Is That A Wisp?
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    Is That A Wisp? Chapter 41

    Chapter 41: Is there any worth in that?

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    After Ao took his time to explaining to Krune what a brothel was, Krune could only apologize to Go Gao and Lu Ganan, he then remembered the man from the s*x shop.

    'Humans from s*x shops can't be trusted, I will remember this!'

    Go Gao and Lu Ganan could only cry after that, they decided to not make problems for Krune again, who knows what will come from this low EQ human form demon beast.

    That same day, Krune went to the Alchemist Guild to practice pill making, he spent his entire day there, he also failed quite a few times, after all, between making basic pills and more complicated ones, it's obviously harder to achieve success with the later.

    There was one thing that made Krune gloomy for a time, a pill called Wisp's Will, this pill didn't use wisps as components, simply put, when you directly absorb a wisp spiritual energy, there will be side effects, after all they aren't 100% pure, but this pills corrected that problem, the only issue is that you would lose around 30% of the wisps spiritual energy in the process, after taking the pill, the energy that you received from wisps will be filtered and the impurities removed, but the process loses a lot of spiritual energy as well, so, for the people of Makui Planet, it wasn't a very famous pill, wisps are very expensive, they usually couldn't afford to lose that much spiritual energy even if there is impurities in that.

    When night came, he returned to the mercenary guild to cultivate, but not before eating his fill in the restaurant on the way.

    This cycle continued for the next three days, Krune could now be successful in over 80% of his tries, of course, the sync of the elements inside of the medicinal liquid made from the herbs is still something hard for him to accomplish, even more now that he is making harder pills, in the end, he could only sync the same 20% to 30%, this isn't a lack of talent, but a gap in cultivation, the higher one's cultivation, the easier it is to control elements, it is already a miracle that Krune can sync the elements at his level.

    'I guess I can finally take orders, the rules of the alchemist guild state that one must be at least 50% successful in their pill making at the level of the pill that they are trying to make, I tried quite a few different ones at the Three Stars level so I'm pretty confident on it.'

    Krune then went to a monitor in his alchemist room and opened the list of orders available to be selected, he scrolled down and after pondering a bit, he took out three orders for Three Stars pills.

    One of the pills was the spiritual explosion pill used for breakthroughs, that was the pill the Ao Sulian wanted to buy in the past to use during his breakthrough into the 4th stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, as any other pill, it also had several levels, and the one asked was for the pill to be at least three stars.

    The second was foundation reinforcement pill, this pill worked different from the 'Five Elements Paste', it reinforced your foundation straight away to a certain percentage, but the more you took it, the lesser the effect, the body would start rejecting the pill, so it was only good for the first three or four pills, after that it would become almost useless, so it was usually used after one got in the late stages of Foundation Establishment.

    The third one wasn't a cultivation related pill, but a healing pill, Three Stars Healing Nectar Pill, the recipe of this one is quite complicated, even among the complicated ones, but Krune wanted to practice this pill so that he could make a few ones to bring with himself in the future.

    'If I concoct those three pills without failing, I will receive a total of 1327 Rank Three low and middle quality spirit stones, and I can finish it all today, no wonder almost everyone wants to be an alchemist, as long as they are good at making the pills, they can make a lot of money in such a short time'

    But that's what Krune wants after all, he decided that he will now gather twenty thousand Rank Three spirit stone and try to create his seventh Spiritual Energy Meridian.


    Time passed by and just like that, one month was gone, during this time Yusa, Ao and Krune took one more mission to get some minerals in another Danger Zone, this one was simpler to complete since it had the same cultivation level recommendation as their own, so there was no bonus, nonetheless it still rewarded them with 550 ranking points, the main reason of taking this mission was for them to train in real combat, Yusa had already broken through the 4th stage and Ao is steadily moving to the 5th, Krune also took this opportunity to test his strength at the 3rd stage, he challenged an ordinary 7th stage Demon Beast and was able to defeat it quite easily.

    When they came back Yusa and Ao left again to continue their cultivation, Krunes cultivation speed is too fast, they can't relax or they will be left behind by him in no time, not to mention that Krune's battle prowess is already higher than theirs, they can't lose in cultivation realm too.

    After going back to the Alchemist guild, he spent his time accepting orders and cultivating at night until he gathered the twenty thousand Rank Three Spirit Stones he wanted, in fact, even Krune thinks that he is exaggerating, it shouldn't cost him this much sprit stones to open the seventh Spiritual Energy Meridian, but it's always good to be prepared.


    Back at the Mercenary Guild, Krune sent a to Ao and Yusa telling them that he was going to create another meridians, so that they could keep an eye out for him and check how it is made themselves, they gathered at the entrance after that. Yusa then asked.

    "Where you want to go to do that?"

    Krune then answered

    "Katiu Forest is too far, it will take over a week to go and come back, is there a good place where I can focus on absorbing energy without people bothering me?"

    This time it was Ao who answered.

    "If all that you want is to be out of sight, you can rent a house in the city for yourself."

