Is That A Wisp?
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    Is That A Wisp? Chapter 27

    Chapter 27: They Won't Steal Him!

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    Darius almost vomited blood, your head is broken!

    Krune came out stressed, it's a fact that he destroyed the training room, but it's also true that Darius said that they could go all out. This is also the reason that although fuming, Darius can't do anything to Krune, he was the one who told to not hold anything back after all.

    When Krune left the room, everyone opened space for him, those who had criticized him before pretended that they couldn't even see him at all. As for Durin Vola, he had long disappeared, who knows where he went.

    One of the contestants came forward, he had a quite high level cultivation, at the 6th stage of the Foundation Establishment, he was extremely curios.

    "Brother, you are amazing! I'm Reiner, please tell me, is that what you used a skill merge?"

    As soon as he asked that, everyone eyes almost popped out of their eyes. Skill Merge? That was supposed to only be possible at the late stages of the Foundation Establishment, and usually very few could do that, But Krune was obviously at the 1st stage, really far from that.

    Krune felt puzzled with that question, he had seen even Qi Condensation cultivators using it before, why does he look so impressed by that? He thought that he didn't do anything amazing, so he just nodded his head. Now everyone felt like they are seeing a ghost, the guy who asked him that question couldn't help but exclaim.

    "Unbelievable! Brother, how did you do that? Only those who reach the late stages of the Foundation Establishment would be able to use Skill Merge, but you are obviously at the 1st stage still, if it's not a secret, can you tell how did you do that?"

    Everyone eyes lit up, even Darius couldn't help but pay attention, he is also at the 6th stage of the Foundation Establishment, but he is far from being able to use Skill Merge.

    Krune now felt even more puzzled, then what was that when he saw two Qi Condensation Cultivators merging their skills? Krune looked back at him and asked.

    "Isn't it a little exaggerated? I remember when I was back at Katiu Forest that a few Qi Condensation Cultivators also used Skill Merge, it's just that they needed two people to work together to achieve the merge effect, I'm already at the Foundation Establishment, shouldn't it be obvious that I can use it?"

    After hearing that, everyone looked at him strangely, Reiner could only explain the situation to him.

    "Well, brother, you see, when two people use skill merge, they need to only concentrate in their own part of the skill, which means that even Qi Concentration cultivators are able to do so as long as they are in sync. The thing is, those Qi Condensation and above only have to control a single element. The ones that you saw before, one was focusing at the wind element, while the other at the fire element, correct?"

    Krune nodded, that was indeed the case, Reiner then continued.

    "That is the key of the issue, before our control over the spiritual energy is high enough, we can't merge two skills together, at most we can cast two skills of different elements one after another, let me show you what happen when I try to use two different elements at the same time."

    Reiner then used one hand to converge some wind element while he started to focus on the other hand, he was trying to converge fire element while keeping the wind element going out, soon, his face started to sweat and then one could hear a small 'boom' coming from the hand with wind element, the wind element on his hand dissipated right after. Reiner looked very tired after that, he thn looked back at Krune.

    "You see it, brother? When we try to use both fire and wind element at the same time for example, our spiritual energy goes berserk and we lose the control over both elements, but you can obviously use them, and not only can you use it, you can even use several at the same time, before, you used ten wind blades of fire, and you didn't even sweat to do that."

    Krune was surprised with this finding, that's because back then, although he couldn't use skill merge straight away, he could still use two elements at the same time, now only he could do that, he didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable, only when he tried to merge the skills that he had a hard time practicing, Krune pondered a bit, it could only be because of his Myriad Energies Technique, he couldn't think about anything else. But the problem now was how to explain this fact to everyone.

    "Even if you tell me that, I can't explain it myself, today was the very first time that I heard about the fact that only late stages Foundation Establishment should be able to do that, as far as I remember, I was already able to do so when I broke through and got my human form back then."

    He couldn't mention that he was able to do that even before being at the Foundation Establishment, much less tell everyone about his Myriad Energies Technique true form.

    Reiner shook his head, he didn't believe that Krune was telling the truth, nor did anyone else, they have never heard about someone able to use two elements at the same time at Krune's level, at most, some race with a high level of soul power like the spiritas, should be able to do it a little bit earlier, but even so it would be at the 6th or 5th stages of the Foundation Establishment, and those are even rarer.

    Of course, this is also because they don't know much about the geniuses of the world, otherwise they would think like that.

    Suddenly, another cultivator pointed at Krune and exclaimed.

