It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 480

Chapter 480 The Mighty And The Overbearing

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Seeing that the Wuji clan had changed their tone and supported Ling Lan, Han Yu knew that his own disapproval had no affect. He could only angrily say, “Wuji also supports Captain Ling!”

As Han Yu finished, Ling Lan quickly sat up. She glanced sharply towards all the team members and said, “I want this commander role not for the authority and power, but because I want to lead everyone to become the battle royale’s big winners!” She turned her head towards Li Lanfeng and said, “Lanfeng, take out the plans that you guys discussed and hand them out to each team leader!”

Li Lanfeng nodded and looked towards Han Jijyun, who took out a backpack from behind him and from it, a stack of files. Luo Lang, Xie Yi and Lin Zhong-qing walked up to help Han Jijyun distribute these files to each team leader.

Before the team leaders could start reading, Ling Lan warned them, “Don’t take photos of these files, don’t input them into your communicators. You can only remember it in your mind! After reading, destroy it immediately. It’s entirely possible that this place is already under the surveillance of hackers. We can’t let our guard down.”

Ling Lan sent out her aura with her guard up, following which there was a chain of booming noises of something exploding in the meeting roomblack smoke suddenly rose from the different corners of the meeting room. The expressions of all those present quickly changed. Who would have thought that there were so many wiretaps in this meeting room? It seemed that as Ling Lan had predicted, the other military academies had made their move on them.

Those members who had still been unwilling to accept Ling Lan as commander all looked at Ling Lan again, their eyes teeming with a hint of respect. Being able to figure out the movements of the enemy, perhaps this was the kind of commander capable of leading them to victory.

During all the explosions, Li Lanfeng’s ears had moved slightly and he had glanced towards Han Jijyun with a look of surprise only to see that the latter was equally surprised. Luo Lang and the others stood calmly, their eyes filled with respect for Ling Lan. It was only Chang Xinyuan who had his head down, very focused on playing with his fingers.

As someone who was bad at acting, in the end he had listened to Li Lanfeng’s orders and put his head down until the meeting ended, the only reason being that he was the one who made these things that Boss Lan destroyed…

Because of what just happened, everyone present didn’t dare to take things lightly. After they opened the files and memorized the content, they immediately destroyed them. As those who had managed to become a team leader, they would definitely have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Qiao Ting opened the files. The contents of the documents make his eyes flicker. He hadn’t expected for Ling Lan’s appetite to be so huge… He looked at Ling Lan with confusion before closing his hands and instantly, the files in his hands were reduced to dust, slowly seeping out from between his fingers and finally falling to the ground.

It was always when he wasn’t paying attention to her that Ling Lan would show off yet another inhuman ability for him to admire. It reignited something that he had originally decided to no longer care about.

“As for the other 50 million credits, I thought it would be best to do it this way.” After Ling Lan said this, everyone’s focus shifted. This concerned just how much weapons and supplies their little teams would be distributed.

“First, Captain Qiao Ting’s 24 man battalion, 8 million credits!” Ling Lan shot a cold stare at Qiao Ting. Qiao Ting nodded as he was very pleased with this number, pretty much taking one sixth of the entire pool. It also met the need of the amount of people in his team. Ling Lan’s distribution was very fair.

Since the strongest team, Qiao Ting’s battalion, didn’t have issues, then the rest definitely wouldn’t have any either. Wuji and Tianji were similar to Qiao Ting’s battalion. 4 million credits were given to the 12 man battalions. Zhang Jing-an’s team was composed of 11 people. Without Zhang Jing-an as the main powerhouse, giving them 3.5 million was being nice to them. All the other mecha teams combined into a composite team of 24 people and got 6.5 million, making them very happy.

Although they had 24 people as well, they could not compare with Qiao Ting’s 24 man battalion in strength nor level. They believed it was fair that they got 1.5 million less.

And this difference in 1.5 million made members of Qiao Ting’s battalion feel very satisfied. When they looked at Ling Lan, their eyes showed their respect towards her. Overall, this distribution made everyone happy. Qiao Ting saw that everyone’s expressions were lighting up and becoming happy, and he suddenly felt shocked. With no one the wiser, Ling Lan had already managed to draw all the members of the battalion to her side. He looked at Ling Lan again, still doubting his own judgement. Was Ling Lan really not his equal?

“Lingtian Battle Clan’s distributed credits is 4 million. All the distributed credits are to be used for the battalion’s weapons and equipment. The rest will be given to Lin Zhong-qing and the other logistics personnel to trade for other supplies, including the food and energy storage units that we will need during the battle royale.”

“We don’t need to exchange for a large land-based weapon?” Han Yu asked with a frown after hearing Ling Lan give the details.

“For mobility reasons, I disapprove exchanging for these types of weapons,” Ling Lan answered plainly.

“Why?” Han Yu asked, suddenly standing up with discontent. If they wanted to defend the base camp, these weapons were a must. In past years, every military academy would choose a few area of effect heavy defensive cannons and set them in the base; otherwise, with just 120 people, some having to split up and try to take over other bases, there would no way for them to go against invaders from other military academies.

