Is That A Wisp?
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    Is That A Wisp? Chapter 33

    Chapter 33: You Will Love the Name!

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    Next day morning, Krune's body was aching all over, he received a through and through beating from Yusa yesterday, at first he dodged her attacks, he couldn't understand why she attacked him out of no where, but then she looked at Supervisor Lu hatefully, Lu Ganan felt a shill on his back, he understood what she wanted, he could only think.

    'Krune, don't blame me, it was all your fault.'

    He then released his spiritual energy and locked Krune in place, Lu Ganan is a 5th stage Core Formation Realm cultivator, Krune had no way to fight against him, he then became the target of Yusa's fury.

    Krune was feeling wronged, he had bought them gifts and in return he got a beating instead, he was pretty sure that humans like to give gifts to each other. Could it be that he was wrong?

    It was only after Yusa vented her anger and left that Lu Ganan released Krune, Ao Sulian could see that Krune was lost in a daze, he came forward and started to explain why she got angry like that, it was only after an entire hour of discussion that Krune finally understood a little more about the humans habits, he couldn't help but sigh.

    "You humans are too complicated."

    Ao Sulian sighed helplessly, those are all common knowledge, it's just that this guy have never been out of the Katiu Forest before. But he couldn't get angry at Krune after all, he understood that Krune really had the best intentions, it's just that his common sense need a little more polishing.

    In fact, if it was a normal demon beast who had a gender before acquiring a human form, they would more or less understand those delicate topics, but wisps have no gender before acquiring human form, so they have no knowledge what so ever about such situations, as mentioned before, a wisp's gender is decided by their personality, so Krune only got to become a man after he broke through the Foundation Establishment and got his human form.

    Don't misunderstand Krune's knowledge, even before he got his human form, he knew about the reproductive acts of the other races and their genders differentiation, he lived in the Katiu Forest during four years after all, the forest doesn't have only demon beasts, it also has common animals that haven't cultivated yet, he had seen quite a few during their 'offspring creation' acts, it's just that he had never given a damn to them.

    'I will have to just apologize next time I see Yusa.'

    Krune started to think about the time he promised that he would marry Feifei, he always thought that marriage was basically about getting permission to have children, but it seemed like to have more to that.

    Krune then shook his head and put those thoughts on the back of his mind, he then decided to leave.

    Krune went to the alchemist guild to take the Comprehension Test, arriving there, he could see Casfer waiting for him.

    "Is there something?"

    Casfer then said through Divine Sense.

    "Not really, I just wanted to see how you will perform, you were able to control more than one element at the same time before you even became a Foundation Establishment, I'm just curious about the results now that you had become one."

    Krune then nodded, he was also curious about how good it would be.

    Inside the test room, there was quite a few people, they were waiting for the tests to start, it's not that if you failed once that you can't try again, the higher your realm, the better your control, of course, each persons realm had a specified level of control for that realm, if not, later on some foundation establishment cultivators would try out and easily pass because of their cultivation realm, that's not considered talent at all.

    The exam started, the people entered one by one, the test itself was very fast, there was a sensor machine that was capable of measure the control exerted over the elements by the cultivators, they just need to put their hand in the sensor and use their spiritual energy to manipulate the elements, as to how they should manipulate the elements? That depends on each one, every person had their own way of how to manipulate the elements the way they felt it to be better, the machine only calculated how good it was.

    On a big monitor at the front, the test results appeared one after another, the highest number possible was 3000, the clearance mark was 1250, so far over twenty cultivators had tried the test, but only two passed the element control test.

    Krune's time arrived, when he was in front of the machine, he pondered how he should manipulate the elements, it was a hard question for him, that's because he simply used his spiritual energy to manipulate the elements however he wished, he never thought about a better way to do that, he just willed and that was it, as long as he practiced, he could pretty much do anything with the elements in his control.

    The examiner that was overseeing the test looked at Krune puzzled.

    "Why are you taking so long to start? Just go ahead and try it however you like it, the sensor will be able to analyze it doesn't matter what you do."

    Krune sighed, since he doesn't know, then he won't think about it.

    'The machine was going to calculate how good I am at manipulating elements, does it mean that I need I will be tested on every single one? No, that's not possible, if we go deep into this thought, there is some elements that people aren't good at, they wouldn't use it during the test, since that's the case, I will go with fire, wind and water, these are the ones that I'm most familiar with after all.'