    "Ah! I know who you are, you are the guy who built an universe as foundation!"

    Immediately, all eyes gathered around Krune again. An universe as foundation? Is that even possible? The cultivator then explained what happened two days ago at the hotel.

    Reiner showed a look of understanding.

    "I see, if you really built an universe foundation, then it's a no wonder that you can do what you do. Brother, I admire you!"

    Krune's eyes suddenly lit up, he couldn't help but think.

    'That's right! I have my universe foundation! I can just use it as an excuse again. Why did I even forget about at that?'

    He then looked at the people.

    "Indeed, I have built an universe as foundation, now that I think about it, It was after I completed my foundation that I found out that I could use two elements at the same time without problem, I always thought that to be able to use two elements was something that any Foundation Establishment could do, but now it seems that the reason has something to do with the level of my foundation."

    He then opened his foundation for view again, even if he has to attract more attention, he has to bring their attention away from his Myriad Energies Technique, and at moment, this is the best choice.

    When the people used their Divine Sense to see his foundation, they were amazed. It was true! Someone really built a little universe as foundation!

    Everyone started to get close to Krune to befriend him, since his ability to control more than one element at the same time came from his foundation, then there is no way they will be able to steal it from him, it's better to form some ties instead, as long as he doesn't die in the middle of the way, he is bound to become famous in the future.

    Seeing that things were getting out of control already, Darius stepped forward and said.

    "Alright, leave the rookie alone, he is not your Zoo attraction, you guys can look for him another time, we have procedures to go through now too."

    Darius anger had dissipated like smoke after finding out that Krune can in fact use two or maybe even more elements at the same time, not to mention his universe foundation and his ability to Skill Merge. He already consider Krune as a treasure of the mercenary guild, when the head quarters receive their call about what happened here today, he might even get a promotion.

    "From now one you are a Three Stars mercenary, go to guild office to take your badge and make your ID."

    Krune was relived.

    'Fortunately, I won't need to pay for the formation and the training room.'

    On the side, Yusa's eyes were shining! It seems like she was thinking about something.

    Darius came forward to continue with the mercenary exam.

    "Alright, for those who still have to go through the examination, follow me, we are going to the other training room to continue the test."

    Krune decided that there would be no reason to stick around, not only his 'low profile' plan failed miserably, every single person or demon beast inside the mercenary guild was looking at him, not to mention that he didn't notice that his hood feel down, so everyone could see his rainbow hair. Krune went inside the office to register as mercenary, only when the door closed behind him did he feel better, at least everyone can't see him inside the office.

    He wasn't the first inside though, Durin Vola there as well, when he looked back at Krune, the disdain in eyes had totally disappeared, but his pride is too high, he simply snorted and looked away. Yusa was there too, she looked at him as if he was some jewel, it made him feel uncomfortable, people looked at him like that while he was back at the Katiu Forest as a wisp, but it felt somewhat different, she came forward to compliment him.

    "Hello, fellow daoist. I'm called Yusa Shen, nice to meet you."

    She then shacked hands with him, since she was being polite Krune would also be the same.

    "Nice to meet you too, I'm Krune, call me Krune only, things like fellow it or fellow that makes me feel uncomfortable."

    She smiled back.

    "Very well, Krune. I have witnessed your prowess in the testing room, to think that you can Skill Merge and even have an universe as foundation, impressive."

    Krune just pretended that it wasn't anything to pay attention about, Yusa then continued.

    "Krune I have something to ask you, can you make me company for a bit after the registering process is over?"

    Krune felt a little puzzled but agreed anyway, it won't hurt to just hear what she has to say.

    Durin went forward first, he was the first to arrive at the office so it was only right that he went to register ahead, after that was Yusa's time, the process was quite fast, before she left she told him that she would wait at the hotel restaurant where Krune is staying, Krune accepted that.

    After Krune entered the next room, he was greeted by the attendant, It was a middle aged woman with a Two Stars Mercenary Badge pinned on her clothes.

    "Hello there, so you the famous elements user everyone outside is commenting, right?"

    Krune just scratched the back of his head while looking away, he didn't want to comment about it anymore, noticing that Krune didn't want to talk the attendant continued.

    "Alright, let's get done with it, your registering process will take some time, it has been a long time since someone passed the the test with the highest level of accomplishment, to give you your Three Stars badge and ID, we will first have to call the Head Quarters of our Yule Continent and apply for your ID, those who get a Three Stars badge have much more advantages after all, so we can't simply give those that easily. We already sent the information over, so it shouldn't take too long though, at most an hour."

