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    Soon enough, they were on their way back to the academy. Byuk Aerin, who met with Clan Leader Mu Jin and brought commanders of the Jade Dragon Regiment and the White Tiger Regiment, was now back with Kang Hyuk. The area was up to those commanders to clean up.

    -Um Master?

    Byuk Aerin hesitated as she sent out a telepathic message.

    -What is it?

    -Ji Myung told me to share a message with you before he left.

    -To me?

    -Yes. He said he'll visit the academy soon

    Kang Hyuk frowned at the message.

    -I'm sorry, Master.

    Kang Hyuk could not blame Byuk Aerin for that. In response, he couldn't do anything but sigh.

    'Is the Academy some kind of playground? Don't come, you stupid monk!'

    "I must return it to him right?"

    Hwachun Academy. There were many houses made for teachers of the Academy, with one of them being owned by Tang Euna, the Throwing Weapons Teacher. Tang Euna mumbled as she gazed down at the Lava Stone Ring on her finger. This ring was the ring that saved her life back at the field trip when she was almost killed by the Black Serpent Clan's Operation Team Captain, Hae Sak. There were teachers from the Sachun Tang Family nearby when she woke up after being rescued, with the ring already on her finger.

    She was a Master stage warrior, so she was especially sensitive to the movement of energy, immediately recognizing the ring.

    "This ring is created from lava stone. Is this one of yours?"

    She asked teachers from her family, but everyone shook their heads. The Flail Teacher, a Fourth Year course teacher, who was the oldest out of all of them, answered in astonishment.

    "Oh! I thought it was a miracle that you recovered from such an injury but it wasn't! It was because of that ring!"


    "There is a limit to how much energy we can give you, so it was surprising when we found out that your internal energy was recovering at an extraordinary rate. It's that ring that saved your life."

    Tang Euna then traced her memory and remembered faintly that she was carried out by Kang Hyuk.

    'Then was it Teacher Kang who gave me this ring?'

    She had remained quiet since it was a secret, but Kang Hyuk's martial art power was extraordinary. The only person who seemed likely to carry a ring like this was Kang Hyuk. Tang Euna took the ring out from her finger. It was a bit tempting to keep it for herself, but she was taught that taking others' stuff was not going to end well, so she did not hesitate. She then placed the ring in a small cloth bag and stuffed it into her pocket.

    "It's a bit early, but I'll give this back to him and start my day fresh. Yeah, it's a good start."

    She then headed for Kang Hyuk's house.

    A sound of pouring water was heard.

    "Someone's pouring water?"

    Tang Euna became curious as she poked her head into the gate of the house. A young man was watering plants in the garden, with a white puppy wagging its tail next to him.

    'It sure is a horticulture teacher's house! A private garden!'

    She then coughed and shouted in.

    "Excuse me!"

    The young man then looked up and turned to look at Tang Euna. The puppy next to him also turned and looked at Tang Euna.

    "Yes, how can I help"

    The man wasn't Kang Hyuk.


    Tang Euna became confused, but the young man spoke.

    "Oh! You're the Throwing Weapons Teacher! Teacher Tang, wasn't it?"

    She quickly nodded and answered the man's question.

    "Yes, I am. Uh"

    "Oh! I'm an assistant to Teacher Kang! Chun Haekwang is my name, ma'am. I had a glimpse of you back on the field trip, so please forgive me for forgetting to introduce myself first."

    "I see."

    Tang Euna also remembered seeing him back on the field trip.

    'I guess I came to the right house then.'

    She then continued to ask.

    "Is Teacher Kang available?"

    Chun Haekwang shook his head apologetically.

    "I'm sorry. He is currently out of the Academy for a private matter. He said that he will be back by late afternoon today."

    "Oh, I see."

    "Do you want me to leave a message for him?"

    Tang Euna shook her head at Chun Haekwang's question.

    "N-no, that won't be necessary."

    It was enough to give Chun Haekwang the ring so it can be passed onto Kang Hyuk, but she wanted to give him the ring herself.

    "I'll come back some other time."

    "Okay, ma'am. Goodbye."

    Tang Euna bowed before leaving. Chun Haekwang began watering the Morning Glory again. The Morning Glory began waving its leaves as it became happy. Baek Kap always sighed at the sight of the Morning Glory, and Chun Haekwang could never understand why.

    'It's so cute.'

    This was only because Chun Haekwang was considering the Morning Glory as a spiritual plant.

    "Isn't it?"

    "Woof! Woof!"

    Deuk, the white puppy-looking wolf, barked as if he agreed with Chun Haekwang's words.

    "You're cute as well! Haha!"

    Chun Haekwang also believed Deuk to be an ordinary puppy. It was then...

    "Woof! Woof!"

    Deuk began barking excitedly and ran towards the entrance to greet someone.

    "Excuse me Oh?"

    The woman standing by the gate was, like Tang Euna, also very beautiful.

    "Oh! Teacher Ok!"

    It was Ok Haemi. Deuk knew her scent, so that's why he ran to greet her.

    "Good boy, good boy."

    Ok Haemi rubbed on Deuk's head and turned to look at Chun Haekwang.

    "Good morning. Is Teacher Kang available?"

    Chun Haekwang scratched his head and repeated the same thing he did to Tang Euna.

    "Oh, I see"

    Ok Haemi looked a bit disappointed.

    "I'll come back later then. See you later."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    "See you later, Deuk!"


    Ok Haemi sighed before returning to her house.

    'I heard from the Principal that he's coming today I guess I came too early.'

    She reached down her pocket and grabbed something within it. It was the handkerchief Kang Hyuk gave to her back on the field trip inside that pocket. She forgot to return it until yesterday when she found it while cleaning up her room.

    'Would it look weird if I return it to him after all this time? Uh why am I even worried about this anyway?'

    Ok Haemi sighed, thinking that it was stupid to mull over such mundane things.

    'It's all because of that weird man!'