Is That A Wisp?
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    Is That A Wisp? Chapter 26

    Chapter 26: I Think the Formation Was Broken! The Mercenary Exam.

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    Krune laughed out loud.

    "I guess this foundation of mine caught your eyes after all, or could it be this is not enough? Well, if that's that case, then I'm leaving."

    Darten was alarmed!

    "Senior, wait! This little one had eyes but couldn't see the Mountain Tai, please excuse my previous words, I really didn't mean to offend you."

    Krune wasn't the least bit angry to start with, in his eyes, to aim for a better foundation is to fight for a better future, he liked Darten's thoughts very much.

    "Don't worry, I'm just joking, why the serious face and all, just treat me as you would a friend, I own your father a favor and I intend to pay it."

    Darten was relived, Krune was a lot more friendly than he expected, in general, higher level cultivators act more arrogantly in front of those with a lower realm.

    "Then I thank you in advance, senior."

    Krune nodded, they went back to the living room, after Darten closed the windows, Krune reopened his universe foundation for view again and started explain how he reached that conclusion. Of course, he left outside the fact that he gained inspiration from a wisp's birth and the fact that he went through a heavenly tribulation, those were too much chocking and might bring trouble if others find out in the future.

    The sky was turning dark by the time Krune finished explaining, when he was about to leave he just left a piece of advice.

    "Although I told you me experiences, you shouldn't try something like the 'universe' foundation, without enlightenment, you won't be able to understand the process how a world works, this is not something that can be explained through words."

    Darten took Krune's words to heart, he knows this point very well, to build something that you can't fully understand will only spell failure, but he definitely wasn't sad, thanks to Krune's experiences, he can now see what his foundation path is.

    "Thank you, senior! I will make sure to remember those words, if I have a chance in the future, I will definitely pay back this favor."

    Krune shook his head.

    "There is no need for payment, what your father gave me is hundreds of times more valuable, it might not be in the eyes of other cultivators, but it definitely is on mine."

    With those last words, he left, behind him, Darten had a look of reverence. He hoped to become someone as magnanimous as Krune.


    After getting back to the Hotel, Krune was stopped by a bunch of people, they were all in front of his room waiting, when they saw Krune arrive they were ecstatic! They were afraid that he might have left already. One of those cultivators took the initiative to step forward.

    "Hello, senior. My name is Arlin, we have been waiting for you."

    Krune was puzzled at first, but after checking those people cultivation levels, he understood what was happening, they were all at the 8th or 9th stage of the Qi Condensation realm, they must have come to ask for pointers about breaking through the Foundation Establishment realm.

    "I don't have too much time, I have to take the mercenary guild examination tomorrow, so I won't be able to entertain you."

    The Qi Condensation cultivators were already expecting for a refusal, they know how valuable the knowledge of those with extremely complicated foundations are, but they came prepared.

    "We know senior won't teach us easily, that's why we are all willing to pay for your services."

    Krune was taken aback, pay for pointers? Now that he thinks about it, it really makes sense, since that's the case he might as well make some money.

    "How much are you willing to pay?"

    The cultivators were happy to hear that question, as long as Krune is interested in selling his experiences, then they can find a way, they were afraid that Krune would have no demands instead.

    "Senior, we gathered all our spirit stones and exchanged everything for Rank two low quality spirit stones, we have a total of 537 Rank two low quality spirit stones here. We know that Senior's knowledge is worth much more than that, but we hope you can make an exception for us today." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    Krune was surprised, over 500 rank two spirit stones, but that makes sense, there is over thirty people gathered in front of his room, by amassing all their savings they gathered quite a good amount. Krune pondered a bit and decided to accept, it's just that he will be a lot more vague than when he was with Darten, but he isn't being unfair, he can already predict that his experiences creating the 'Universe Foundation' are probably worth much more, the reason he even decided to accept their offer is because they gave him the idea to sell his experiences, so he will teach them a little of what he knows in exchange.

    "Very well, but each one of you will have to sign a blood contract stating that if you try to spread this information you will die, if you can't bring yourselves to accept my terms, then you can leave."

    All the Qi Condensation cultivators jumped in joy! Blood contract to not spread the information? As long as they don't say a word about it outside they will be totally fine, compared to obtaining Krunes knowledge, a blood contract is nothing.

    Krune pushed out a blood contract and wrote on it, the cultivators paid attention to see if anything other than the agreed terms were written down. The contract simply stated that anything related with Krunes experiences about the universe foundation should not be leaked using any types possible of communication, by stating the contract like this it would cover all possible ways of finding a loophole. Krune also stated that no one who signs this contract shall ever hurt, capture or sell a wisp on purpose during their lives, the cultivators didn't understand this part but they didn't mind anyway, wisps are very rare nowadays, ordinary cultivators like them can't afford it anyway. The last term was that they should not divulge the terms of the contract, Krune was afraid that people might use those terms to suspect that he is a wisp himself.

