Jun Jiuling

Jun Jiuling Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Taking a Stroll in the Peaceful Courtyard

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When a team of soldiers suddenly barged into the county office and stamped down the doors, all of Yangcheng descended into chaos.

Everyone thought it was the murderous Jurchen or the war spilling over, and were prepared to flee the city with their families.

Fortunately, a large group of bureaucrats came from the Ze prefecture and Taiyuan offices. The commoners did not recognize these officials, but saw that they were wearing bureaucrat uniforms. With them were soldiers shouting that they were arresting a Jurchen spy. They weren't breaking doors, burning, killing, or looting, so everyone soon settled down.

It wasn't the Jurchen or spillover from the war. It was just some spies; nothing that scary.

This way, the streets of Yangcheng County were full of soldiers, but the atmosphere of panic was quickly dispersed. There were even people who dared to inquire about the details.

"I really did not expect for Li Xianling to turn out to be the spy of the Jurchen.

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  • qididan

    He already has! Though she only thinks of him as a little brother needing her care. Chengyu's been bro-zoned!

  • zaim

    Jun Jiuling be like, "I can fix any problems with the human body, .....i can break it too :) "

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    Aww.. The young master is becoming a man now. However, you still can't get the heart of our Jiuling.