Journey Through The Universe Chapter 4

    4 Chapter 4

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    I could tell that Yu Bai was close to waking up, so I stopped cultivating and left the room to stand outside of her door. Although the Qi in this place is very minimal, I still managed to reach the peak of Knight Rank Stage 3 after the night since I was already close to it before coming here.

    Not long after I stood outside of Yu Bai's door, I could tell she woke up and she was currently doing something inside, most likely changing her clothes. After a few minutes the door opened and Yu Bai stepped outside.

    "Come. We are going to an Auction today, so let's go and eat first and then we will head out to the Auction. There are some rare things that would be useful to me there."


    Yu Bai nods her head and walks off and I follow behind her. We walk into a large room with a few tables and chairs, most likely being the dining hall. Her father is already here waiting at the table, and Yu Bai sits down on one of the chairs near him.

    Yu Bai and her father talk about the auction, and after a while I felt some different energy signatures coming towards the dining hall, so I look towards the entrance and notice a few people coming inside.

    Two of them are males around 16-18, I can't really tell. The other 3 are females, 2 being in their thirties at least and the other being 14 or 15. I can tell that the two males and the young girl are probably Yu Bai's siblings, but I don't know whether one of the older woman is Yu Bai's mother, or if they are just her father's wife's.

    "You are all finally here. Sit down so we can have breakfast."

    Yu Bai's father said to the people who just came, and they all quickly sit down on chairs. They looked at the me who was standing behind Yu Bai curiously, but they don't ask anything and they simply begin eating the food that was served by the butlers and maids.

    "This is Jun Xiaoyu, she is going to be Yu Bai's Personal Bodyguard, so don't bother her in the future."

    Yu Bai's father said to the others, and they were slightly surprised that I was Yu Bai's Personal Bodyguard, but they quickly accepted it. As expected of people from a powerful Clan like this, it seems they are pretty used to Personal Bodyguards and the likes.

    Well, that is to be expected. After all, the Yu Clan is one of the Great Clans in the Imperial City, so they would naturally need to have bodyguards with them all the time when they leave, just in case enemies of the Clan target them when they are out.

    'Wait. System, didn't I complete the mission yet?'

    [Host just remembered? Host completed the mission as soon as she became the Personal Bodyguard of Yu Bai but Host ignored it. Does Host want the rewards now?]


    [Host has completed the mission: Protect Yu Bai and become her Personal Bodyguard.]

    [Host has obtained 320 Points.]

    [Host has obtained 32 Stat Points.]

    [Host has obtained 7x Roulette Tickets.]



    -Name: Jun Xiaoyu

    -Gender: Female

    -Race: Human

    -Age: 1825

    -Cultivation: Knight Rank Stage 3

    -Strength: 417

    -Agility: 410

    -Dexterity: 420

    -Endurance: 384

    -Vitality: 375

    -Intelligence: 440

    -Wisdom: 430

    -Points: 1325

    -Stat Points: 32

    -Missions Completed: 2

    -Missions Failed: 0

    -Skills: Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Metal Manipulation, Wood Manipulation, Space Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Dark Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Nature Manipulation, Illusion Manipulation, Alchemy Mastery

    -Perks: Immortal, Godly Genius

    -Inventory: Heavenly Grade Sword, Emperor Grade Robe, Monarch Grade Alchemy Furnace, Box of Alchemy Ingredients, Common Grade Healing Pills x34, Uncommon Grade Healing Pills x17, 100x Pill Bottles]

    'Put 16 Stat Points into both Strength and Agility.'

    [Host's Stats have been updated.]

    "Jun Xiaoyu, let's go."

    Yu Bai called out to me, snapping me out of my talk with the System. I focused again and realized she already finished eating, so I follow her out of the dining hall. Instead of going to her room, she takes me to the entrance to the house and we leave.

    We get on a carriage and Yu Bai tells the driver to take us to the Auction house in the city, and the carriage begins moving. Yu Bai is quiet right now and isn't saying anything to me, so I decide to use the Roulette Tickets now.

