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    Chapter 42: Goodbye!

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    After coming back from the gates of hell where he met the demon god called Yusa, Ao explained to him what being a virgin means to a woman, Krune then sighed and decided to forget about what happened, he thought that humans put way too much importance over such trivialities.

    Krune kept his cultivation and pill concoction daily routine, sometimes he would leave for a mission with Ao and Yusa, thanks to that, their position in the mercenary team rank has finally got into the top 1000, but neither of them cared for it, as long as they had the points to exchange for the necessary items in the mercenary guild, that was enough.

    After spending a few months, together with his new Spiritual Energy Meridian, Krune was finally able to breakthrough into the 4th stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, at the same time, both Ao and Yusa reached the 5th stage, Krune helped them by concocting the pills they needed, not to mention his teaching about their own element controls which was the main reason behind their improvement.

    They were in the mission hall of the mercenary guild scrolling through the list of mission when suddenly, Lu Ganan called them.

    "You three, please come to my office, the mercenary guild has a special request for you."

    They looked puzzled, but since it was a request direct from the supervisor, they went there to take a look anyway.


    One week earlier, Yule Continent Mercenary Head Quarters, there was a meeting happening in the main hall, only those with status of elders or those that had important positions in the Head Quarters management could participate, the Head of the guild in the Yule Continent, Bary Kasfiu, was also there waiting for everyone to arrive.

    When they gathered together, the meeting finally started, Bary Kasfiu came forward to give the news.

    "The Furiu Realm is opening again, we just received the message from our scouts, we believe that it will be completely open in ten days if fast, and fourteen days if slow."

    The people in the room were surprised, the Furiu realm was a place built by a supreme expert long before technology was developed, cultivators have a long story, but technology only appeared around three thousand years ago, with that, one can already imagine how old the place is, the only thing that the big powers of the Yule Continent know is that no one in their Makui Planet could possibly have built such place, they are way too weak for that.

    The Furiu realm opens randomly, no one knows what is the reason, they only know where the entrance is, that place was also used to give the realm its name, it stays at the Furiu Danger Zone, a gigantic swamp like place at west of the Yule Continent.

    The ninth elder couldn't help but comment.

    "Last time it opened was over five hundred years ago, as expected of the random opening realm, its opening times really follows no pattern, before that it had opened a hundred years prior, and even before that it was two hundred and seventy years, to think that it would take over five hundred years to open again since the last time."

    Bary nodded.

    "Exactly, we need to grab this change to temper our members, as all of you know, only those at the Foundation Establishment Realm and bellow can enter, if we are luck we might give birth to a few members capable enough to participate in the martial gathering, but don't forget, we aren't the only ones who know about that, we might have closed all entrances to prevent other continent powers from entering, but that was because we joined hands with every clan and sect with strength in our own continent, so they will also been sending their own members."

    One of the supervisors then asked.

    "How many slots are available for each of the powers?"

    Bary answered straight away.

    "Each power has access to 20 slots, we are expecting to have over 500 participants this time, which means that we can send at most four teams of five people each, the reason of this meeting is to decide who we are sending this time."

    Everyone started discussing and soon the room fired up, there was quite a good amount of promising teams in the guild at moment, although neither was at the martial gathering level, they might have a breakthrough if they use this chance well. Someone then said

    "The carnage team is a must then, they have been in the top of the rank last time and are still in the top since the last reset.

    No one showed discordance with him, they kept on going.

    "I also think that the thunder lion team is a good choice, they are not in the top 10 teams, but they definitely have one of the greatest potential between all teams available."

    Some were against, others not so much, in the end the thunder lion team was also selected. After some more discussion another two teams were selected, the Enlightenment team and the Flood Dragon team.

    By now there was only four slots available, although Bary said that they could send four teams of five members, it's not like every team had five members, there were some with more and others with less after all.

    When they were about to discuss which other team to send, the supervisor of the reviews application, Kassius Ruli, raised his hand.

    "I didn't say anything during the selection of the previous teams, but I want three of the last four slots to be given to the rainbow team."

    The room immediately got silent. Rainbow Team? What is that? No one had ever heard about this team before, Kassius looked at Bary who nodded, Kassius had already informed Bary about Krune and the others before the meeting, Bary could barely believe that their Yule Continent had given birth to such a talent, he wished that Kassius told him about Krune sooner, but he could understand Kassius thoughts, so he let it pass, he and Kassius had been friends for a long time after all, as the Head of the Head Quarters, Bary had too many things to deal every day, Kassius, as his friend, had never given him any extra work that he considered unnecessary, so Bary couldn't get angry at him no matter how much he wanted to.

    Bary looked at everyone and then said

    "The rainbow team is not very well known, but I'm sure you guys heard about that the mercenary guild had given an exception to promote a new mercenary directly to the four stars, right?"

    People nodded, the news had been spread everywhere after all, one of the elders then commented.

    "But if I'm not wrong, it hasn't been even half a year since he became a member of the guild, and when he joined he was just at the 1st stage of Foundation Establishment."

    Bary nodded.

    "Exactly, his name is Krune, he is one of the five cultivators of the young generation of our Yule Continent to make an Universe Foundation, but that's not everything, he is the leader of the Rainbow Team."

    This time it was one of the supervisors that couldn't hold himself.

