so he was getting significantly damaged by Junhyuk’s regular attacks. On top of that, Junhyuk’s regular attacks had a 100-percent chance to trigger an extra attack.

    In that short period of time, Lujet lost a massive amount of his health. Then, Layla came over and used her ultimate.

    It landed on Lujet, but the final blow was delivered by Elise. Her ultimate swept through both Lujet and Klamp.

    Klamp still had some health left, so he used his speed boost to retreat.

    Junhyuk thought Gongon could stop Klamp’s retreat, but Klamp pulled Gongon and launched him away. THe enemy legend was getting back to the force field.

    Klamp was sure he was going to escape, but Junhyuk managed to close in and grab him. Then, he teleported back toward the allies with Klamp.

    He attacked Klamp, and the legend was unable to block Junhyuk’s attacks.

    While he was attacking Klamp, he shouted, “Destroy the force field first!”

    Gongon and Elise stepped toward the force field. Elise summoned Zaira, and they both attacked the force field. Meanwhile, Sarang kept shooting lightning arrows at Klamp.

    The first arrow hit normally, but the second arrow paralyzed the legend. Junhyuk took that opportunity to attack with more fury.

    While attacking Klamp, his powers returned, and he did not hold them back. He used his Spatial Collapse and beheaded Klamp with the following swing of his sword.

    Klamp was dead.

    Junhyuk joined Sarang, and they both started attacking the force field. Tuelus revived then, but he did not leave the force field. If he came out, all that awaited him was death.

    Junhyuk smiled with satisfaction while attacking the force field. All of the allied minions were dead, but Gongon’s extra damage against structures was overwhelming.

    Tuelus clicked his tongue and said, “I wasn’t expecting this result.”

    “You lost big.”

    The allies had kept their numerical advantage in battles and won easily.

    Scowling, Tuelus said, “All because of your powers.”

    “Come out and fight.”

    Gongon delivered the final hit. His tail pounded against the castle’s force field one last time. Finally, the force field shattered.

    Staring at Junhyuk, Tuelus said, “We’ll meet again sometime.”


    If there was another tournament, it was possible for them to meet again, but would that really happen?

    The legends were constantly evolving. Could that same team win the next tournament to challenge the allies again. Thinking about that, Junhyuk shook his head and said, “It’ll be hard.”

    He turned to his allies. Victory belonged to them.

    Before the battlefield ended, a beam of light fell on each of them. Junhyuk knew that those beams were different from the previous ones.

    The light wrapped around him and pulled him into the air. The same thing happened to the others, and then, they all heard a voice.

    “Congratulations on becoming the Legends of Legends. As Legends of Legends, your items are now even more powerful sets.”

    Junhyuk looked at his items.

    Junhyuk Lee’s set had become a Legend of Legends set.

    Items like his had never existed before. They were the highest quality items anyone could find. His items had been upgraded previously, and those upgrades had melded into the items’ base stats. Some items were still weak since he hadn’t been able to upgrade everything, but the full set was truly a Legend of Legends set.

    When Junhyuk inspected them and saw their stats, he smiled. They were truly strong.

    “Copies of your items will be sold at Bebe’s store, and 50 percent of the sales price will be given to their original owners.”

    Junhyuk finally understood why their enemies had had so much gold. Every time someone bought one of their items, they would earn 50 percent of that gold without doing anything.

    The voice continued.

    “As Legends of Legends, you will all receive 10,000,000G each.”

    The award was high. Junhyuk had spent all of his gold, but he was still getting more. With it, he could buy a Spatial Bag big enough to fit Gongon’s lair in it.

    “After twenty-four hours, you’ll be each granted a wish. You’ll now be returned to your dimensions.”

    Junhyuk was returned to his training facility. There, the rest of his team opened their eyes, and he smiled at them.

    He had done his best to become a Legend of Legends, and now, that’s what he was. As he smiled at the group, Sarang ran up to him and gave him a big hug.

    He was surprised by Sarang’s actions, but when he looked around, he saw that Eunseo hadn’t awoken yet.

    Gongon scratched his chin pensively, turned to him and asked, “What’s your wish?”

    “A secret.”


    “What’s your wish?” Junhyuk asked in return.

    Gongon said, “I have to think. I’m thinking of wishing for something that can make cores.”

    “Can they even grant that? It’s hard enough to produce one core.”

    “I’ll be a massive nuisance if they decline.”

    Junhyuk laughed and looked at the others.


    “I’m still thinking about it…”

    Sarang stared at him and said, “I want to ask the managers to marry you.”

    Junhyuk laughed and flicked her forehead, saying, “You! Don’t waste your wish!”

    “Why? They have to grant my wish.”

    “I don’t like that wish.”

    Junhyuk didn’t want to marry Sarang. She could end up posing him problems.

    Sarang pouted and said, “Hmph! Then, you grant me my wish. If you do, you can have my wish.”

    Junhyuk laughed again and caressed her head. Sarang was smiling happily, so Junhyuk smiled at her and said, “Think about it some more. You’ve worked hard.”

    Then, Junhyuk looked at Layla and asked, “What about you?”

    “I’m still thinking about it. I’ll ask Halo.”

    “Right. Good idea.”

    She should ask Halo about her wish.

    “You’ve worked hard, Layla,” he told her with a smile.

    Layla extended her hand to him. He grabbed hold of it, and Layla smiled and said, “I’m here today because of you.”

    Layal hadn’t thought she would’ve become a legend, so she was happy to be working with him. Halo had told her about Junhyuk’s dimensional powers long ago. Now, she was a Legend of Legends.

    Junhyuk had won the last battle nearly single-handedly. Their enemies had had superior individual powers, but the allies had been able to fight as a group thanks to him.

    His powers were truly superior, even in the Dimensional Battlefield. Elise’s buff was a legendary power, but his Dimensional Shift was even better than that.

    Layla shook his hand and said, “You’ll be welcomed in my dimension anytime. Come drink with Halo and me.”

    “I’ll be there.”

    Junhyuk already had the coordinates for her dimension, so there was no reason to refuse a good drink.

    He was powerful on Earth, and Layla should be the same in her own dimension. Artlan’s team was part of her dimension, but she was the first Legend of Legends among them.

    He watched as Layla left. Gongon left for his dimension as well. After that, Junhyuk looked at Elise and Sarang and said, “We should get ready for the monster waves today.”

    “We’ll do that.”

    Junhyuk nodded, and Elise and Sarang were gone. He waited for Helen and Eunseo to wake up.

    “What will happen to me now?” Helen asked him.

    “Perhaps, you can join another team.”

    “I’m worried.”

    Champions needed good teams with amicable heroes.

    “You’ll find a good team.”

    Helen bowed to him and left. Then, he turned to Eunseo.

    She woke up, adjusted her glasses and asked, “Is the battle over for you now?”

    “Until a new team of legends challenges, yeah, the battle is over for me.”

    She showed him a rare smile and said, “You’ve worked hard.”