    'System, use the Roulette Tickets.'

    [Host has used 7x Roulette Tickets...]

    [Host has obtained 95 points.]

    [Host has obtained 70 points.]

    [Host has obtained 40 points.]

    [Host has obtained 35 points.]

    [Host has obtained 28 Stat Points.]

    [Host has obtained 1720 High Grade Spiritual Stones.]

    [Host has obtained an Duke Rank Fire Core.]

    [They have been stored in the Inventory.]

    'Damn! What is with me obtaining over 1700 High Grade Spiritual Stones? Not to mention a Duke Rank Fire Core?'

    [Host has bullshit luck.]

    'True. Put all 28 Stat Points into Dexterity.'

    [Host's Stats have been updated.]

    "Young Miss Bai, we are here."

    The driver suddenly said, and the carriage stopped moving, meaning we are at the Auction house already. I open the carriage door and hold it for Yu Bai to step out and I follow her into the Auction house.

    It is a pretty big building that is nearly the same size as the Yu Clan's house, which surprised me a bit. After all, the Yu Clan's house is massive, and this Auction house being nearly the same size means it obviously has a deep background.

    "Please show me your Invitation Card."

    We were stopped at the door by a guard who asked for an Invitation Card. Yu Bai pulled a purple and gold card out from her clothes and handed it to the guard, who read it. After a while, he handed it back to Yu Bai and let us pass.

    We were then guided by a maid to a private room inside the Auction house, meaning Yu Bai probably had a high grade Invitation Card. Well, that is to be expected as she has a very doting father who happens to have a strong background.

    Still, I noticed that every single guard and even the maids inside this Auction house have cultivation at the Knight Rank at the minimum. Heck, I even saw a few with Holy Knight Rank cultivation around, making me wonder who exactly owns this darn place to have so many cultivators this strong being servants.

    The private room is nicely decorated as well, probably having spent a decent amount of money on the decor inside of it. Yu Bai seems to be used to seeing something like this as she just sits down on one of the chairs inside while I simply stand behind her, looking around.

    I notice that most of the people inside the Auction house are wearing rich looking clothing, meaning they are probably some rich merchants or from a powerful Clan just like Yu Bai who is from the Yu Clan, meaning there will probably be some of her clans enemies here.

    An old man walks onto the stage, and I can tell he has Baron Rank cultivation, which didn't shock me anymore after I saw the cultivation of all the guards and maids inside the Auction house. He smacks his wooden hammer into the desk like thing in front of him and everyone quietens down.

    "Well then, I am Jin Long and I will be the Host for today's Auction! Today we have a total of 37 things to Auction, and I am sure most of you came here for the rare treasures being auctioned, but those will be saved for last! Now then, bring out the first item!"

    A maid pushed a cart with a cover on it onto the stage and everybody stares intently at it, meaning that this Auction house probably has a lot of good things each time it does an Auction, which is probably why Yu Bai came here.

    "The first thing is a Rare Grade Saber with the Fire Element! If a cultivator with the Fire Element uses this sword, they strength will increase greatly! The bid begins at 500 Low Grade Spiritual Stones, and the minimal increase is 50 Low Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    "I bid 600 Low Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    "I bid 650 Low Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    "I bid 800 Low Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    The people on the lower floors who aren't in any rooms waste no time in bidding for the weapon, while nobody in the private rooms bid for it, which is natural because a Rare Grade weapon isn't much for these rich people.

    The bid went to someone for 950 Low Grade Spiritual Stones in the end. It seems that this Rare Grade Saber isn't worth a Medium Grade Spiritual Stone. Either that or nobody on the lower floor has a Medium Grade Spiritual Stone.

    Over the next 2 hours, there were many Rare and Epic Grade weapons, armor and Pills being auctioned, and nobody from the private rooms bid yet. Finally, the last 7 things are being auctioned now, which are the best things everybody in the private rooms came for.

