Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening Chapter 191

Chapter 191: War Of The Blue District (VI)

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By the time I released my hold on the weave, more than eighty percent of our opponents had been defeated. Whatever was left, were three individual groups, clustered around the three leaders. I was happy I chose to attack Jaderon first, though there's been a lot of casualty fighting these three, if Jaderon and his herd were here, they would have made this fight go on for a whole lot longer by relying on the power of their formations. But thankfully he was already on his way to Ethernalia Leonis.


I was hunched over, breathing really hard as I tried to catch my breath. My soul energy was completely depleted, but after a few moments I should be as good as new and ready to fight. Gus and Teluna were right by my side, keeping an eye out like two loyal dogs. Though I'm not sure their mothers would appreciate me calling their sons dogs, but it was the best analogy to use. They were loyal, and I was grateful for that.


In just a short time, warfare in the blue district was experiencing a rapid evolution. Guns and cannons would soon become the norm, as technology crashed through a pit that has not seen such development in like forever. It would be a shame to not get with the program.




The smoldering hole in the forehead of the rapidly approaching orc drew a lot of attention to me, and the guns in my hands. I turned to give a surprised Teluna a simple shrug of my shoulders before I teleported back into the fray, joining the battle and fighting side by side with my soldiers.


Kuyait ended her transformation, but was still floating high up in the air, releasing streams of ice that propelled her towards other enemies who could carry out sustained flights. Gus and Teluna began fighting side by side, causing mayhem, as skulls exploded from telepathic attacks, and bodies were frozen solid from dark beams. I ended up beside Kodak, who was swing his war hammer with reckless abandon.


He reflected a strike from a spear, but was pushed back by a blindsided attack. BANG! And the enemy with the spear fell to the ground, a huge hole drilled in his forehead. Guns were nice, and they made things easier, however I was missing out on the fun.

I teleported closer to a trio of attacking Kobolds, slamming my shield into the chest of one, and slicing my sword through the neck of another. The last kobold tried to smash a mace into my back, but there was a metallic clang as my hair grew out rapidly and served as a shield. [Lion's Mane] would be active for a little while, but usage of that skill depleted my energy a little too fast.


I kicked backwards, slamming my foot through much of the kobold's ribcage, as it shot away from me, it's body flapping through the air like a broken toy. The final kobold felt it best to retreat, so it turned around to run, however it was not in luck. [Lion's Sprint] increased my speed in a short burst as I ran forwards, my sword slashing when I went past the kobold.

I came to a screeching halt, razing up dust with my sword and shield crossed in front of me. Moments later, there was a small thud as the kobold's head fell of it's shoulders, and his body followed soon after.




I turned just in time to intercept the strike with my shield. My new opponent was one of my main targets. A coven leader by the name of Jig No Last Name. He was fairly young, and strong too. He was using a double headed giant Axe completely casted from metal, with it's edge sharpened to the point of sparkling. The edges also seemed to have been specially forged with a silver alloy, because I could feel my skin burn due to the close proximity of the weapon.


"Jig what's your name again? Or right! No Last Name. Which makes you a complete nobody. What can I do for you today?"


"I want you to die!" he replied.


" thank you." [Minor Teleportation]


I showed up behind him, and brought my sword down. He had really sharp perceptions as he turned and angled his axe to deflect the sword strike to the side. He quickly took the advantage and swung the shaft of the axe into my chest, pushing me back a bit. He was a really perceptive fighter, who was really attentive on the battlefield. Well let's see how he does without that perception.


"Perception cutting Gleam" "Lion's Roarrrrr!"


Both skills had a lot of things in common. They both caused confusion, and they both caused a degree of damage. The beam of white light from my sword flew and exploded into a shower of sparks in front of Jig. He closed his eyes, and scrunched his forehead in pain as a migraine was sure to have assaulted him. But before he could get his concentration back, the roar slammed into him, and threw him of his feet, his axe flying away from his grasp.


He knew being on the ground during a battle was bad, so he hurried to his feet, and turned in my general direction. And I was there waiting to shove my sword from underneath his jaw, and straight out the top of his skull. Jig No Last Name has gone on to join his no last name ancestors.


Suddenly there was a loud boom, and a black spear was rushing for my face. I raised my sword and shield up to block it in time, but I was still thrown backwards like a bullet out of a gun. I crashed to the ground, rolling none stop for quite a while; like a soccer ball. I felt things pop, and I felt things crack and shift. But I also noticed something. The person who just attacked me, was an elder, a fully unsealed all powerful elder.


I got back up to my feet only to see a beam of light in the shape of a giant energy spear heading straight for my face. I didn't think, or plan, I just reacted and placed my shield in front of me, weaving the [SHIELD] soul rune on its surface.

The beam smashed into the golden energy shield, splitting towards either side of me, as a fifteen meter deep and almost thirty meter long trench was dug into the ground. Maybe I've gotten cocky, but this was too much power than I could even muster, at least not in the exhausted state that I'm currently in.


I dropped my shield, and turned my gaze to the person who attacked me. Purple hair, green eyes, a metal black spear that seemed to glow with a sinister light. Whoever this is, he was not your typical vampire. He shot towards me, and with all my speed, the only thing I could see was him disappearing and appearing in front of me, his spear heading straight for my head.


[Minor teleportation]


I barely escaped, I turned up behind him and swung my sword down, with the rune circle for [BREAK] glowing with all the menace I could muster. I Slashed it at the vampire, however something that's never happened before occurred.

He swung the spear in his hands, and batted my attack aside like it was nothing more than a simple nuisance. Everything I knew about being strong was completely thrown out the window, maybe I have been complacent, but still there's no way I could be this out matched.


"I commend your efforts Lord Kael. You're a true warrior at heart, and one that deserves to be born a vampire. But unfortunately you're not, and your filthy half breed blood and body taints the sanctity of what a true vampire is supposed to be like. You're a sinner."


Not that I care about his eloquent bullshit, or the fact that the bastard was just oozing charisma like it was sweat. He was using the allure, making his words seem like honey from the lips of a god, if not for the fact that he was about to kill me, I would probably go down on my knees and ask to worship him. He really was a prime example of what a true vampire is supposed to be like.


"Who're you?" I asked him carefully.


"I guess it is common courtesy to know the name of your killer. It is the least honor I can give you, and as an added bonus I promise to deliver your body intact to your wife. Of course she's going to be joining you soon, both of them actually as their blood is also as tainted as yours. But only until after your children are born, it is they who would truly lead the way for the vampires. There are true born vampires; even if they have filthy human blood in them. We'll groom them, and with your family's fortune and connection, we can truly cleanse the world and obtain true freedom. So the best gift you can give your children and the vampire race you claim to care so much about...… to die!"


I looked up at him and said.


"I only asked who you are? And you've not told me yet. So all those ridiculous fantasies of yours aside, tell me who the fuck are you! And what gives you the right to threaten my family, much less to have plans about spending my money!"


That's honestly sounded better in my head.


"Forgive me for getting carried away. My name Leones Geraint Dracula. One of the few remaining pure blooded descendants of the first vampire. And I represent the order of the pure bloods, and I bring you a message of death from a mutual friend that you know as Shamir the unsealed. Now die in peace!"


He raised his spear and was about to charge at me, his gaze focused and his bloodlust palpable. My heart beat heavily within my chest in fright. But that's when the lightening began to fall.