Legend Of Fu Hongxue Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The man at the horizon

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Fu Hongxue stood alone under the setting sun. It was as though he were the only person in the whole wide world. It was cold and barren for thousand miles around; it seemed that even the setting sun had changed color because of its loneliness, changed into a grayish white that was mournful and desolate. He felt the same,his hand clenched a sabre; a pale white fist with a pitch black sabre! Pale white and pitch black were color close to death! And death was the limit of voidness and loneliness!His eyes were lonely and empty; they could almost see death! Could it be death was just in front of his eyes? He was walking.He walked very slowly,but he never stopped. Even if death was waiting for him in front, he would never stop.His walking posture was strange and unique; the left foot would take a quick step forward, and the right foot would follow slowly. He appeared to walk with considerable difficulty. Nevertheless, he had walked countless of miles, made innumerable journey; and he walked that entire road by himself, step by step. When could he even stop walking? He didn't know. In fact, he had never considered it! Now that he had got here, what lay beyond?Was death really in front? Definitely? His eyes contained death, his hand also gripped death; in fact his sabre represented death! It was a pitch black blade with a pitch black handle and pitch black sheath. His sabre may represent death,but it was his whole life! The sky had become even darker, but still he could make out the presence of a small town in the far distance. He knew that was Phoenix settlement, one of the more populous towns in the remote area, of course he knew because that was where the death he was searching for was to be found. Little did he know that phoenix settlement was already dead!...The street was not very long or very wide, but there were still numerous stores,stalls and houses along the streets.There were countless such towns in the world, and every one of them was the same; streets with many stores, stalls and houses; and these stalls had dilapidated store fronts, cheap goods and honest merchants. In the houses lived kind and friendly people. However, phoenix settlement was different from these other towns. While the stores and the stalls and the houses were still present,there was. FUCK THIS SHIT IM DONE I CANT COME UP WITH ANYTHING IM DONE.