    She caught Krune's attention.

    "What other benefits are there?"

    She then explained the extra benefits that only comes to mercenaries who are at least Three Stars.

    "To start, you are able to get a 20% discount in all techniques, arts and items provided by the mercenary guild, when you go outside, just pass at the balcony and they will show you everything that can be bought."

    "Another thing is that you can apply for higher level missions, although they are more dangerous, the rewards are also much better."

    "There is also the fact the people can come and look for you directly, in that case the payment offered to you will be higher than those with lower level badges."

    "To enter new countries or continents, you will probably have to use teleportation formations, Mercenaries with Three Stars badges and above get priority to use them and have only to pay the amount of spirit stones necessary to activate the formation."

    She kept explaining all the benefits, Krune was very happy, it looked like that failing in his low profile plan wasn't a complete disaster after all.


    At the same time, in the Head Quarters of the Mercenary Guild at the application review office, the employee received the request for a Three Stars Mercenary Badge and ID, he was a little surprised, even considering the entire Yule Continent, they only receive Three Star badges application for first time testers a few times every week, and that's because the Yule Continent is huge! Because of that, they had to verify the information first. Together with the request there was also the recording of the examination process that Krune went through, at first, he was expecting that Krune would just barely be able to pass the exam and be injured all over after that, but when he saw Krune destroying the three puppets in a single attack, he was amazed.

    'Isn't that a skill merge? How is that possible? They said that the contestant was only at the 1st stage of Foundation Establishment!"

    But strangely enough, as soon he saw Krune cut the puppets to pieces, the video was cut too. He felt puzzled, he then immediately called that branch.

    Back at the Mercenary Guild branch, Marcin, the supervisor of this branch, was pacing back and forward, he knows that they found a treasure and the Head Quarters will definitely contact them back, sure enough, he received the call.

    "Hello. Can I talk with Marcin the supervisor?"

    Marcin took a deep breath, he can't even remember the last time they received a call from the Head Quarters, they usually received orders from the Main Branch at Kaley City.

    "It's him, I suppose you are calling regarding the new Three Stars Mercenary that we found."

    The person on the other side of the line then spoke.

    "Oh, it's good that you know. My name is Fulie, I'm part of the review office in the Head Quarters, while looking at the video of the contestant Krune, right after he destroyed the three puppets, the video was cut, we can't give the permission for a Three Stars badge and ID before confirming why was that."

    Marcin knew that it was coming, he then started explain what happened after Krune cut down the puppets.

    "You are telling me that not only was he able to use two elements at the same time while still the 1st stage of the Foundation Establishment, his Skill Merge destroyed the puppets, and it even had the power to cut down the protection formation of the room? That formation was supposed to be able to hold back attacks with power two stages higher than the contestant, you know?"

    Marcin then explained that it was really what happened, because the entire training room was reduced to rubble, the video recording was cut middle way too, he also explained that they found out that Krune had built a little universe as foundation, which is probably the reason why he can use two elements at the same time so early.

    "I understand, I will have to report it to the higher ups first, I call you back in a few minutes."

    Back at the Head Quarters, Fulie rushed into his supervisor office. The man behind the desk was around his forties, black short hair and no beard, he was Kassius Ruli, the supervisor of the applications review office. Kassius looked at the Fulie with a cold face, this guy dared to enter his office without even knocking, but before he could complain, Fulie was already telling him about his findings at the outer branch beside Katiu Forest. After hearing the whole story, Kassius immediately got up!

    "Are you 100% sure about that? Is there really someone who built an universe as foundation? And it can even allow him to already control more than one element at once?"

    Fulie nodded, he also find it unbelievable! Kassius took a deep breath and immediately made his decision.

    "Pass ahead my order, Krune is now a Four Stars Mercenary, register him as a special member of the Yule Continent Head Quarters and allow the ID to be processed immediately. Also, spread the news, otherwise the Head Quarters of the other continents might try to steal him from us. I will definitely not allow that to happen, we have to proclaim that he is our member as soon as possible!"

    Fulie was astonished, this is because to apply for a Four Stars ID and Badge, one has to at least be at the Core Formation Realm! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


    Back at the office that Krune was staying at, he was thinking to himself.

    'If I keep going on like this, someone might find out about my real identity. I will try to keep myself out of sight for a while. Low key, low key...'

    Poor Krune, little did he know about the consequences of his actions.