    "But he was at the 1st stage just a few months ago, the martial gathering is happening in a year and a half from now, I agree he is a great talent that is worth to be nurtured by our guild, but there isn't enough time for him to catch up, the martial gathering barely has anyone at the 8th of Foundation Establishment, the majority are all at the 9th stage, and usually at the peak of that stage, there isn't enough time for his cultivation to get there."

    Everyone nodded, maybe in the gathering ten years after the next one it will be his time to shine, but now isn't the time, they should send a team that has a real chance to fight for the five slots of the mercenary guild world wide selection. Bary then looked at everyone and said.

    "And what if I tell you that in this few months he went from the 1st stage all the way to the 4th? Not only that, both his team member had their stages improved by two, Ao Sulian and Yusa Shen joined him when they were only at the 3rd Stage of the Foundation Establishment, but they are at the 5th stage now. Not only that, we checked Ao and Yusa's past, they were pretty common cultivators, Ao had barely passed the test to acquire his One Star Mercenary Badge, and Yusa had participated in the same exam as Krune, in that Exam she acquired a Two Stars Badge, but not only had their realms improved by two stages, the both of them reapplied for the mercenary test and are now Three Stars mercenaries, each one of them passed their test with easy, their level during the test was very close to Krune himself."

    This time everyone was shocked, Yusa and Ao improvement had been way too fast, they couldn't help but ask.

    "But if they improved their realm this fast, their foundations should be totally unstable, it might look great now but it will only leave horrible side effects in the future."

    Kassius heard that and a smile appeared in his face.

    "I ask everyone to take a look at the monitor behind Guild Head Bary, remember that what you will see have been recorded in the past week."

    Kassius then pressed a button on his communicator which made the monitor show three graphs, those graphs had names beside them, Krune, Ao and Yusa.

    This time quite a few got up from their chairs.


    "There is no way you can keep such a stable foundation after jumping so many realms in such a short amount of time."

    Bary then struck the iron while it was hot.

    "But this is the truth, I had the Kaley Citys supervisor, Lu Ganan, check it three times, their foundations are exactly as shown in the graphs, we believe that the reason for Yusa and Ao's improvement to be Krune himself, during the time that we were keeping a look on them we noticed that both Yusa and Ao kept receiving pointers from Krune from time to time, of course, the majority of the time Krune was teaching them we had no way to see it, but it's pretty much confirmed that Krune is the reason behind his own and his team members amazing improvement."

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    One of the elder then said.

    "In that case why don't we call Krune over and have him pass his teachings to the high level members of our guild? It would be several times more effective than pass such knowledge to people like those Yusa and Ao."

    Kassius shook his head.

    "Not gonna work, every cultivator in the world, we included, have their own secrets, to do that is to pry into Krunes secret, from what we found Krune puts a lot of importance in relationship, family and friends first, as for being the number one in the world? Screw that! If we force the issue he might as well just leave the mercenary guild and join some other power, if that happened we can only cry."

    Bary then said

    "That's why I think we should send his team as well, have you forgotten? He and his team members are all at the Three and Four Star Mercenary level now, they got to the 4th and 5th stage of Foundation Establishment in less than half a year, if Krune and his group keep like that, they might just be able to take part in the Mercenary Guild qualifiers for the Martial Gathering."

    The supervisor of resources intervened.

    "But to send then inside the Furiu Realm with their actual strength is too risk, as the rule says, as long as it is inside the Danger Zones, no one will care if someone is killed, if he dies there, then we will really lose am extremely important future member."

    Kassius and Bary then smiled.

    "There is two reasons for why we should send them this time. First, with Krune's cultivation speed, he probably will be at the Core Formation Realm by the time the next Martial Gathering eleven and a half years from now starts, because of that he won't be able to participate anymore. Second, as for the danger problem we have a solution, we are going to use the last slot to send Shinja Avril with them with the objective of protecting Krune's life at all costs."

    The forth elder was surprised.

    "Did she agree with that? Shinja Avril had never joined a team before, she had always been alone as far as I know, as another special Four Stars Mercenary at the Foundation Establishment Real, we tried to make her join or create a team of her own before, but she always refused. She also has the Universe Foundation, so it's really a pity that she never joined the rank."

    Bary just said

    "There is no need to worry about that, I have reached an agreement with her and we signed a blood contract already, unless she is in a deadly situation, she will protect Krune's life."

    After hearing that no one said anything anymore.

    Shinja Avril is a human woman with a Pure Yin Body, she came from an ordinary family but got where she is with her own power, as for her universe foundation, just like Krune had commented in the past, even when you chose the same foundation as someone else, they are bound to be different, there is no identical foundation in the universe. Because she has an Yin Body, she is very beautiful, but at the same time extremely cold, due to her constitution her hair is blue like the ocean, as said before, she had never joined or created a rank team before, even though she was considered one of the strongest Foundation Establishment cultivators of the Yule Continent, Guild Head Bary had to pay a wealthy price to convince her to protect Krune. Another reason for why she accepted this job is because she wanted to meet this demon beast in human form that also has a universe foundation like hers.

    And with that, the twenty slots were shared and the meeting was over.


    Back at Kaley City Mercenary Guild, Lu Ganan was explaining to them everything that was decided about the Furiu Realm, unfortunately for him, he didn't get the answer he was expecting.

    Yusa, Ao and Krune looked at each other, and then back at Lu Ganan before showing a bright slime on their faces.

    "We refuse, goodbye!"

    And then they left just like that.