    "The 31st item is a Marquess Rank Ice Core! For Ice Cultivators, this is something that can increase their cultivation greatly! The bid begins at 300 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones and the minimal increase is 100 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    In no time, the bid directly shot up to 1200 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones, and nobody bid after that, so the first item from the private rooms was finally bought for 1200 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones.

    "The 32nd item is a Legendary Grade Sword forged by Han Gaofeng personally! It is a Lightning Element sword, so those of you with Lightning Element are in luck! The bid begins at 800 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones and the minimal bid is 100 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    Once again, this was crazily bid for even more compared to the Marquess Rank Ice Core. The ending price for this sword was 3800 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones, which is quite a high price according to me.

    Yu Bai still hasn't bid for anything yet, meaning the item she wants is coming later. I really wonder what it is that she wants to buy for her to sit here for nearly 3 hours to buy it, without buying anything else the whole time.

    "The 33rd item is a bottle of Epic Grade Qi Gathering Pills. I don't think I need to say the use of them, right? The bid begins at 1000 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones and the minimal bid is 100 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    Yu Bai seemed to be a bit interested in this bottle of Epic Grade Qi Gathering Pills, but she still didn't bid for them in the end. Since she was interested in them, I will just make her a bottle of them in the future then. The final bid for the Pills were 4200 Medium Grade Spiritual Stones.

    "The 34th item is a Duke Rank Fire Core! Those with Fire Element can directly increase their cultivation with this Core! The bid begins at 100 High Grade Spiritual Stones and the minimal bid is 50 High Grade Spiritual Stones!"

    This time Yu Bai finally began bidding. It seems like the item that Yu Bai wanted was the Duke Rank Fire Core for whatever reason. Wait, didn't I get a Duke Rank Fire Core from a Roulette Ticket? Why do I feel like it was for this...

    In the end, Yu Bai didn't manage to get the Duke Rank Fire Core as it was bought by someone for 3150 High Grade Spiritual Stones while Yu Bai only had 3000 High Grade Spiritual Stones, and it seemed she was a bit depressed.

    'I guess I should give her the Duke Rank Fire Core I have when we get home, huh.'

    Yu Bai left the auction feeling a bit depressed and I followed after her. It seems she really needs a Duke Rank Fire Core for something, I wonder if it has something to do with her cultivation or something?

    When we get back to the Yu Clan house, she directly goes to her room without speaking, and I can tell she is still depressed about it. I think for a moment before opening her door and going inside her room. She is laying down on her bed while staring at the ceiling, seemingly deep in thought.

    "Yu Bai, why do you need the Duke Rank Fire Core so much for it to make you this depressed?"

    "You wouldn't know, but I am a Fire Element cultivator. My cultivation is a lot different from ordinary people, so I need to get certain treasures to increase my cultivation Rank each time, whereas normal people just need to cultivate a lot for it."

    "I see. Then, here."

    I take out the Duke Rank Fire Core from my Inventory and hand it to Yu Bai. Seeing the Duke Rank Fire Core in my hands, her eyes open wide and she jumps from her bed and rushes to me, grabbing the Core and begins inspecting it.

    After a moment, she had a large smile on her face as she hugged me tightly, which shocked me as I didn't think she would smile like this and suddenly hug me all of the sudden, so I was stunned for a while until she let go.

    "Thank you, Jun Xiaoyu! This is really important to me!"

    She says with a large smile on her face, which made me unconsciously smile underneath my mask. To bad nobody could see it, and even I didn't realize I was smiling underneath my mask, as the smile disappeared as quickly as it came.

    Now that I gave her the Core, I leave her room. I checked her cultivation and realized she was already at the peak of Warrior Rank, meaning she rose in 3 Stages since yesterday, and I don't even know when she did that.

    Seeing as how she is probably cultivating now, I go into my room which is beside hers and start cultivating myself, wondering if I can breakthrough to Knight Rank Stage 4 by the time I am done, since I am at the peak of Stage 3 right now.
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