Is That A Wisp?
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    Is That A Wisp? Chapter 40

    Chapter 40: He Couldn't be Wrong About Men Too, Right?

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    Krune went to take the necessary information for study first, since he got a Four Stars Badge then he doesn't need to make One Star pills to sell anymore, he wants to start with Three Stars Pills, they definitely are worth much more, he also took his 1000 Rank Three middle quality spirit stones reward, every spirit stone is precious after all.

    He decided to spend the next few days to memorize all the content available up to Three Stars Alchemy before coming back to start learning pill concoction, although he got the Four Stars Badge, he isn't a Core Formation Realm cultivator after all, he closed himself in his room after that, he will spend the day for study and the night for cultivation, his breakthrough is close so he can't relax just now.

    In the same day, supervisor Go Gao came to the mercenary guild to pay a visit to Lu Ganan, the supervisor of the mercenary guild.

    "Go Gao, it has been a while, why did you come here?"

    Go Gao had a serious expression.

    "Can we talk in private? I have something important to discuss."

    Lu Ganan felt puzzled with Go Gao's behavior, usually this guy would smile all the time, to see his serious face is something rare.

    Inside of Lu Ganan's office, the both of them were staring each other, supervisor Go took a deep breath and started to talk.

    "Did supervisor Lu know that your member, Krune, came to our alchemist guild to take part of the alchemist test?"

    Lu Ganan was taken aback with this question, the Mercenary Head Quarters asked to keep an eye out for Krune, so he did know that Krune went to the alchemist guild, but why would Go Gao come to pay a visit to him just to talk about that? The mercenary guild doesn't forbidden any of it's members to join other guilds after all.

    "I do know, as you probably heard, the Mercenary Guild puts a lot of importance on him, we received orders from the Head Quarters to keep an eye on him, but we don't stop our members from joining other guilds, so what is the problem? Could it be that Krune created some problem for your guild?"

    Supervison Go was surprised, the mercenary head quarters is putting a lot more importance into Krune than he thought they would, this isn't good news for him.

    "Lu Ganan, Krune has passed the alchemist guild exam, not only that, but he was able to create a Three Stars Qi Gathering pill on his very first try, he is able to feel the sync of the elements inside the cauldron which is something that only Core Formation Realms should be able to, the only exceptions are the direct disciples at the Alchemist Head Quarters, but even so, the earliest someone was able to do that was at the 7th Stage Foundation Establishment, Krune, on the other hand, is capable of doing that while still at the 2nd Stage, his future as an alchemist is limitless."

    Go Gao looked directly at Lu Ganan's eyes.

    "I will be direct, we want Krune to leave your Mercenary Guild and be part of the Alchemist Guild alone, any price is negotiable."

    To his surprise, Lu Ganan answered him straight away.

    "Out of question."

    He then said.

    "Our Mercenary Guild has great hopes for him, our Yule Continent hasn't had such a Genius for a long time, you might not know this but it has been over ten martial gatherings since our Yule Continent was able to send someone as representative of the mercenary guild, the Head Quarters has great hopes for him to be able to do that two years from now. So I can't accept your request."

    Supervisor Go didn't give up though.

    "He is also a part of our Alchemist guild now, and the guild has made an exception too, so we bestowed him a Four Stars Alchemist badge, we will not allow such a Genius to throw his live away for some barbaric gathering."

    Lu Ganan didn't relent.

    "Martial prowess is vital for ones safety, impeding him from doing battle is the same as cut his martial path in the middle, since he is a battle genius, the best way to temper him is through life and death battles, only like that can he achieve greatness."

    Go Gao got angry.

    "Bullsh*t! Are you saying that Krune can't achieve greatness as an alchemist? Alchemy is one of the most respected professions in our entire world, no, in the entire universe! He can achieve much more by following the alchemist path alone!"

    Lu Ganan didn't want to hear anymore.

    "That's enough! Anyway, we won't let Krune go, our Mercenary Guild found him first! If you want him to be an alchemist, fine! But we won't agree to him stopping his martial path."

    Go Gao then stood up and left, but not before leaving a few words behind.

    "Our Alchemist Guild will not give up, I will show to everyone that Krune's correct path is alchemy, he has no need to risk his life meaninglessly!"

    Just like that, a fight started between both guilds of Kaley City, as for the culprit, he was peacefully cultivating during the night, he had no idea about what was happening outside, Yusa and Ao tried to contact him, but Krune didn't want to be disturbed, so he turned off his communicator, just like that, a week passed.


    It was almost 5 o'clock in the morning when suddenly, people close to Krune's room could feel the spiritual energy of the surroundings rushing in his room direction.

    "Someone is breaking through"

    Was the thought of the majority.

    They were right, after going through a life and death battle against the Earth Dragon and using the Five Elements Paste, he got very close to finish reinforcing his planet to resist the breakthrough into the 3rd Stage, now that a week of cultivation had passed, he had finally finished his preparations and achieved the next realm, after spending some time to stabilize his spiritual energy, Krune took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

    '3rd Stage Foundation Establishment, it's already been over three months since I achieved the 1st stage back in Katiu Forest, I had spent less than a month to get to the 2nd stage, but I used over two months to get to the third stage, I will have a better idea about the time I need to reach the Core Formation Realm after I break through into the 4th stage of Foundation Establishment.'