    Ao then explained that by paying a certain amount per month, you would be able to get a place that is only yours for a certain time period.

    Krune agreed to the idea, with Yusa and Ao's help, he rented a small house in the borders of the city, it has a lot of space around and a small house in the center. Ao then said.

    "You just need to set up a concealing formation and it will be done, I can call a formation master over if you want, a common formation shouldn't cost much anyway."

    Krune accepted the idea, after the formation master came and got paid, he set up the concealing formation, Krune then asked him to put a barrier to impede other from enter or leave and the process was done.

    Krune then entered his house with Yusa and Ao, they would see for the first time how the Spiritual Energy Meridian is created, they had heard the explanation from Krune, but hearing about and seeing with their eyes are two completely different things.

    "So, like I said everything comes down to creating all nine pseudo energy meridians together, every single one of them is part of the whole, their different properties will fuse together creating the brand new Spiritual Energy Meridian, if you are successful, the Spiritual Energy Meridian will start absorbing the spiritual energy of the surroundings or whatever has spiritual energy, in this case, it will be the spirit stones."

    "If it fails, it will break apart and you will have to start again, when you try it for the first time, be aware that it will be difficult, even I failed several times before I was able to create the first one."

    "Alright, I will start, pay attention."

    Yusa and Ao focused their eyes and Divine Sense on Krune, other than cultivating, they have also been forming the Pseudo Spiritual Energy Meridians so that they could build the real one later, when they started over a month ago, Yusa was in a better state since she had created four in the past, she only had to learn the other five, Ao was different though, he didn't use the Myriad Energies Technique before, so he had to start from zero.

    At moment Yusa had successfully created the sixth pseudo meridian while Ao had made three, it could already be considered very fast, of course, that's because they had Krune as their teacher, otherwise, it would have taken them much longer.

    Krune went back to his wisp form, he needs the best control possible to avoid any mistakes on process, Yusa and Ao are still not used to Krune's wisp form though, but they accepted him nonetheless, little by little, nine pseudo meridians started to appear and fuse together, Krune purposely delayed the formation of the seventh Spiritual Energy Meridian so that Ao and Yusa could see more clearly.

    An hour later, Yusa and Ao hears a 'click' sound, as if some puzzle pieces got together, Krune immediately took out thousands of Rank Three spirit stones, sure enough, the Spiritual Energy Meridian started to absorb the spiritual energy from the surroundings and the spirit stones at the same time, Krune looked like a black hole, there was so much spiritual energy flowing into him that it even became tangible, spiritual energy of heaven and earth is just like the air, you know it is there but you can't see it, only when you compress it to a certain point that seeing it becomes possible.

    One thousand spirit stones,

    Two thousand,

    Three Thousand,

    The spiritual energy meridian kept absorbing spiritual energy from the Rank Three spirit stones all the way to eleven thousand and some spirit stones, after that the Spiritual Energy Meridian shined for a while like all others before settling down, and just like that, the process was finally over.

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    Yusa and Ao were amazed, they still had some doubts about Krunes explanation regarding Spiritual Energy Meridians, but after seeing this, all their doubts disappeared like smoke, what impressed them the most is how expensive this thing is, they saw how eleven thousand Rank Three spirit stones disappeared like nothing, this thing can totally bankrupt a small cultivation clan alone!

    Yusa and Ao now understood why Krune valorized spirit stones so highly, Yusa was simply a money grubber, she just love to have money, in the cultivators case, spirit stones, but although Krune remembered her, it wasn't because he loved them, just that he needs as much as possible for those crazy meridians. Yusa seriously pondered if she should give up the Spiritual Energy Meridians, they are too fuc*ing expensive!

    As for Ao, his eyes were shining, he doesn't care about money that much, but the marvelousness of the Spiritual Energy Meridians had totally caught his attention, even if he has to spend all his savings, so be it, for him it is totally worth it!

    Krune then tried to cultivate with his seven Spiritual Energy Meridians at the same time and just as he expected, they can still work at max capacity even if he uses all of them.

    Krune then went back to his human form and looked at Yusa and Ao.

    "Well, that's pretty much it, to find about the spiritual energy meridians is hard, but after knowing that they exist the path ahead becomes much simpler, of course, this is as long as you can afford them. That's why I spent so much time at the Alchemist Guild, I need money, simple as that."

    Krune then felt a chill passing through his core, sure enough, Yusa was looking at him with fervent eyes. She had a very big smile or her face. Krune couldn't help but ask.

    "Errr… Is something wrong?"

    Yusa then replied.

    "Oh my good brother, what about I exchange my body purity for the spirit stones necessary for the Spiritual Energy Meridians?"

    Ao Sulian eyes almost popped out of their sockets, can she be any more shameless? First of all, is such a shameless woman 'pure' to start with? But then he heard Krune say something that made him feel pity for him.

    "Is there any worth in that?"

    Yusa's face immediately became scary.

    Ao could only make a mental note to himself.

    'Don't worry, brother. I will pay a visit to your grave during this day next year.'