    As for the penalty, Krune stated that death would be the only outcome, some of the people around sucked in cold air, but they gritted their teeth and accepted anyway.

    Krune then brought those cultivator to a bigger place in the hotel and started his lecture, he again opened his universe foundation for view and spent the next three hours talking and answering questions.

    When they were finished everyone had shining eyes, no one would probably try the universe foundation, but they all had new ideas to ponder about, the future seemed bright for them.

    Krune went back to his room and could finally get some rest, tomorrow would be the mercenary guild test, he need to be in peak condition for that.


    It was almost 10 o'clock in the morning when Krune arrived at the mercenary guild branch, he went to the balcony to ask where he should go, Rany was there attending the people, she noticed Krune coming and just smiled while pointing in another direction. Krune looked at the direction she was pointing at and sure enough, he could see a few people with their tokens attached to their robes waiting in a line in front a big window.

    When Krune got close, he noticed that inside that window there was a training ground, there were three man working on some puppets inside, those were the battle puppets, the mercenary guild acquired them exclusively for the mercenary guild test.

    When the time arrived at 10 o'clock, an old man with a big beard came out of the room, he looked at the contestants for a while before start talking.

    "For those who don't know, my name is Darius Dule."

    "The mercenary guild test is starting now, although I think all of you know the rules already, I will have to repeat just in case. The mercenary guild only accept strong cultivators, so everyone here will have to battle three metal puppets at once, they will be one stage higher than your realms so don't take it lightly. The conditions are as follow."

    "Lowest grade conclusion: Battle the puppets until their energy runs out, those who accomplish the test this way will become One Star Mercenaries."

    "Middle grade conclusion: Defeat one or two puppets before their energy runs out, those who accomplish the test this way will become Two Stars Mercenaries."

    "Highest grade conclusion: Defeat all three puppets before their energy runs out, finishing the test this way will turn you into a Three Stars mercenary. This is the highest mercenary certification that can be obtained when trying to join the guild for the first time, of course, forget about defeating all three puppets, there is rarely anyone capable of defeat a single one of them, let alone three, so don't try to be greed, the puppets will show no mercy, the mercenary guild will not take responsibility for any injuries you might suffer during the test, so make sure you really wish to go through this test before entering the room."

    "Those who are defeated will fail and will not receive their spirit stones back, I advise you that if you notice that you can't hold anymore, make sure to shout 'I surrender', the puppets will immediately stop attacking, of course, you will also fail like that. I will repeat once more, don't be greed, there have been cases in the past where the contestants died because they didn't surrender in time."

    "Another thing, don't worry about the damage, the room is equipped with formations that will adjust according to your cultivation levels, so you can go all out, no need to worry about involving other people."

    "Alright, that's all."

    Darius then looked at one of the cultivators in front and said.

    "Token number one, Durin Vola, you can enter."

    A 3rd stage Foundation Establishment entered the room, he was quite small and slim, probably an agility type cultivator.

    The old man Darius looked inside and said.


    The puppets immediately came to live and shot straight to Durin, sure enough, Durin is an agility type cultivator, he totally gave up the idea of defeating any of the puppets, he put all his focus on dodging and running. Krune could hear some people commenting by his side.

    "It's the third time Durin is trying the test, I heard that he had a breakthrough in his wind movement technique, he has a big chance of passing this time."

    "I see, I was here last time he tried the test, he was very close to pass but then his spiritual energy ran out, he could only surrender, now that he has got better with his wind movement he should be able to finish."

    Krune then looked back at Durin that was running away from the three 4th stage equivalent Foundation Establishment puppets, he could feel the wind element around him, he couldn't help but shook his head and comment.

    "Such a poor way to control the wind element."

    Everyone looked at him strangely, poor way? No one in the room could control the wind element technique as good as Durin Vola, is he looking for a beating?

    "A puny 1st stage Foundation Establishment want to pose in front of us, know your place rookie."

    "Nowadays every type of clown thinks that they are great, now we even have one here."

    Krune heard they commenting but paid no attention, this level of provocation is far from making him spare even a glance.

    Noting that Krune totally ignored them, the cultivators snorted, when it comes the time for him to enter the test he will understand how hard it really is.

    10 minutes later, the puppets finally run out of spiritual energy, sure enough, Durin Vola managed to pass the test, it wasn't without a price though, he was covered in cuts and bruises all over, but such injuries aren't much for a cultivator, Durin Vola came out the test room clearly overjoyed, he had finally done it!

    Darius came forward after that.