    Krune stood up and went to take a shower, he then took a few more looks into the Three Stars Alchemy information to make sure he remembered everything necessary and decided to go to the Alchemist Guild to start his Three Stars pill making, his universe foundation needs way too much spiritual energy, so he was left with less than a thousand Spirit Stones of the Rank Three, the majority were middle quality from the time he passed the Alchemist Exam. But then he remembered supervisor Go's request.

    'Joining the alchemist Guild and leaving the Mercenary guild would be a good thing in most situations, but alchemists take their time to cultivate, their improvement is guaranteed but at the same time slow, as a wisp, my life span is too small to patiently wait for my realm to improve, in the end, I need combat experience if I want to improve faster, so I guess I will need to refuse supervisor Go After all, but I will still stay as a member of the alchemist guild to make some money, I hope that's enough.'

    He then grabbed his communicator and turned it on, when he checked it he could see hundreds of messages from Yusa and Ao, it puzzled him, could it be that something happened? He sent a message to the two of them that he is going to the entrance, they can meet him there if they need something, Krune then grabbed his things and left.

    On the way out of his room, he had the same feeling from before, everyone was staring at him, but he is sure that he hasn't done anything this time.

    'Could it be that they are still thinking about that news from a week ago? First of all, who was the one who said that I wanted to build the strongest team of the ranking system? Because of that I suffered a lot.'

    When he got to the entrance of the Mercenary Guild, Yusa and Ao were already there, Yusa came forward and put her hands on Krunes shoulder.

    "I say, this isn't even funny anymore, I wonder if you are really serious about living a low key life."

    Krune felt puzzled about that, what is she talking about?

    Ao was the one to talk this time.

    "Anyway, I think you should ponder more about whether you want to leave the Mercenary Guild to join the Alchemist Guild, the Mercenary Guild was the first one to recognize you after all."

    Krune looked at them and couldn't help but say.

    "But I didn't say that I was leaving the mercenary guild, supervisor Go said that I could think over it first, but in the end I decide that I will stay in the mercenary guild as well after all, without battle experience, my cultivation will lag behind, you two, better than anyone in this city, know very well that I can't simply cultivate slowly like everyone else."

    "First of all, how do you even know that the alchemist guild offered me to be only a member of them?"

    Yusa and Ao looked at each other, then back at Krune. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    "Do you really don't know what is happening?"

    Krune shook his head, but he could feel that something bad happened, something that he will not like at all. Yusa then looked at him

    "You are really a star, even when you aren't doing anything you still can make the world tremble, the mercenary guild and the alchemist guild of Kaley City re almost starting a fight with each other, and the reason is no one else but you."

    Krune was taken aback, fight because of him, why? Yusa then continued.

    "The supervisor of the alchemist guild came a week ago to demand that you should be released of you status as a mercenary and that you should be a member of the alchemist guild only, Lu Ganan, of course, rejected straight away, you are the Rising Star of the Mercenary Guild whether you like it or not after all, and then they got into a discussion and finally things went out of control."

    Krune felt like crying, even when he isn't doing anything, people will still go out of their way to destroy his peaceful life.

    Just when he was about to move out to talk with the alchemist guild, Go Gao appeared in the distance, but it wasn't only him, Lu Ganan was also coming from inside of the Mercenary Guild.

    Go Gao reached Krune and said.

    "You are finally out of your seclusion, I can see that you even broke through the 3rd stage of Foundation Establishment, congratulations. Why don't you come with me now? As long as you decided to leave the mercenary guild I can guarantee that no one will stop you."

    Lu Ganan on the side then said.

    "Why would he leave my mercenary guild? It is you who is forcing him into such decision, can't you see that he doesn't want it at all?"

    The both of them started to bicker with each other, Krune, on the other hand, was feeling gloomier and gloomier, everyone is paying attention to him, the one who made the two guilds to fight over him. He could see that both parties tension was very high, he pondered how he should alleviate the situation, it was then that he remembered a few words said by that s*x shop attendant back then, he had said that men like to go to a place called brothel to get rid of their tension, even though Krune would not listen to that guy's advice about women anymore, it couldn't be that he is also wrong about men, right? The attendant that day was a human man too after all. He then went in between the two supervisors and said.

    "There is no need to continue this discussion, I have already made my decision that I will stay in the Mercenary Guild, but I will also be part of the Alchemist Guild. As for the part of losing my life during the missions, supervisor Go has no need to worry, if there is something that I'm confident about, that is to keep myself safe."

    Lu Ganan was ecstatic, on the other hand, Go Gao didn't like that answer, they didn't lose Krune, but they didn't acquire him for themselves alone either, just as he was about to talk, Krune put his arms around Lu Ganan and Go Gao's shoulders.

    "Let's go, I will bring you guys to have some fun."

    Lu Ganan and Go Gao asked almost by instinct.

    "Go where?"

    Krune then smiled and said.

    "To the brothel, of course! I heard that you human men like to go there to alleviate your tension, that's the best place for us to be at moment, this fight between both guilds is now over."

    The people around that were watching the show looked strangely to Go Gao and Lu Ganan, that's because they all know that the both of them are... married!

    Go Gao and Lu Ganan almost vomited blood after that. Who the hell will go there with you? Do you want our wives to make us infertile?!

    Yusa and Ao put their hands on their faces, they are 100% sure! Krune has absolutely no idea about what a brothel really is at all!

    And just like that, the old news about the guilds fight was somehow changed to the news about the guild supervisors being good customers of the Red Lantern, the most famous brothel in the city! Both Go Gao and Lu Ganan had a hard time at home explaining what really happened, they were also left in the dry by their wives for the next few months, they wanted to cry but had no tears.