    He put his hands in the sensor and manipulated the elements to form different figures with each element, he then kept changing their formats, it made him remember the time he did something similar in front of Feifei, but he forgot one thing, he is manipulating all three elements at the same time! When the examiner saw that he almost fainted.

    'Three elements! Three elements at once! This guy is clearly a 2nd stage Foundation Establishment, how is he doing that?'

    Of course, even if Krune is manipulating three elements at the same time, the sensor only calculates how good he is at controlling them, it doesn't care whether he can control one or ten thousand at once, so it worked as it should, it's just that the test results...

    People were looking at the results at display when suddenly, someone called Krune jumped to the top of the list, not only did he jump straight into the first place, his results were outrageous, 2796 points! The max result possible is 3000, and Krune almost got it! They can't even compare with the results of the two who passed before, they only had 1317 and 1479 points each, it's even more than the double of the passing mark!

    Casfer was looking at it from distance, he couldn't help but feel sad, how good would it be if it was him who had such control over the elements? He then sighed and just left.

    Krune looked at his results and left a sigh of relief, he then looked at the examiner and asked.

    "It means that I passed the first test, isn't it?"

    The examiner nodded his head absently minded, Krune then went out to take his studies materials, they were transferred into his communicator so that he can access them any time he wants, Krune couldn't help but praise this thing, this communicator is really convenient, as someone who lived in the middle of the forest for so long, this technological world is a sight to behold.

    While Krune was going back to his room in the Mercenary Guild to study, the Alchemist guild was in the middle of chaos, someone achieved 2796 points during the element control test, and not only that, he did it while controlling three elements at the same time! But when the guild administrators came out to check this new recruit, they found out that he had left already.

    The guild supervisor, Go Gao, and the Four Stars alchemist, Julies Rof, were discussing about this issue in the main hall, Julies looked at Go Gao

    "How could he have left? This result is unprecedented bellow the Core Formation Realm, he should have waited!"

    Go Gao replied indignantly.

    "I don't know, but we have the ID details the was used to apply for the exam, go take a look and lets pay him a visit."

    Julies nodded.

    "That's the best we can do at moment."

    Julies then left to retrieve the information, a few minutes later, she was back. She had a weird look on her face, Go Gao noticed that something was wrong and asked.

    "Is his Identity sensitive?"

    Julies nodded.

    "I found out who he is, do you remember than new rising star that appeared a week ago in the mercenary guild?"

    Supervisor Go pondered a bit before answering.

    "You mean that guy with a rainbow hair who got a Fours Stars Badge while still at the Foundation Establishment? Wait, you couldn't be saying-"

    Julies then let out a sigh

    "Correct, this is him, it's just that when he came to make the exam he was using a hat to cover his hair, seems like he didn't want to attract attention."

    Supervisor Go then felt gloomy, the mercenary guild isn't the least bit weaker than the alchemist guild, not to mention that they made an exception and gave Krune a Four Stars Mercenary badge, it goes to show how much importance they put on him. But then he said

    "Let's wait a month, since he came for the comprehension exam it means that he intends to become an alchemist as well. Did he retrieve the studies material?"

    Julies nodded, then Go Gao continued.

    "It means that he should be back in at most a month for the practical exam, make sure to pay attention to when he comes, it's not because he has a month to study that it will take him that long to come back, after he undergoes the practical examination we can make a decision about this issue, if it turns out that all he has is a good control of the elements but no talent for alchemy, then we will simply ignore those results, the alchemist guild needs alchemists, not element manipulators."

    Julies agreed with Go Gao, they had seen people with great control over the elements before, in the end most of them didn't have the talent necessary for alchemy itself. It is better for them to wait and see what happens.

    Julies then commented.

    "It seems that a One Star alchemist of our guild is his friend, should we call him over?"

    Supervisor Go shook his head.

    "No, let it go, since he left straight away then it means that he doesn't want to be bothered, it's better for us to not scary him away."

    Julies didn't say anything else and just left.


    Krune was back at the mercenary guild where he bumped at Yusa, she was clearly holding a grudge at him still.

    "Ao Sulian already explained me that those are not good gifts to give to the others, so I would like to apologize, I won't buy them again."

