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    King Of Sports Chapter 177

    Chapter 177: Fueling The Flames (2)

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    Magnussen had already learned in the 100 meter freestyle to watch out from Tang Yan's crazy acceleration. Magnussen sprinted forward hoping to extend his lead as much as possible.

    But in the end, it turned out to be useless.

    After Tang Yan surpassed Magnussen with unbridled momentum, he continued to widen the gap between them.

    At this moment an unexpected scene occurred, Magnussen in the pool was hugging close to the lane dividers and whether intentionally or unintentionally his arm fell into the next lane and hit the arm of Tang Yan in the next lane.

    But fortunately, Tang Yan reacted fast enough and quickly adjusted his posture, sprinting to the end to touch the wall first.

    At the end of the race, Tang Yan's time was 21 seconds 72.

    And just after the race, Magnussen who had lost seemed a little embarrassed, he lashed out and punched the water, splashing water over Tang Yan and another swimmer who had just finished.

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