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    The route to the campsite was not very hard at all. It was a straight road ahead alongside the building, then one had to walk around the Yeonkyo Garden and cross the small bridge. The only problem was

    'It's friggin' far!'

    The yard was just too large. Mr. Cho had high stamina built up, so it was not too bad for him to head to Yeonkyo Garden without using the Light Foot Art.

    "So, that's the Yeonkyo Garden"

    He was now inside of the Yeonkyo Garden. There was a man who seemed to be an assistant to a teacher, and some students were looking after the garden.

    "We will be using new tools starting today. Use these tools to weed."

    There were hoes and water bowls on the ground. The Unwanted Guest became shocked as he noticed these tools.


    He was not mistaken. The blade of the hoe had a distinct color. It was the color of a metal that had a sign of Steel, Cold Iron and Flame Iron mixed in together.

    'W-wait. So the weapons that were transferred were...hoes?'

    The Unwanted Guest immediately felt like he was getting a headache. It seemed that his plan had a slight miscalculation.

    'Ji Chulmook, you old fool! You created a hoe with such expensive metals?'

    His plan needed to be revised.

    'I should melt those and reform it into a weapon. I'll need a blacksmith for that, but who can do such a thing there's not much in mind. Dammit!'

    It was then...

    "HEY! YOU!"

    Unwanted Guest turned his head at the voice. It was a young man with black clothes who called out to him. The Unwanted Guest realized that this man was also one of the staff because he was wearing the same clothes, sighing in relief. There was no way the staff, who were merely ordinary people, can detect his identity.

    "What is it?"

    "Is this your area? Why are you pestering here?"

    'Is it a turf thing?'

    There was no need to quarrel about pointless stuff. He was going to leave the Academy within three days.

    "I'm sorry! I was looking for the campsite but got lost"

    "Campsite is that way."

    "Thank you. I'll be on my way then"

    Unwanted Guest immediately ran for the campsite and the black-clothed staff, Shim Gu, quietly looked at the man darting off.

    'That guy'

    Shim Gu grinned.

    'I should have my eye on him.'

    Eventually, it became late at night. The Unwanted Guest decided that it was okay to make a move. As such, he hid until the sun fell down and immediately came to Yeonkyo Garden. The garden was dead silent.

    He walked over the gardens where Thousand Year Roses and Hundred White Flowers were planted, using a special Light Foot Art that left no footprint.

    'These flowers are different from regular flowers I'm sure I've seen them somewhere'

    But it didn't matter as his target was the tools inside the storage. As such, he was not able to recognize the plants that were worth a fortune he was walking past.

    Soon, he was in the storage room. He already remembered the location so it was easy to find. The storage building was about 20 feet wide. To him, it seemed a bit large for mere storage.

    'Shall I begin then?'

    The Unwanted Guest stretched his fingers and took out a small metal pin from his socks. And with that pin, he began unlocking the padlock. Unfortunately for him, it was not as easy as he originally thought.

    'Hmm whoever made this lock knew what he was doing.'

    The Unwanted Guest became eager to unlock it. He discarded the second option of destroying the lock and tried his best to unlock it. Soon, he was able to unlock the lock. It gave him a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement.

    'Hahaha! No lock stays locked against the Unwanted Guest!'

    He then carefully opened the entrance and walked into the storage. At that moment, the floor he laid his foot opened up, dropping him below.

    "Aaaaargh- UGH!"

    It almost felt like his eyeballs would pop from the terrible pain coming from his buttocks.


    The Unwanted Guest looked around. There were night shining stones stuck on top of the pit, allowing him to see what had happened to him.

    "W-what the hell is this?"

    There were countless thin and sharp needles stuck on his buttocks. The Unwanted Guest blamed himself for this.

    'I was not vigilant! I should've expected no less!"

    He couldn't just sit down here and give up. He brought up his internal energy. The Unwanted Guest was a master stage warrior. His internal energy was what helped him earn the title of Great Thief in the first place.

    The Unwanted Guest used his energy to jump out of the pit then pulled out his medicine and sealed his blood circulation to stop it from bleeding. Needles were so thin that wounds weren't that much. It only gave him sharp pains and stings as he walked.

    'To think I fell into such stupid traps!'

    He had to return here since his break-in was sabotaged, but he did not give up.

    'Should I take out those light stones at least?'

    In front of his eyes were five doors to the room. The Unwanted Guest stood in front of the door again. He was able to stay alert thanks to the first trap. The door opened as he quickly pulled out a dagger from his pocket and threw it in.

    Nothing happened. He then carefully walked in and retrieved the dagger back into his pocket.


    The room had various seeds stored in different boxes. All these boxes had labels that read what it was.

    Thousand Year Rose

    Hundred White Flower

    It was all seeds of renowned spiritual plants. It was a fortune. His mouth grew wide from the shock of seeing such valuable seeds. He then reached out to boxes with his hand, and it was that moment...

    "OUCH! It's hot!"

    The box was way too hot. It was too hot that it gave him a burn on his hand.

    "W-what the hell?! Why is the box so hot?"

    He couldn't believe what was happening. It was merely a box, so he couldn't understand what was going on. Unwanted Guest carefully placed his hand on the box again.