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    The days went quite peacefully.

    The biggest news was that Great Thief Unwanted Guest had turned himself in to Hwachun Clan, and made a vow to teach him the skills of the thieves he had and to try to catch them.

    'Is it because of that?'

    Kang Hyuk was in the third room of the gardening warehouse. And saw the scroll above where the gardening tools were hung.

    To be exact, the scroll's sentence.

    'Well, Ji Chulmook did a good job in a long time.'

    He packed the necessary tools there. It was a real spring now.

    It means there's a lot more work to be done.

    So these days Kang Hyuk had to work together in a training school.

    'What should we plant?'

    He was pondering over to plant the Golden Small Flower where he harvested it.

    'Since it's spring, I'd better plant a sweet-smelling one.'

    He went into the first room and picked up a seed pocket from the box.

    The seed he chose was Hundred Miles Flower.

    It was one of the spiritual plants used by Kang Hyuk to remove the sweat smell of the members of his old team, named after its scent that was said to fill hundred miles.

    The smell of sweat was not very good.

    Thanks to Kang Hyuk, the current Hwachun Clan warriors were maintaining a fairly neat appearance unlike in the past, which was contributing to giving many people a good impression of Hwachun Clan.

    Hwachun Clan warriors, among the people of Yulin, has become the epitome of a warrior who is neat, elegant, and classy.

    Kang Hyuk returned to the place where the Golden Small Flower was planted with the necessary supplies.

    Oh Tae stood there with an anxious look on his face.

    He asked Kang Hyuk.

    "Are we training in the flower bed again today?"


    "Are you sure you are not using me as your tool?"

    "Do I look like such a man?"

    Oh Tae shook his head reluctantly at Kang Hyuk's words.

    "Well, I understand. So what kind of training are you going to do today? Don't tell me we will tie my legs up like last time and didn't use any internal energy?"

    "That's not it. But I think that training have worked a little bit, didn't it?"

    Oh Tae flinched at Kang Hyuk's rebuttal.

    "Uh, it worked."

    "If so, what are you so worried about? Anyway, today's training is a prosthetic training."

    "W, what- prosthetic? I am done with that since when I was young!"

    "Tsk, tsk. That's not it."

    Kang Hyuk shook his head.

    "Don't you have a habit of stiffening your body, conscious of your uncomfortable legs at the time?"

    "Well, that's... ...."

    "We have plenty of time. So, slowly step on the ground here and watch."

    In that word Oh Tae came to the place that Kang Hyuk pointed to. It was the place where the Golden Small Flower had been harvested.

    "But why do we have to do it here?"

    "Hum, that's...."

    To plant the Hundred Miles Flower, the ground had to be very hard pressed, and he couldn't say that he was using Oh Tae for free. Because he said he wasn't such a man.

    "Because it is a special land."

    "Is that so?"

    "Then take care of yourself."

    Kang Hyuk headed for another section for what he had to do. But Kang Hyuk had been nervous for a while.

    'What, this anxiety? And this energy... don't think he is? I don't think so. It's too early for him to get here... but I don't know. He's such a slow-witted fellow..'

    It was then.


    There was Byuk Aerin running in the distance. Kang Hyuk realized that his anxiety had become a reality.

    Byuk Aerin, who soon came to Kang Hyuk's front, said.

    "Teacher! Sir."

    She spoke

    "It's Jimyung...."

    Kang Hyuk touched his forehead with his hand. It was as good as expected.

    "He's in Nakyang, isn't he? So where is he staying now?"

    "He's staying at a Brothel called Hwauru.."

    "What? A brothel?"

    Kang Hyuk clenched his fist.

    "That helpless bastard! Is Monk staying in Brothel? Does he have an idea or not? Aerin, let's go!"

    "Yes! You're going to get Jimyung brother, aren't you? Do you want me to prepare a rope for you?"

    "No. We can just give him a hand and drag him out. Get ready for Jimyung a place to stay."


    Kang Hyuk looked where Jimyung's energy was felt.

    'Prepare for the occasion. You fool!'

    Reason why the night view is beautiful is because all ugly things are hidden by darkness, and only light is visible.

    The right place for that was Nakyang.

    This was especially true of the border between Nakyang's Mid-town and Slums, where the poor live.

    Because it was a place where the red lanterns of Brothel were concentrated, attracting the people with ample pockets at night.

    One by one, the red light began to catch in the evening.

    "There, mister. Look at this girl tonight."

    "Come on! I'll make it hot tonight!"

    "Come on in! You won't regret it."

    There were people walking on the street who didn't fit in the alley that began to get noisy with Brothel's solicitation.

    An old Monk, quite young-looking boy, and a young girl whose beauty began to show.

    "I knew it! Nakyang is a good place! Isn't that right? Ha ha ha ha!"

    At the laugh of the old Monk, asked the little girl next to him, about thirteen or four years old.

    "Bhante! Where the hell are we?"

    "So, you've neva' been in a place like dis before? It's a paradise."

    "Is it a paradise?"

    "Ah! It's paradise!"

    "By the way, where are we going to stay today?"

    asked the young boy, who was standing next to him silently, who looked quite young.

    The old Monk pointed to one of the building.

    "Staying there."

    It was a inn in a region dense with Brothel.

    "That place?"