It should be known that taking over another base camp would yield a lot of points, but this was assuming that their own base camp was safe and sound. If their own base camp was taken by others, even if they had taken over many other teams’ bases, it would all be for naught. The rules of the battle royale were brutalif their base camp was taken, they would immediately be eliminated. Many military academies were even afraid of sending out a battalion to attack other base camps, instead choosing to defend until the very end. If your camp was safely defended, you would receive points. Although the points would be much lower than that of taking over a base camp, at the least they wouldn’t be eliminated and still get points, right?

In reality, many of the academies had this kind of thought process. Managing to stay in the battle royale at the end and acquiring the bare minimum score would raise their ranking. In contrast, for the academies who wanted pick a fight, they were more likely to be kicked out of the competition and without the minimum score, they would rank close to last place.

That was why, out of the members who were present, Han Yu wasn’t the only one showing disagreementthe other battalions’ team leaders all showed a hint of hesitation.

Faced with Han Yu’s questioning, Ling Lan only threw a cold glare towards him in response, making Han Yu’s heart skip a beat. Han Yu understood that the current Ling Lan was not the same Ling Lan who just went with the flow during the team battle. The Ling Lan right now, whether it was his stare or aura, was now accompanied with a strong and shapeless force. This gave him a misconception of how he felt. He was openly questioning the commander’s orders in front of the commander. If this was in the army, it would definitely not be allowed to happen.

Han Yu’s angry facial expression began to slowly disappear as Ling Lan glared at him. He forcefully calmed himself down and thought about the next time he would ask a question. On the side, one of the team leaders from the team that was combined opened his mouth and said, “Captain Ling, is it because there’s some difficulty with the credits? If that’s the case then my battalion can take a bit less. The base camp should be prioritized over other things.”

After that statement, many of them looked towards Ling Lan, including Qiao Ting. Ling Lan’s answer could affect the amount of credits they get in the end. Qiao Ting’s group weren’t that naive. If the distributed credits were taken from one team, there was no way the others would be able to keep all that they were distributed.

Ling Lan began slamming the table as everyone looked at her, her face coldly glaring at Han Yu. It looked as though she was thinking of whether to accept this suggestion from this team leader…

Slowly, everyone understood what Ling Lan’s expression meant. Ling Lan wasn’t even thinking about this issueshe was thinking of whether she should punish Han Yu.

At this moment, Han Yu had also realized why Ling Lan had been silent. His face instantly turned green and he felt a sense of humiliation. This Ling Lan, who was only a second year junior, dared to have this kind of thought? He wanted to flip the table and shout angrily, but Ling Lan’s cold expression was secretly telling him that she was waiting for him to flip out. Having just acquired the authority of a commander, she really needed a scapegoat to reinforce her iron will, to show the other sheep in the herd.

Han Yu’s chest heaved up and down numerous times. He grit his teeth as hard as he could and didn’t shout out angrily. He knew what would happen if he really did flip outLing Lan would definitely cancel his chance to participate in the battle royale, make him stay in the dormitory district all by himself and wait for the final result.

If that happened, then he would definitely become the laughing stock of all the students of the academy. He couldn’t give Ling Lan the chance to do this. No way! Finally, Han Yu calmed down, his eye filled with a deep, dark hatred. If they lost the battle royale because of this, then he would make sure Ling Lan gets payback, to wash away the humiliation he experienced today.

Seeing that Han Yu finally understood her role, Ling Lan then coldly said, “Han Yu. This time, because it was the first, I can tolerate the fact that you went against the rules! But remember, this is the last time!”

Han Yu chewed on his gums so hard that they were even making sounds. Everyone realized that from the moment they accepted Ling Lan as the commander, Ling Lan was the commander. If one questioned the commander, even in the military academy, it was considered to be a huge issue. Ling Lan had the power to punish Han Yu’s disrespect. It wouldn’t have been overboard if she had kicked him out of the battle royale.

Qiao Ting’s gaze narrowed. He hadn’t thought that after taking the role of commander, Ling Lan would become so forceful, completely different from the easy discussion they had previously. She also did not hesitate to lose Han Yu, a valuable asset, in order to force them to submit. This kind of lighting fast means made those who initially didn’t really think much of Ling Lan to become fearful of her.

Normally, this manner of doing things was undoubtedly too forceful and could make people unhappy; however, at this moment, it was surprisingly suitable for the situation. A battle royale was a merciless battlefieldif one couldn’t have full control, there would be no way to achieve a good result, and this was also the reason why the First Men’s Military Academy had never tried to change the fact that even though they knew the mecha teams that they sent to apply for the major tournaments had flaws, this was never changed. They were afraid that in the final battle royale, there would be too many mecha teams and thus wouldn’t be able to be commanded all together. And this would be worse than missing out on all the major tournaments.

“I didn’t really want to discuss it because those of you who have a brain only need to think to know why,” Ling Lan said and then looked around at the others, the ones who had initially showed feelings of discontent. Under Ling Lan’s gaze, these people felt a sense of embarrassment which made them involuntarily lower their heads.

“In the file, regarding members banding together. The seventh part discusses this point.” Ling Lan called to their attention.