    "Congratulations, you are now a One Star mercenary, you can wait here or go directing into the guild office to prepare your badge and guild ID."

    Durin nodded, but he decided to wait, he wants to see how the other will do in the test.

    While the second contestant was preparing to enter the test room, one of his friends came forward and told him what Krune said while he was in the middle of his test.

    Durin then looked at Krune, Krune looked very ordinary, not strong but not weak, very common, except that the little bit of hair that he can see above Krune's face is quite colorful.

    "Is it you that said that my control over the wind element technique is poor? Why don't you show me how good yours is?"

    He didn't even wait for Krune to answer and dashed straight at him, Krune looked at that and could only think while sighing.

    'So slow...'

    He was about to make a move to dodge when suddenly, Darius appeared in front of him and blocked Durin's attack.

    "Those who start fights in the mercenary guild will be stripped of their IDs as guild members, you better think twice before being the one to make the first move."

    Durin looked at Krune and just snorted, he then went back to look at those who are in middle of their tests.

    Krune also didn't pay attention to Durin, he just paid attention to the contestants in the test room.


    One by one the contestants entered and left, so far eleven had tried but only two passed, one was Durin Vola while the other was a woman called Yusa Shey, Durin had an ugly face when the woman completed the test, not only she passed, she was even able to defeat one of the puppets before their energy ran out, being at the same 3rd stage of Foundation Establishment made Durin feel humiliated, Yusa didn't pay any attention to him though.

    Darius stepped forward and called the next one.

    "Number Twelve, Krune... err... where is the last name?"

    Krune stepped forward.

    "There is no last name, I'm only Krune, nothing more."

    He then moved inside the test room and waited for the staff to finish preparing the puppets.

    Outside, Durin was laughing.

    "This punk will understand now how hard it is to deal with those puppets."

    Yusa also stayed behind to check on everyone out of curiosity, there was only one mercenary test every week, it is quite entertaining.

    After Darius received the confirmation from the staff, he went forward and proclaimed.


    The three puppets were one stage above Krunes cultivation level, 2nd stage equivalent Foundation Establishment.

    They went straight for Krune, unfortunately for them, Krune felt like they might as well not move at all, by using his own wind element movement that he learnt by himself, Krune disappeared just as the puppets were about to reach him.

    Everyone outside was alarmed.

    Fast! Too Fast! Even faster than Durin!

    Durin smiling face immediately became dark.

    Krune suddenly appeared above the three puppets, because of the high speed that he moved, his hood went down, showing his completely rainbow like hair to everyone, but no one had time to pay attention to that, before the puppets could even react, Krune extended his arms with his hands open, immediately, ten red fiery blades appeared around him.

    "Skill Merge! Blazing Wind Blades!"

    Krune could in fact cast over thirty Blazing Winds Blades when he was still at the 9th stage Qi Condensation Realm, now that he had advanced to the Foundation Establishment Realm, not only are his Blazing Wind Blades stronger, he can even cast over 50 at once, of course, the amount of spiritual energy necessary to cast so many is huge! Obviously, Krune had no intention of showing his real power, he didn't want people to pay attention to him, or at least, that was the plan, he even thought to himself.

    'Low key is the way to go, 10 blades should be enough just to pass the test.'

    He moved his arms forward as if commanding the Blazing Wind Blade to go, the blades moved even faster than he did, the puppets had no chance to even react, the three of them were cut to pieces! But that was not all, the blades didn't stop, they penetrated to floor and hit the array formation, the formation only resisted for a second before being cut to pieces too, the training room was directly connected to the array formation, after destroying the formation, the entire training room collapsed!

    As mentioned before by Darius Dule, the formation in the room is adjusted according to the contestant cultivation, it was built to hold the strikes of two small realm stages above the contestant cultivation, which means that the formation automatically adjusted to hold attacks of the 3rd stage of Foundation Establishment since Krune is still at the 1st stage, for Krune, ordinary 3rd stage Foundation Establishment cultivator are as weak as cabbages, a formation that can only hold up to the third stage even more so.

    There was rubble everywhere, one could barely see anything, fortunately, the testing room was separated from the main building, otherwise, the entire mercenary guild branch would have been destroyed.

    After the dust settle down, the people outside looked at the apocalyptic scene that was the testing room, and not long after, one could see some of the rubble moving, from under it, Krune appeared, everyone looked at him as if he was an aberration. Krune took a look around, and then he looked at Darius Dule outside looking at him with his mouth twitching. Krune's face started to get redder and redder, this is the second time he felt so embarrassed, it's just that this time is much worse than the first.

    He wanted to say 'I held myself back, please trust me!'

    But the words couldn't leave his mouth, in the end he blurted out.

    "Cough, cough, I think the formation was broken!"