    Yusa was still looking cold at him though.

    Krune then pondered a bit and remembered something, he took out 50 Rank Three low quality spirit stones.

    "These are yours if you let it go."

    Yusa's eyes moved a little, but she still didn't relent, Krune then took out an extra 50 spirit stones.

    Yusa looked happier, but at the same time she didn't say anything.

    Krune then gritted his teeth and took another 100 spirit stones, he now had 200 Rank Three low quality spirit stone in front of him.

    "200 hundred! That's my limit, if you don't let it go, then forget it!"

    Yusa finally showed a bright smile.

    "Oh brother, look at you, there was no need for that, I know you had the best intentions when you bought those gifts for me!

    Your sister here will accept them as a token of your sincerity then, let's look after each one in the future."

    She then put the spirit stones in her spatial ring and left, Krune was left behind feeling like crying again.

    'Forget it, it was my fault for not having made a better research, I will just consider it another unlucky day, fortunately, I didn't use the sex shop guy advices.'

    Krune then went back to his room, there were things thrown everywhere, he had spend quite sometime over the equipment of the human world, trying to understand how they work, all for the sake of knowledge, although he obviously can't make the electronics himself, he at least now understands how and why they worked, but he wasn't planing to delve further in this things, he just wanted to be able to use them efficiently.

    He sat down on his bed and opened the studies file from the alchemist guild, he had to memorize all the files, they basically showed all the medicinal herbs available for new alchemists and their properties, although these are only the herbs for One Star alchemists, the list was enormous! Fortunately, Krune is a wisp! Wisps are innately intelligent, not to mention him who had his soul tempered several times and is already at the Foundation Establishment Realm, it was way to easy. Krune only had to read it once and if he willed, he wouldn't forget them anymore! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    Night came and Krune stopped his studies, he had already memorized over half of the herbs, but night time was for cultivation, he won't forget who he is, time is what he needs most, so he can't stop cultivating no matter what.

    The day came and Krune finished his cultivation, at least he doesn't have the need to sleep, it saves a lot of time for him.

    'The way it is going it will take me around three months to reinforce my planet foundation enough for me to attack the 3rd stage, I will need to find a way to make it faster.'

    He then remembered that the mercenary guild has a lot of items available for sale, he arrived at the sales room and opened the list of items available. Not long after he found what he was looking for.

    'Five Elements paste, capable of help with the foundation progress, by consuming it the speed that one's foundation is reinforced is accelerated by 20% to 30% for a period of more or less 8 days.'

    'Price: 900 Rank Two middle quality spirit stones.'

    Krune was ecstatic, that was exactly the type of item he needed, he then took his Mercenary Badge out and tried to buy it, but then a message appeared on the screen.

    'User doesn't have the necessary ranking points for the purchase, please put more effort during your missions and come back to try again.'

    Krune was taken aback, then he looked at the bottom and sure enough, there was a specific number of ranking points necessary to unlock the item for sale.

    Earth Rank Points Necessary: Not available

    Sky Rank Points Necessary: 1200

    Heaven Rank Points Necessary: 190

    Krune was sad.

    'Seems like that just lazily cultivating won't work.'

    He then video called Yusa and Ao through the communicator.

    "I want to buy an item from the mercenary store, but I don't have the necessary ranking points, are you interested in start a mission to make some points?"

    Ao was the first to reply.

    "It's good that you mentioned it, I'm at the peak of the 3rd stage, I want to buy a Three Stars Spiritual Explosion pill from the mercenary guild to help in my breakthrough, I went to the alchemist guild but the price they are asking is too high, it's cheaper to get it from the mercenary guild since they also have alchemists that are part of the guild too. I will need 650 Ranking points."

    Yusa then commented.

    "I don't have anything I need at moment but those points will definitely come in hand in the future, it will also put us on the ranking system which might bring good jobs for us later, if we don't complete at least one mission, our team name won't appear on the list."

    Krune nodded, he doesn't want to catch more attention, fortunately, the rank system allows for the team members names to be hidden, he then thought about something and asked.

    "By the way, what is our team name on the ranking system?"

    He then saw Yusa giving a bright smile on the other side of the video call, he immediately had a foreboding feeling. Yusa then commented.

    "You will love it, since you are the strongest member of our group I decided the register it as..."

    "The Rainbow Team."